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[Story] she pee's

From the moment I read her ad on the message board I was hooked. Here was a woman who loved the thing I loved most. "GS" or Golden Showers for all not so educated. As I felt myself grow hard from just reading her words, I knew I had to contact her. I sat at my desk and the words on the screen blurred. I was transported back to my first time. I had met June in a bar that I frequented. It didn't matter to me that she was older than I was. In fact, that was part of her attraction. She sat alone in the corner, where I had seen her a few times.

She never seemed to be with anyone. I knew what she... Continue»
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[Story] pee'd on

We are a very sexual couple but I felt as if we were both holding back our deepest, darkest desires from each other.

We would tease each other through out the day by texting while he was at work, I would leave a pair of panties in the pocket of his work pants for him to sniff when ever he desired. Just little sexual teases to tell each other "Look what you have to look forward to tonight!"

One afternoon while he was at work, I was reading fetish stories online and came across one that involved watersports. Now I have thought about it from time to time, but this particular story had my pu... Continue»
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Is this what you want baby?

Written by the wife:

The rain drops heavily on the windshield as we head for home. We're both frustrated from not just the ride home, but from an uneventful night yet again at the swingers club.

We pull into the driveway and you tell me to go on in. You need cigarettes and we need milk for the baby. I watch you drive away, trying to figure out how to make the night not so empty for you. I try to think of someone to call and suddenly it comes to me.

By the time you arrive, everything is in place. I meet you in the living room with my electric blue teddy on. Stockings held up by my gart... Continue»
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How To Correctly Eat A Woman's Pussy

We like it slow and in a teasing manner - remember, women are like an oven, you have to warm us up. If you go in for it too fast and we are not warmed up yet, you ruin it for us and yourself. If you do it right, you will have your woman begging for the fast licks and the ramming tongue. Start slow with light licks and very gentle sucks, as our clits are sensitive, continue this until she begins to move the hips, this lets you know that you are doing it right - if our hips are moving, that means it's getting good to us. Next you want to slowly and gently introduce a finger into the pussy, j... Continue»
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Why Cock Milking Isn't A Handjob

Many men often think of cock milking as just a long handjob, and they are completely wrong in their thinking. There is a completely different goal and mindset of the cock milking process that differs from handjobs, and even the thought of hand jobs being compared to the cock milking process irritates some online. Those who practice cock milking with their partners are able to give them the most satisfying orgasms in their lives, whereas the others simply bring their men to orgasm and are then done. That among many reasons is why cock milking differs from handjob in so many ways.

Handjobs ... Continue»
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Dare list 2

26.) Take Naughty pictures (body only no face)
27.) Post them or 'loose' them somewhere they can be seen.
28.) Fuck me somewhere we could be caught
29.) Swallow my cum
30.) Let me cum in your hair
31.) Recreate my favorite picture: "property of ..."
32.) Masterbate. Send me the video.
33.) Get naked in my car
34.) Buy a unique sex toy
35.) Buy a sex swing
36.) Fuck me at my office.
37.) Fuck me at your office
38.) get naked somewhere innapperate. Send me photos.
39.) let me collar you
40.) Beg for sex
41.) Make your own fantasy dare list for me
42.) Let me eat strawberries off... Continue»
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Dare List for My Wife: The First 25

So my wife lacks and adventurous spirt when it comes to sex. It is not that she is a prude by any means, just timid. So I am building a list of simple sexual dares for her here. Sort of like a bucket list. They will start with simple things and get progressively more difficult and kinky. Please feel free to suggest anything I haven't thought of in the comments.

1. Have sex in every room of your parents house.
2. Pee in the shower
3. Buy a butt plug. Wear it somewhere public.
4. Swim naked in the swimming pool.
5. Leave my cum on your face after oral. Do something normal while still wear... Continue»
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[Story] My Vivid Imagination

Welcome my friends to the mind of a prevert with some of the nastiest and kinkiest fantasies you will have the pleasure of listening to.I used to think that I was fairly normal in my thinking about sexual issues and deeds and fantasies.

