A fun day in the sun

I am writeing this days after it happened.

Being summer time I thought it was best for me to take a break from college and stress so I googled some fun places to go and went to Spain. When I got to Spain I learned of a nude beach in Vera Playa, Spain. That sounded fun so I went to an hotel to get set up near the beach. That's where my delema went into play."Should I bring them or no" I said to myself as I wa decideing to bring trunks or just walk there naked. Decideing that the beach is self is nude I brought my trunks along for the ride. I brought an beach umbrella, beause i am not a fan of the sun.

When I got to the beach in nothin but some sanddles and trunks I found me an open patch in the sand. I started my adventure to my spot trying not to look at the beautiful naked bodies that lay around me, figureing it would be rude to stare. I stabbed my beach umbrella into the sand and layed down my towel to lay on. I removed my trunks and let out a big sign of releif. I rubbed my newly found 8-Pack I had been working on the past year. I lay down and slowly fell to an unsubsideable slummber.

I woke to a sort of wet tug on my penis. I didn't open my eyes for some reason. As the strangely familiar up and down motion started on my cock, I felt it start to pusle and get even harder. Sounds of witch scared me f***ed me to open my eyes to an young round ass looking at me in the face. I looked down at my cock to see an pussy had devoured it, only to spit it up and repeat. Even tho I was wondering who it was the pussy belonged too it felt way too good for me to stop it. I felt the walls of her pussy contract on my dick sevral times, her movements started to slow. As I was no were near my climax I was a little disapointed.

The mysterious women then stood up and turned around to face me releaveing her beautiful full percky breast. Her back to the sun and it was too bright to see her face I hear in a soft sweet voice, " Hi". I swollowed the spil of witch was accumulating at the side of my mouth from previous events, "Umm hi.." I said a little confused. "My name is Bella" she said I guess trying to break the ice without saying "hey thanks for letting me take your dick for a free ride". "My name is Justin" I said trying to egg on the conversation. "I saw that you were laying there and your cock was hard, I could't help myself." she said trying to explain the situation.

"Well I didn't get a chance to have any fun, wanna go for round two?" I said in chance that she would actually say yes."Sure" she said with an strong spanish accent. I slowing turned layed down on her back. Her body language saying 'take me' I wasted no time at all. I rose my right leg and put it between her legs. She then rose her knees and parted her legs revealing her swollen pussy lips. I without hesitaion grabbed my cock and guided it into the wanting pussy hole. She starts to moan as I gradually build up the speed and intensity of my forward thrust.

About 30 minutes into good hard sex I start to feal a tingle in my side. Indicating that things were finally about to come I speed up my motions trying to get the most of what was left. I finally jammed my cocked far into her pussy feeling her pussy walls contract around my cock. My cock still in her was now rapiddly looseing its hardness, and it finally fell out of her still open pussy. " That was great" I said trying to make conversation. " Yeah it was." she said still breathing hard. I looked out into the ocean seeing that it was getting dark. " Aww its getting dark" I said sad that we coould'nt continue. "Same time tomarrow?" She said. "Sounds like a plan i said with a smile on my face. We hugged and kissed and parted our ways. I caught a taxi back to my hotel and my mind raceing or what just happened.

The next day I was up and ready for what was ahead. I went to the beach around the same time as before only to see that Bella had brought along a few friends...

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2 years ago
what makes you think your grammer and writting skills are any better than others? If you dont like a story keep your negative comments to yourself. See "denvershrink" stories.
3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
wow this was amazing to read! i cant wait for the next part!!
4 years ago
A fun story!
4 years ago
Hope your break in Spain lasted for another week. Look forward to read "Day 2" with more people involved in the hot fun in the sun ;)