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Fantasy Bucket List

This year marks my wife`s and I 20th anniversery, so I thought I`d take this opportunity to write out a wishlist for my wife to read and hope after reading this she will then write one down for me.

Over the years we have tried and had many different and wonderful experiences with our sexlives, so this list may contain some things we`ve already tried ( but I may want to expand on).Some may be more easily attained than others.

This one would be one of the harder to attain fantasies i mentioned, but most desired at this stage.
Many years ago I treated her to a MMF threesome with a friend of mine,which she thoroughly enjoyed and I would love to have chance to...get even?

We are nearly there on this one,we are both being very patient and not going too hard too soon. She is able to take 4 fingers quite easily and does enjoy it, just that last hurdle to take now. Advise says more lube and time is the key. My cock is dribbling at the thought of it!

This is another one we are currently both enjoying (cock & pussy) and would like to continue doing more often. As i write this i am trying out a new tube for us that i`ve made which fits my cock and balls in. My balls are getting quite large :)

I have recently purchased some long gloves and stockings (both black) to go with a pvc corset (black & red) that i bought a while ago, so i would love to have her surprise me in this outfit sometime...although she may need my assistance in getting that latex gear on, going by past experiences. I hope it makes her feel as sexy as it will look on her!

This is something i know she wants me to try for her and i am definatly willing to give a go. Has anyone out there tried this? Please share with us your experiences if you have. I imagine she`ll have to be loosened up somewhat (fisting, streching) and my balls tied up so they`re nice and tight, then lots of lube? That`s the plan so far, i`ll let you know how we go.

I`d love to be tied, sitting up, to the bed with her up the other end putting on a full show for me. Starting with lubing up her fingers, then her favourite dildos while working up to the ultimate...self fisting. WOW

I have always wanted to be woken up with a nice slow, wet, sloppy blowjob.I would also settle quite easily for a nice lubed up handjob.

Similar to #7, I would love to be woken by the smell and feel of a warmed up pussy on my face first thing in the morning!

Here is one for her. I would love to wake her up with my cock in her face, either with pre-cum drooling onto her lips or my cock just tracing over her lips. I think special prior permission would have to be given, but I`d love to give her a morning facial cum blast.

#10- ANAL
This is also one we have experimented with in the past and would like to spend more time on. She has not enjoyed it as much in the past but i would like to try some more.... and do it better. In the the past she has instigated it whilst having sex, but only relied on her own pussy juices and saliva- so it would become (understandably) uncormfortable. As with fisting, I would be more patient and use lots of lube....I need to get to a shop for more lube!! We were doing anal long enough once that she told me to cum in arse, which i dutifully obliged. So i`d like to try some more of this!

I am quite determined to keep exploring and try to get her to sqirt for me, which will lead me into #12.

I would love for you to show some dominance and tie me down and sqirm your shaved cunt all over my face. A squirt or pissing climax would be the ultimate!

Last but not least, I'm dying to do some photography of you/us in action to share.

This has turned into a top 13 wishlist and when I think of some more I will no doubt post them on here too

Please add comments if you think you can add any tips to my list


Posted by Downunder68 2 years ago
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1 month ago
I recently squirted for the first time, while being fucked in the ass. It was so new and different that I didn't know what had happened, until my Dom told me I'd just soaked him with my cum. So hot.
6 months ago
#10 visited again!
8 months ago
#8 is now ticked on my list :)
Which then turned into #12! Without the messy squirt finish though that I am longing for.
1 year ago
A big tick for #7!
Yesterday I was awoken from an afternoon sleep by a big fat wet tongue sliding up the length of my hardening cock. Fully wakened now, she produces a big preloaded handfull of lube and changes up to a delicious handjob while sucking on my nipples. She releases the suction on my nipple as I start to cum, as she loves to watch my face in ecstasy as I blow!
2 years ago
#2 is taking big steps lately. Had my cock and 4 fingers in her pussy on the weekend...she was SO wet that I didn`t even have to use any lube! It was amazing! SO CLOSE!
2 years ago
#9 is so close now. She has agreed to,as a starting point, to wake her with a cum shower on her tits.
Story to follow
2 years ago
#10 has turned into a monster!
Now that we have found a position that she likes and feels very comfortable in,on our sides spooning, I am fucking her in the arse nearly everytime we fuck!! Being on her side allows easy access to her pussy for both of us...and a vibrator! So i can safely say #10 has been well and truly ticked off on my list!!