As I grew older and more experienced sexually I found myself becoming more and more brazen and asking to have things done to me that some make think a bit kinky and even taboo. Also it seemed that the only way I was able to acheive an orgasm was to be nastier and more vivid and to think about things that would be painful and distasteful to others. For examp... Continue»
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[Story] Fisting

The first time was with Ginger, and I still feel a little guilty about that. I'm a married woman, but throughout the five years of my marriage I have had to have sex with other women from time to time. I just couldn't keep my sanity without it. I remember when it happened. Don was at work and Ginger was over at my house. We'd been making love most of the morning.

I had just met Ginger, a tall, lovely blonde, at the supermarket two weeks before this, and we were still at that stage when you just can't get enough of each other's bodies. I was sitting on the edge of the pool and Ginger swam o... Continue»
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First pussy pumping experience

What can I say about pumping pussy? It might look freakish, but holy fucking shit does it feel good!
I got my first pump a few months ago. It was cheap and the cup really isn't big enough, but I guess it's good for a beginner like me.

The first time I tried pumping was after a week or so of no sex or masturbating. I busted out my vibrator and played with my clit very gently, forcing myself not to touch my cunt. I could feel myself getting a little wet, but wanted to tease myself with the pump.
After warming up, I placed the cup over my lips until I got a seal. The I started squeezi... Continue»
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Fisting- An Anal & Vaginal Adventure

Fisting- An Anal & Vaginal Adventure
Fisting is enjoyed by many who prefer a deeper, fuller penetration.

Fisting is not for everyone. Personally, I have done it and experienced it, but I had inquires made to us about it and decided to research it and interview those who had. Turns out, there are a lot of people that enjoy it!

On the Internet it is considered a "fetish," so learning about it and getting content on it can be more difficult. That is another reason that I wanted to provide our site visitors with this article. This way you can enjoy learning about it.

Your First Fi... Continue»
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[Story] Fisting Cheryl

First impressions whether they be online or in person are not always accurate. I had posted online a thoroughly debauched tale of fisting and stretching – one of many. It is always good to get feedback and I often get asked if the stories are real or 100% fiction. The answer is a mix of the two. One of the stories elicited a response along those lines from a reasonably new user from the particular site I posted too. It is easy to become dubious of new posters that have profiles with very limited information on it. Are they actually the gender or age they say they are? Do they really live in Sy... Continue»
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[Story] Me, a Big Cock and a Big Cunt................

You never know how things will pan out.......

On another site I corresponded with a woman called Madeline. Madeline was 35, bi-sexual and lived at Port Stephens in NSW with her husband. I learnt that she had a big pussy, and because of this, an average sized cock just never got her off properly. Fortunately for her the man she married was very, very well endowed. We shared some photos (clothed) of each other and Madeline also included a couple of photos of her hubby Cameron. Madeline was a brunette and looked quite petite with a mischievous smile and glittering eyes, while Cameron looked s... Continue»
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My Take On Fisting

Why not? I say always try everything at least once, because you never know how you are going to feel when it happens. You just might like it. I have done fisting a few times. The first time was complete surprise. I was not intending for it to happen. Shall I explain? I was letting my ex lick my pussy, it was dark and there was just enough light to barely see anything. It was a basement apartment so underground lighting is totally different than upstairs lighting. Anyway, there I was on my back with my legs spread wide open and my ex licking my bald pussy making me feel so good. He loved finger... Continue»
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How we got into fisting and how you can learn to f

We got into fisting a little differently than most couples, I’d bet, but it's both of ours favorite part of sex now (with maybe the exception of 69). We started fisting by accident, actually. We always had a really great and active sex life, but I never actually liked being fingered. I think it reminded me of those awkward boys I dated earlier in life who would paw at my pussy and never got me to cum. On our third date, my now husband went down on me and have me the most mind-blowing cunnilingus I'd ever had in my life, BEFORE I did anything to him, so I knew he was a keeper and I also didn't... Continue»
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[Story] Golden shower

