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I have always had an sexual relationship with my cousin... Now before you start judging let me start from the very beginning.

My mother refers to her closest friends as s****rs and they have became my aunt's. One of my "Aunts" married my moms cousin while pregnant with my cousin which is why we share the same last name. I checked to make sure and though we have grown up together we are not related. As c***dren we were always curious about the human body. I would inspect her body and she mine. I never did know what we really were doing, but I liked it for some reason. As we grew up we drifted apart and our families moved. Now that we are grown I am certain she remembers what we did as c***dren. She has developed the biggest most beautiful titties I have ever seen. When I huge her I try to pull her in as close as I can to feel her huge breast on my chest. If you read my other story you will know what I am talking about. Every time she comes over to my house thats all I can think about. When she is near I always slap her butt. She never says anything or tells me to stop. I want to know what she things of me but I am too afraid to push that topic. She still lives with her mom and they are planning to move in down the street so I will be seeing a lot more of her. She hangs out with my s****r a lot but I am going to try to invite her to the club with me one day and get her alone and dance with her. If she is still the girl I use to fool around with then I assume we will have a very very sexual future. This is very true and very real. If you read this and have some ideas on how I should approach the matter, feel free to comment or pm. I will fill you in on all questions you may have.
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