An unfamiliar text Part 1

I was at work being the usual hard working tax paying citizen, though I just started working and have never paid taxes I intend to do so. Anyways, I recieve an unfamiliar text message from an unfamiliar number not saved in my phone. The text said " Good morning this ur favorite girl bernadine. My phn broke." Since my aunt's name is bernadine, I figured it was her so I just started texting her. I started to suspect she wasnt my Aunt Bern when she started complaining how I never see her.

The one thing that has got my tripped out right now is today at church I recived a text message. I answered it and saw a grown women with her legs open... It was a photo album. I checked the info and it was from the same now "familiar" number. I played the photo to see if it was just an uncomfortable sex joke. It had 3 naked pictures of a spread pussy. Un sure of what to make of it all I keep replaying it. I replied "that was unexpeted", trying to play it off like I wasn't completly freaking out right now. She replies " I know. just letting u know how much u r missed. U got me going thru withdrawal symptoms. I want 2 feel u so bad" By this time I am CERTIAN that this is not my Aunt Bern so I just reply, "Wanna show me a little bit more of what i'm missin?" I figured hey might as well have some fun with this chick I don't even know right? Well I got shot down... She wants to... but only in person.
I go to my mom's house and I say " Hey mom Aunt Bern got a new phone?" "Yeah her old phone was falling apart." "Oh ok can I see your phone I wanna make sure she has my number..." " ok hun just sit my phone on the table when your done." I slowly pick up the phone and unlock it. I slowly move my finger on the screen to phonebook. I slowly scroll down to Bernadine and poke her name to view contact. I hold my phone up next to my moms and compare numbers. THEY FIT EXACTLY... By this time I have gone cold and my heart starts beating faster and faster with every attempted breath. That was about 3 hours ago. I am sitting at my computer right now because there is no one else I can tell this to. I don't know if my Aunt knows that it is me that she is text not an boyfriend of hers and she is just mistaken and think I am him, or does she know it is me and have always had these feelings... My Part 2 will be in a few days while I few yall's comments and contiplate my next move.

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3 years ago
go after it & get some
3 years ago
see what you do is keep texting her! get her to do a blind fold and leave door unlocked for you to go over ETC....
3 years ago
Nice!! I think you should meet up with her and see what happens! Looking forward to the rest of the story.