My First Threesome!

Today I had my first threesome! It was everything I had hoped it would be...I arrived at their house (they are an openly gay couple) and we sat down chatting about everyday things ect...finally one of them said "lets go get comfortable in the bedroom". We got back there and they both undressed me. I was wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals. They told me to lay in the middle of the bed where they got on each side of me rubbing my chest hair and cock. One of them got between my legs and started sucking my cock...oh it felt good. The other continued to rub an my chest and play with my balls.

I asked for one of them to bring his cock to me so the one sucking me stopped and moved up and positioned his hard cock in my face. The other took his place sucking me. I took his hard cock in my mouth and started sucking....all the while I was getting sucked. It was awesome! This went on for maybe 10 minutes and I kept thinking how much I wanted his cum. Finally he started fucking my face and I knew he was getting close to cumming...soon I heard him groan and then I felt his warm cum flood my mouth. I savored the flavor and then swallowed. I cleaned his cock with my mouth and then he moved away to watch the other guy and me.

I lifted my legs and he spread some lube on my ass and his fingers. He started to finger my ass while sucking my cock. It was amazing! First one finger then two. He commented on how tight I was...after several minutes of fingering me I asked him to please fuck me. He said that they only fuck each other...I was disappointed but I figured that was cool...after all, they were in love.

He cleaned my ass up and I stood up beside the bed and positioned myself where I could suck the last cock. I sucked him for a few minutes and he was so horny that he grunted and I felt him flood my mouth with his warm seed. Wow...what a feeling.

I laid back on the bed and they both took turns sucking my cock. First one then the other. It didn't take long before I was ready to I asked them who wanted my cum and the first guy that came in my mouth said he did. So he put his mouth on my cock and I felt the cum rising up from my balls into his mouth. He finished taking my cum and then he rolled over and kissed his man letting my fresh cum slide from his mouth into his partner's. I was impressed to say the least. Oh to be in love. We cleaned up and I left. Before I left they said if I come back, they would take turns fucking my virgin ass. I can't wait!
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3 years ago
That was great would love to have a threesome thanks
4 years ago
Thanks boria41! I would love to suck your cock and eat you sweet cum!
4 years ago
great story man... so nice to read. im horny and want to feel your mouth with my cock if you dont mind. ( its my fantasy sorry)