My wife and Dave

For a few years now I have secretly wanted to watch my wife get fucked by a black man and I have spent that time trying to get the nerve to tell her of my fantasy, but because I know she is very reserved and would most likely get very pissed off so I thoght it best to not ask her.

One night we were having our so-so monthly sex session and I was having a little trouble getting and keeping an erection. She acted a little put out over it and so I decided to test the waters concerning my fantasy...So I asked her..."wouldn't it be nice to have a younger guy here with a huge erection so that you could get fucked really good and hard?" To my surprise she said yes it would be nice. I was stunned but I managed to ask her if she was serious and she said that she loved me but sometimes she needs a good fucking. I told her that I might be able to find someone and she said that would be great as long as he didn't know her. I got hard immediately thinking about it and fucked her as best as I could.

After we finished I told her that I would find a guy and she said that she was kind of just k**ding about doing it...I said that it was too late and that I really wanted to watch her with another guy...a black guy. She looked at me with shock and fear in her eyes and said "I don't know about that." I kissed her goodnight and she went to sl**p. I got hard again and masturbated in the bed with her asl**p...I was so excited!

I placed an ad on craigslist explaining what I was looking for: A clean, hung, shaved black guy that wanted to fuck a 50 year old mother of two while the husband watches. I got a few responses and had to weed out the spam that comes with posting on that site but then I got a reply from a 37 year old black guy named Dave. He included a face picture and a picture of one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen. It had to be 12 inches long and really thick. Dave and I set up a meeting at a local bar and he and I talked about how it needed to go down. He was all in.

Friday night came and I told my wife that I had found a guy that wanted to have sex with her. She started trying to back out but I told her that he was on his way over to the house as we spoke. She panicked and told her that it was okay and that she would be in complete control. I then ran her a bubble bath and suggested that she shave her pussy nice and smooth. To my amazement she agreed and started getting ready for Dave. She didn't even ask if he was white or whatever...I guess she assumed that he was.

Dave got to our house while she was still in the bathtub. He was wearing a pair of shorts and an Under Armor t-shirt. He was very muscular and his head was freshly shaved. We were drinking a beer when she came into the living room wearing a black silk robe. She just looked at me like she was pissed when she saw that Dave was black but she was gracious and shook his hand.

I told her to sit next to him on the couch and we all made some small talk getting comfortable with each other. She drank two glasses of wine and I could tell that she was getting used to the idea of she and Dave getting naked. She started rubbing his leg playfully and he took that to mean he could start to seduce her.

He leaned over and kissed her on the lips which I had told him always gets her hot...I could see her tongue slipping into his mouth while they made out on the couch. She stopped and asked me if I was sure that I was okay with her doing this and I told her to have fun and don't worry about me. She kept on kissing him and then he untied her robe and it fell open to reveal that she was naked underneath. She told Dave to follow her to the bedroom...

Once inside the bedroom, she took the robe off and he slipped his shirt off then his shorts. She gasped out loud when she saw his cock...not quite fully hard was very impressive. She sat on the bed and he stood in front of her and she couldn't help but suck the head into her mouth. She moaned outloud as his cock started getting harder as she sucked it. "This is the biggest cock I've ever seen" she told Dave just before taking it back in her mouth.

She sucked him for at least ten minutes, that is about nine minutes longer than I ever got but I wasn't mad. My cock was as hard as a rock. She then laid back on the bed and spread her legs showing him her freshly shaved pussy and offering it to him. He started licking her and when his tongue toched her clit she started to cum...and when she cums she squirts. He stayed between her legs giving her the licking of her life and she enjoyed it very much. She must have came four times and each time it was more intense than the one before. After about ten minutes she told him that she was ready to be fucked. She and I have been married for 27 years and I have never heard her use those words least with me.

He got on top of her and looked at me as if to ask if I wanted him to use a condom...I just said "go for it Dave." He slid the head of that monster cock up and down the wetness of her pussy before slowly pushing it inside her. He slid that cock into her pussy an inch at a time and she was screaming like a mad woman...soon he had nine inches or so inside her and she had already came again...he lifted her legs up and put her knees beside her head so that he could go really deep. She was saying things like "fuck me you big fucking stud!" and "Oh this cock is the best I've ever had!" and I couldn't believe it when she looked him in the eye and said "Oh my God, I think I love you!"...I just figured that she was caught up in the moment. He continued to slide that cock all the way out and then power stroke that big dick all the way inside her pussy.

He pounded her pussy the way only a black man can and she loved it. He took her in the doggy position, she rode him like a bronco, he even picked her up while he was standing up and held her and fucked her. Damn I was impressed! He was tireless...and she was moaning and grunting and saying things I've never dreamed she would say to me or another guy.

After about an hour of him fucking her like he owned her, he told me to get undressed and lay on my back on the bed. I did what I was told and he told her to get on top of me facing me and then he started fucking her doggy style with her face right on top of mine. I could see how she was enjoying that cock by the look on her face...she started kissing me as she was cumming for the tenth time or so that night, kissing me deeply. He said that he was going to cum and could he cum inside her and I looked at her and she moaned "please let him cum inside my pussy!" I told him to give it to her. She just put her mouth on mine and said "thank you baby" over and over again while he fucked her from behind.

He started to grunt and groan and I knew that he was cumming inside her...she came again with him and was kissing me while she did. He kept pumping his seed inside her until his monster cock went soft and it slid out. She stopped kissing me and started to get up but instead of leaving the bed, she straddled my face with her freshly fucked pussy and slowly lowered it onto my mouth. Even with her cussing like a Sailor tonight, I was most shocked by her doing this but I wasn't going to argue. I just stuck my tongue inside her pussy and let Dave's cum ooze out onto my waiting tongue. The taste of her pussy and his cum was intoxicating...I have never loved her more than I did at that moment. She was grinding her well-fucked pussy on my face while cumming and I was enjoying the taste of his seed. She lifted her swollen pussy off my face and laid down on the bed. Dave had already cleaned up and gotten dressed and said "I'll leave you two alone so that you can enjoy each other, but I hope you will invite me back over." I told him that I was fine with him coming back if she was...and I could see the answer to that question on her face. Dave was coming back!

After Dave left she and I just held each other and she noticed my cock was rock hard. She said that I must have enjoyed watching her and Dave and then she told me to fuck her...I didn't say anything but I got on top of her and my cock slid inside of her well-fucked, creampied pussy. The feeling was amazing as I fucked her. I didn't last as long as Dave lasted but I came just as hard as he did inside her pussy. She told me to lay down because I had another mess to clean up. I laid back and let her sit on my face tasting my own cum and her juices slide into my mouth. I was content with swallowing two loads of cum that night even if one of them was my own. She went to sl**p with a smile on her face...yep, Dave would be back soon.
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2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Lucky guy, nothing nicer than licking some guys cum from your partners pussy.
3 years ago
Excellent story...wife here needs the same...
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Once again, very well written.
3 years ago
Good stuff. Thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story!