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Hey Hamsters!

I was just wondering if anyone out there could give me any feedback or tips or any special techniques on squirting. Can anyone do it, or are some ladies just more prone to it than others? I would love to be able to do it for my beautiful wife, but we just don`t know much about it as yet. If anyone in the xHamster f****y could help us we`d be etternally grateful. :)
Posted by Downunder68 3 years ago
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2 years ago
This may help... Im looking for the man to help me :)
3 years ago
lookyloo is so right. once you hear the "sloshing" sound start while you're pounding her g-spot, she's close. tell her to go with it and not try to stop it. i've found that if i "push" right at that moment, i squirt even harder. i can do it multiple times, it's amazing.
3 years ago
Thanks SO much Lookyloo for that info. Hopefully you`ve sent us on our way down the most desired of paths for both of us :) XX
3 years ago
I have felt myself close to it but never let myself do it.
Here are two enecdotes I think will be helpful.
Here's a diagram and link's_gland

Good luck (;
* Not everyone can squirt, but if you want to find out how, rub the part above your 'hole' and keep on rubbing it until you get a peeing feeling, try to hold in the peeing feeling til yo can't take it, then push as hard as you can with your pc muscles, and you should be able to squirt. At least that's how I got myself to squirt, and it felt soooooooooooooooo good. Oh and make sure you empty your bladder first.

* I've found a few ways that help me.
Find your g-spot and stimulate it while rubbing your clitoris hard and fast. The first couple times I tried the feeling was so weird I had to stop, it almost feels like you're going to pee, but trust me the orgasm is explosive!
The other time I squirted was when my girlfriend was fingering me and pressed down on my stomach hard, it was a lot faster than the other way but it felt just as good. And if you're into it, it's great to drink, very kinky. Me and my girl drink eachother's vaginal ejaculate, I didn;t like the taste much at first but i've grown to love it and it's a very sensual thing to share with your lover, whether they're male or female.
I think any girl can do it, those I've known who claimed they couldn't just needed to learn how, and I suggest you learn how to.
Hope this helps anyone who's curious. I highly recommend it!