DrPervy's Pussy Eating 101

Now this is 4 the niggas that eat pussy (or at least try to lol).......let me start off by sayin there is a rite & wrong way to eat pussy.....if a girl ever say it hurt while you eatin her out you doin sumthin wrong (how you can make it hurt idk....but sum females have told me that sum niggas made they pussy hurt while they was eatin it lol).....now you cant juss move your tongue up &down & actually think you doing sumthin cuz you not especially if you not in the rite spots....take it from a pro ((ME)).....movin your tongue up & down is borin.....you gotta go from side to side & vibrate yo tongue......start off slow & tease her a lil bit then kick it into high gear & motor boat her ass.......then you aim 4 the pearl....(AW MAN THIS IS WHEN IT GETS GOOD).....give the pearl a few strokes wit... your tongue (til she start moanin).....then take your lips & give it a kiss then you open up & place that pearl in your mouth then close your mouth (DONT SQUEEZE THE PEARL WIT YOUR LIPS THAT IS A NO NO) then get your mouth all watery & start suckin on her pearl.....& if you like me you can suck on it & vibrate your tongue at the same time....then if you really wanna get her going while you suckin on her pearl suprise her wit a finger or two.....finger her while you suckin on her pearl (GUARETNEED TO GET HER WET)....you can do that the hole time or you can lay on your back & let her climb up on your face (1 OF MY FAVS)....stick your tongue out & let her ride your tongue (LADIES DONT GET OUT OF CONTROL WIT THAT SHIT EITHER.....TAKE IT SLOW IT'LL FEEL BETTER TWO YOU).....then the dude can proceed to continue eatin you out while you ridin his face.........BUT WAIT IM NOT DONE YET!!!!!!!.....if you aint had enuff then lay the chick on her stomach lift her ass up in the air & EAT HER FROM THE BACK.......yessss!!!!!! lol......trust me you get all the juices when she layin like that.....thats when you can get real nasty wit it! dont be scared to put a lil spit on it either that juss makes her get even wetter.....hell smack her ass while you eatin back there to.......mmmm mmmm goood!!!!! #GCDat

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2 years ago
nic one
2 years ago
:-) my man will need 2 c this thanx
2 years ago
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