I'm just a regular guy in most ways, married for 6 years, working hard for a living, paying off a mortgage and I must add that sex with my wife Gabby has always been exceptional, creative and very, very satisfying. Even though she had never acted on it, Gabby was always aware of my fantasy for pussy pee. When she comes into the bathroom while I'm shaving and pees into the toilet, I stand there, my shaver buzzing across my face, imagining that she was standing over me, with pussy spread and her sweet warm pee trickling all over my body. Just the thought of her warm golden nectar splashing acr... Continue»
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[Story] Wrecking My Wife

I met my future wife at university through a mutual friend. It was summer and the tight singlet she wore clung to her 19 year old C cup tits. I knew I wanted a piece of that. Being a conservative farm girl, she was still a virgin. On our first date I got a feel of her tight little muff. I remember thinking it was by far the smallest pussy I had ever come across; I could barely get a single finger up her, despite her opening her legs in the car and bearing down while I was driving and fondling. Two months later we had sex for the first time and it hurt me. That set the tone for the next ... Continue»
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[Story] Velvet Ropes

Shivers ran up and down her spine as a cold piece of fruit was pushed into her hotness. Her moans echoed around the walls of her little wooden cabin as she lay on the bare polished hardwood floor. Her fingers were sticky and wet from the rockmelon in her hand as she worked the pseudo-dildo gently in and out of her tightness, its juice dripped between her ass cheeks to the wood. Her free hand reached for another random piece of fruit in the large bowl next to her hips, this time her hand found an apple that has been julienne-cut to a two inch thickness. With determination, she pressed the tip o... Continue»
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[Story] The Exhibitionist and the Epicurean

The Exhibitionist and the Epicurean

In the BCM club the dancer gyrated listlessly to the rhythm of the baseline. Ignored and despised by some and simply leered at by others she moved he body for the few Euros it earned. She felt ignored and was unhappy at being ignored. She craved attention, she always had done, she had to be the centre of attention but here while she should be, she was not. Her body was sexy; she knew it and wanted to show it off.

Then one evening while the pissed teenagers wandered by ignoring her sexuality a man arrived. The first time he just walked by and wa... Continue»
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[Story] Oral Sex And Squirting Orgasms!

I've been married to my beautiful wife for some years. Through this time we have experimented often trying to do things to satisfy the other's sexual needs. I honestly think I get more pleasure out of helping her reach a good climax than I do from having one of my own.

During our playtime I discovered quite by accident that I could buzz her clit with my tongue and lips and bring her to a very satisfying orgasm. I've since learned that this is sometimes referred to as "motorboating". Liken it to the razzberry sound that is produced by sticking your tongue through fairly tightly pur
... Continue»
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The perfect blowjob...

I am currently thinking about the perfect blowjob scenario, covered to the smallest detail. I will post it when it's ready, girls will be able to try this on their guys and they will be worshiping them forever :)
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How to suck a penis (the right way)

The sad fact is that most people, men and women, do not have the slightest idea of how to suck a penis. Most seem to think that simply by making a cunt of their mouth, closing it around a man's penis, and bobbing their heads lustily up and down until he climaxes automatically makes them an expert. Au contraire!

Consummate skill is required to suck a man and provide him with the highest degree of pleasure possible. When a woman first starts her quest she usually has no one to turn to for advise and counsel. It was all hunt and suck. Hunt and suck. Find that one technique that could a... Continue»
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[Story] Prequel to Arsenal

This will be my first attempt at a BDSM story. Would like to know what the readers think of it, please leave feed back. Thank you :)

** DISCLAIMER: This story is purely a work of fiction, it does not represent person or persons involve in a truthful manner. The resemblance to real persons living or dead is a product of the writer’s imagination and is purely coincidental ** The story is accompanied by videos **

Statuesque, leggy with brunette hair, Cecilia had answered an advertisement in one of the BDSM publications for a willing participant in an exhibition. Being i... Continue»
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[Story] Message for my MILF wife

Letter of intent for my Lovely

Tonight my dear your are to carry out my intentions and wishes decribed in this letter.
You are follow and act out every detail of it's contents.

