The night of my LIFE!

My name is justin and this is my story. Well for starters I am a 5'7 male very strong build ( I play football) and I am apparently socially accepted.

It all happened on one random lonely warm night. Nothing out of place or in favor to clue a hint to this leading up to what would possibly be the most extreme not of my young life. I am a computer junky and its all I know (besides football). I live in an apartment building above my Aunt and her f****y of 5. Her second older daughter being the same age as me. Our entire lives we competed to see who was the best. We were always the same height. In the 6th grade she started to develope breast at a high rate I might add. At that time she also stoped growing. She now only reaches to about 5 foot even. She has about a good double D with no ass.

She walked inside my room, I look up with a scowl on my face because I front that I really don't like her yet I day dream about her breast ever since she got them."What do you want?!" I say removeing my Skull Candy ear phones."Where is your s****r?", she ask acustom to my brut remarks."uhh I don't know leave me alone and close my door behind you!" I say turning back faceing the computer replaceing my head phones without waiting for her to reply. She rolled her eyes, turned and walked out my room closeing my door. A few hours later I get bored watching porn on XHamster and walk about the house. I see my cousin either past out on the couch or watching T.V. "You awake?" I say in a tone loud enough for a person awake to hear, but low enough not to wake anyone. No answer. I see her on her back and her head turned towards the T.V. I sit at the side couch faceing her. As I have always fantisied I reach out and grab her boob. I quickly pull back and check if she protested or wince... nothin so I continue my voyege to explore her breast.

I finally work up the courage to rub her nipple. I notice after a while her nipple starts to harden. Rather satisfied with what I done, I jump up and walk out the room and continue to watch porn on my computer. After about 20 minutes of my heart rushing and the memories of what i just did. I jumped back up and slowly walked to the room. I peak around the corner to find that my cousin was still asl**p. I walk back over to her and continue what i had started. I finally leaned over her and kissed her chest. I started to kiss lower and lower. I slowly started to pull her shirt lower and lower till I finally saw the aureole. I silently exclaimed when I saw this, I kept slowly pulling down till I revealed her entire nipple. I smiled and flicked her nipple as I see in porno's I watch.

I lean over and lick her nipple to taste the sweet taste of her. I start to softly suck on her nipple and lick her nipple and I suck on it. I stand back to see that this made her nipple truely hard. I then completly pull her breast out. By this time I was so horney that I really didn't care if she woke up or not. I saw that her other nipple was not hard in the lease. I continued to suck one nipple as I took the other entire breaste into my hand and softly squeeze. I even at one point sat back and looked at the T.V. leaveing her breast out just to see how they looked from a far.

I jumped back on my task and sucked on her nipple like crazy. My mouth started to hurt from how hard I was sucking. I ran my tounge around her nipple slowly as if teaseing her. I then realised that her other nipple was being ignored so I focued most of my attention on that nipple alone. I looked over and pulled the other nipple make her entire breast shake. She then inhaled and stirred a bit. I looked at her with alarmedment and stuffed her breast back in her shirt and dove down and closed my eyes. I didn't move for about 45 seconds but I jumped back up because my cock was starting to hurt from being pinned.

I saw that her right nipple was still stimulated, so I reached down and started to run my finger around her nipple to arouse her more. She inhaled again and turned her head side to side. I immediately stoped and walked out the room. I turned around and came back to see that she was awake and was sitting upright on the couch! " Hey you still here?" I say as I walk in the room. "Huu? uhh yeah I fell asl**p waiting on your s****r. "Oh well I don't know if she is back yet or not." I say as I am stareing at the erect nipple that I had been working on previously. "Oh alright, I'll just go back to my room, I'm really tired." she said standing up rubbing her eye." She should be back soon you could just stay up here and just wait." I said in hopes that she would accept and eventuely fall back asl**p. "Naw, it's ok, I'll just talk to her tomarrow." "Well alright I'll tell her you stopped by." She walked out the house closeing the room behind her. I sighed and walked back in my room and watched some more porn. That night I came harder then I had ever before.

This is a true story and I HOPE there are more to come before one of us leaves off to college!!
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3 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
good story.
4 years ago
Great story ... can't wait for more.