Vickie finally said yes!

I lost my virginity to Vickie when I was a teenager in the 70’s. We met, dated and things got intimate rather quickly with her I think because she was two years older than me. She wasn’t the prettiest girl I have ever dated but she was really nice and she was just as curious about sex as I was.

The first time we were able to fuck was at my house. My parents were on vacation and she came over and we fumbled around quite a bit before she took my cock and guided it into her wet pussy. It was really wet and it felt great to me and I can only assume it was good for her too. After we finished, there was a bl**d stain on my sheet and I remember freaking out trying to get the stain out before my Mom saw it.

I ended up breaking up with her because I wanted to date other girls and she had gotten really serious, really fast. It broke her heart and I had felt bad about it for years. After awhile, I heard through the g****vine that she had gotten married, had a baby and then a few years later, her husband died. I had also heard that she got married again and was still married and living with him.

Fast forward to 2005, I was working, making sales calls and I walked into an office and there she was, working as the Administrative Assistant. We talked and caught up a little bit and she said that she wasn't going to have sex with me and I told her that I had no intentions of breaking up her marriage and that I was just happy to see her again. Besides, I was married and I wouldn’t leave my wife.

We kept in touch via emails for the next several years. It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to go four or five months without hearing from her. But she would always give me a call or email me when she wanted to talk.

Earlier this year she was telling me that she was getting tired of her husband and that they hadn’t had sex in over three years! She told me that she had had dreams of she and I having sex and that someday she might get the nerve to act upon those dreams.

After several months of her going back and forth on whether or not she should do it, she said she was ready to meet me at a motel and fuck.

I rented a room at a local motel, then I picked her up at a shopping center where we both thought it would be safe to leave her car. We got to the room and we were both nervous but we started undressing and kissing and getting to know each other. Soon it felt like old times as she was sucking on my freshly shaved cock and balls…she had always been a great cocksucker and she hadn’t forgotten how to make a guy feel good. She would slide her mouth up and down the length of my shaft and then suck really hard on the head…oh I liked that!

She slid back up to where we could kiss and I slid my hand into her panties to find a trimmed bush. She said she had trimmed it that morning and it was pretty short. Her pussy was wet and she was enjoying me playing with her clit and sliding my finger in and out of her pussy. She came when I concentrated on her clit and I could tell by her moans that she was in ecstasy…

I slid her panties off and I told her that I was going to fuck her like she hadn’t been fucked in awhile. I got on top of her and slid the head of my cock up and down her pussy trying to get it moist enough to slide inside her. But she wasn’t very wet at all and the more I tried, the softer my cock got. So I laid back down thinking it was my fault and I got between her legs and started eating her pussy. It tasted really good and she was squirming around like she was enjoying my tongue dancing on her clit and inside her pussy. She came twice more while I was licking her and so I moved back up on top of her to try to fuck her again. Her pussy was wet but it wasn’t slippery…so my poor cock shriveled up like it was a January day.

She said that since she had went through menopause, she don’t get wet like she used to and so she got some lube from her purse and I rubbed it on her pussy…she squirmed and bucked her hips while I was rubbing the lube on her clit and inside her pussy…before long she came again. Soon, my cock got hard and I got on top of her for the third time…

This time my cock slid right in her pussy. And I could tell that she hadn’t been fucked for awhile because she was so tight. She lifted her legs up and I just rocked myself in and out of her pussy…she started moaning and I could feel her pussy squeezing on my cock and I knew she was cumming again. I fucked her for about 10 minutes and asked her if she wanted me to cum in her mouth (she used to love that) or cum inside her pussy…she whispered that she wanted to feel me cum inside her pussy and so I told her that would be no problem…

I continued to fuck her and I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer and I stroked in and out of her tight pussy…soon I looked her in the eye and she knew I was going to cum…she moaned that she was cumming again and I could feel my cum shooting and I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock at the same time…

We lay there talking and kissing and she wanted to know when we could do it again…I told her soon….very soon…

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Hot story...