1. You WILL shower and clean yourself thoroughly. You WILL freshly shave your legs and ALL pubic WILL be smooth to touch all over. And knowing how much you 'love' cum in your hair, I would suggest that you slick back your hair. I expect your lips to be matching your new glossy red heels.

2. You WILL proceed to use your biggest dildo for at least 1hr
... Continue»
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[Story] More wet, anal sex with Wife

Ever since that night when my wife gave me head while she sat on the toilet taking a leak, the mere sound of her peeing starts a stirring in my cock. When she gets up in the middle of the night for a late night whiz, her stirring often wakes me a little. As I lay there in the stillness, I can hear her pad acroos the room to the bathroom, and I know in a matter of seconds I will hear those intoxicating chimes as her bladder releases and a stream of her hot urine sprays into the toilet bowl.

I will lay there hearing her and my mind flashes back to that night, standing in front of her, her hot... Continue»
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A thousand words about: Fisting.

Somewhere around here, I must have mentioned that I like fisting, ‘cause I get lots of messages asking me about it. Some people say stuff about how they’re worried ‘cause they don’t see how a fist could be shoved into them. But that isn’t what fisting really is. Fisting is a slang expression for this:

A picture’s worth a thousand words. This is how the hand should enter you and go deeper in you for exploration. It needs to have lots of lube. Lots. You also need to be prett... Continue»
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Easy Tips to Make Your Dick BIGGER

I've decided I'm going to start sharing my knowledge in numerous subjects sexual. I'm a freak and do too much research on such things. Let's start with how to make your dick bigger. I discovered it's not an urban legend or myth and you don't need pills or surgery.
Why and how did I stumble across this information? Well I used to have an average size penis and did extensive research on how I could fix that. I came across this all-natural program that quickly helped me gain a couple inches in length and girth and it's continuing to grow. I couldn't find any information like this anywhere else.
... Continue»
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[Story] My first GILF

I've always had a thing for mature women. I remember a layout from an old Hustler I used to steal from under my dad's mattress that had a guy giving it to "Mrs. Clause". I must have been 13 or 14 years old.

Fast forward about 10 or 12 years and I'm walking out of my office in DC when a very mature (she couldn't be younger than 55) thin blond lady walks out of her gym in a pair of jeans, sandals (I'm a foot man) and a yellow tube top with her nipples standing at attention. "I'd love to taste you," I said under my breath. Not exactly suave...especially as she actually heard me. So I kept wal... Continue»
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What is Squirting?

After listening to a very misinformed explanation about what female ejaculation was by another female, I feel somewhat obligated to cancel out the misinformation and offer a better and more educated answer on what happens when a woman "squirts".

Squirting or female ejaculation happens during an intense orgasm and releases clear fluid from the vagina by stimulating the "G-spot". (I won't go into HOW to make a woman squirt, maybe another time, but for now this is simply what it is). When rubbing the G-Spot either by fingers, toys, or even rubbing it with the penis, a build up of fluid consist... Continue»
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[Story] Good morning Release!

As per usual i've woken up dreaming all things xHamster! As I roll over with my raging hardon expecting to find my wife (who loves sex in the mornings), gone. She must've snuck downstairs for early breakfast leaving me hanging. Expecting her to return at some stage, I grab my phone and check out a couple of pages on xhamster- to keep my cock on the job,to ready and waiting for her return. I put on a leather cock strap which wraps around my cock & balls that pulls everything really tight! As I read through a couple of stories I find myself getting, with help from my strap, even harder than when... Continue»
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