Getting to the Bottom of things

I have been asked many, many times why I like bottoms so much. I thought I’d right a bit about what I find so nice about the world of bottoms and answer a few other questions along the way.

Well I guess I should start at the beginning. I saw someone very early on in life having their temperature taken. Until then the bottom had only been a thing that had things come out of it and this was the first time I realised that things could go in there. I then made it a cause to find out just what people could and would put up bottoms. At this time it was far from sexual, on some level it could have been but I don’t remember it as such, more having to fill curiosity.

Shortly after seeing a temp taken I switched most of my games to playing Dr. Male friends and female friends would all at some time become patients. This would involve most things like looking in mouth and such but it was ‘getting to the bottom of things’ that I really wanted to do. I would use things that were at hand at the time as I couldn’t get hold of a thermometer and quickly learned that things should be very smooth if they are to go in there. Round ended pencils, pens and Lego axles made for good stand-ins. Most friends were more than happy to play and oddly female friends more so than male. I would make up a game that in some way my friend would need to be looked at, even to the point that a bottom exam would be needed for a shark attach.

I had a break from things in my mid teen years as it became harder to find people willing to play with. By then I had very much added a sexual element to my play. Not that I needed to have sex with the person I took a temp from just I knew why I liked it all the more. I didn’t get the chance to play again until I was about fifteen. A girl I thought of as more of a friend gave me the chance to take her temp. I can’t for the life of me remember how we got onto the topic or how I was brave enough to share that I thought it was fun but I did and got to play Dr again. It all came flooding back and I knew that i was very much stuck with this fetish.

It was a little hit and miss after that as to if a girl would let me play. Some thought it great, other thought me a freak. As I got older I could become more comfortable with my kink and would work it into spanking and other bedroom play. I would find most girls would be happy to have something like a thermometer in their bottom, all the fun of it being naughty without the idea that it could hurt like anal sex. By this time I was studying to become a vet so could happily get my hands on many things to play with and my box of toys got bigger and bigger. It was around this time I met up with Abigail a girl with a love of thermometers almost as big as mine. She was in fact into medical play and loved to help out or be the patient. She was a little hippy by nature so the idea of something odd about sex for her was not really a thing. In the few years i spent with her I gave many medical to people, mostly being to do with the bottom. Luckily the grope of people she would hang around with were open to all sorts of things and by this time I know more than a little about giving enemas and the sort of things you could help by doing so. I moved from play into being more like a healer for this merry band of people. Most knew that I had a thing for bottoms and didn’t really mind as such. There was never any sex involved just giving enemas mostly. I was sure that if they had anything much more than an upset stomach or a case of pinworm that they went to the GP. Many were into new age and other such stuff but knew that if you are coughing up green then best go to see a real doc than have warm water and herbs squirted up your bottom.

Well dear reader I will add to this as and when but must stop there for now.

80% (10/2)
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2 years ago
A very interesting read. I think it is a perfect example of the evolution of most peoples' fetishes. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Good beginning!
And......... ?
2 years ago
An interesting read - I'd enjoy more.
2 years ago
sweet abigail sounds like mating material