Bronx Vacation Incomplete

I don't know how we ended up alone in the same room. Her daughter, Mona, usually kept me away. She didn't want her mother seducing her best friend, but she had it the other way around. I had been playing panther since I had arrived, poised from my perch waiting for the day, the hour, the perfect moment to strike. I had been staying at Mona's house for awhile. I had come back to Bronx to visit my f****y and friends and I would be heading back to Atlanta in a couple of days. Mona had gone with her older b*****r to the store to pick up some food and charcoal for a farewell barbeque for me. For the first time since I had been in New York, there were no visitors around, just me and Mary.
It was an exceptionally nice day. Most of the windows in the two-story split-level house were open and, despite the almost insufferable heat, cool breezes blew through the small abode to kiss my face. Mona's b*****r and I were able to get away with just wearing boxers around the house, but with him and his s****r gone, I took my lack of attire a step further and pulled on a snug pair of burgundy Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs. Since I started doing CrossFit a few months prior to my visit, I had lost 27 pounds, leaving just one bulge on my body. I had always been noticeably endowed, but a huge stomach drew away attention.
Knowing it would be at least an hour or two until Mona and Tony came back, I sauntered toward the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal. As I walked by Mary's room, I peaked inside through the partially open door. Through the full-length mirror, I could see the reflection of her getting out of the shower. Her alabaster Puerto Rican skin glistened as her perky youthful breasts bounced with each step. Her normally curly brown hair lay in gentle waves against her gently sloping shoulders. On command, my penis became hard and created a gap between waistband and my stomach. I peered down to readjust and when I looked back, she was looking me dead in my eyes through the mirror. My nerve suddenly gone, I spun on my heels and tried to race back to the guest room down the hall. Before I had taken two steps, Mary's dripping hand was on my shoulder, spinning me to face her.
“Why are you staring in my room, Dave?” she asked in a calm, strained voice. Other than the slight frown on her face, I really couldn't read Mary's emotions. That made me scared.
“I w-was going to the kitchen for some cereal, Ms. Cintron.” I tried to sound sure of myself.
“The kitchen is not in my room. Let me be more specific. Why were you watching me get out of the shower, David? Why did you wait until the house was empty to wear those ass-tight underwear? Why are you lying to me?” Her face was either turning red. I had been caught overstepping my boundaries and now I had to pay the price.
“I wanted to see you, Mary. I wanted to be in the room with you.” My heart raced as the worlds fell out of my mouth. Shame fell over me as I awaited a threat to tell Mona and my parents what happened. Instead she grabbed my chin, pulled my face to her and whispered, “why didn't you just ask? You're not a k** anymore, Dave. You're 20 years old. I've watched you grow into a very attractive young man. I've always watched you watch me, mijo. I take it as a compliment.”
With a seductive moan, Mary reaches into the gap, pulls out my fat dick, and pulls me into her bedroom.
The steam from the shower is still seeping into the room. Light fragrances of Herbal Essences shampoo and fruity body wash hover in the air. Mary brushes past me to lock the door. I watch her plump pale ass wobble as she peers out the door one last time. For a woman in her late forties, Ms. Cintron's booty had not flaws. She spins around to face me. Her pussy is unshaven but neat. I can see her clitoris poking out from between her wide Latin hips. For a moment, we feast on each other with our eyes and then she takes a step toward me..
“Once again, and no lies. Why were you watching me in the mirror?” She asks with an almost sinister smile strewn across her face. Catching on to the game, I tell her I want to fuck her. She rest her right hand on my cheek and pulls me in for a lascivious lip lock. Her pastel pink pillows reach my lips and my body tenses. They taste like Colgate mint toothpaste. I reach down to her back and pull her closer. She groans and wraps her arms around me so her naked nipples press against my ribs. The scent of her hair makes my head spin in a whirlwind of strawberries and pomegranate. Her tongue probes my mouth as if frantically searching for something beloved. My nervousness melts away and all that is left is my rapacious urge to drive my black cock deep into my best friend's mother.
Suddenly, and quite f***efully I might add, Mary pushes me against the wall and clamps onto my neck, sucking and biting my nape like a vampire. This not being my first time with a woman, I never expected to feel such pleasure from necking. Slowly, Mary painted a wet mural on my chest, then my stomach. I felt completely vulnerable at her mercy. She playfully scratched my sides and pulled down my boxer briefs to unveil my balls and ass, which she did not hesitate to grab hold of. One hand on my testicles, the other on my bare dark chocolate-brown ass, this middle-aged vixen sucks my hards-as-a-rock cock into her mouth and savers every drop of pre-cum I might make available. Her teeth, clean and glistening white, graze the head of my penis making me shudder. Inch by inch, I watch my penis disappear into the recesses of Mary's mouth. She'd do wonders at a sausage eating contest.
My cranium thuds against the wall as I roll my head and my eyes back. My mouth gapes open and a long groan escapes. Every muscle in my body relaxes, then contracts as I become possessed by the pleasure.
“ taste good!” Mary smiles up at me. I can see excitement gleaming in her eyes. All of a sudden, she's an eager college co-ed having fun with my dick and all I can do is play along.
I pull her hand off my butt cheek and tell her to climb onto the neatly made bed and stay on all fours. One pale mocha leg in front of the other, she strides to the bed. Bending at the hip, Mary places one knee on the edge of the bed and, reaching between her thighs, rubs her shiny wet pussy. I can smell her sex in the air. She raises her other knee and places her chest on the comforter and begins to hum and breathe heavily. I look down to see my one-eyed snake standing stiff still moist with saliva. The head of my penis is shinier than brand new Corvette. I saunter over to Mary's dripping pussy and bury my face in it. It's sweet; fruity. A flavor like cantaloupe teases my pallet as I suck the juices from her crouch. With the tip of my tongue, I can tell her pussy is tight. Her vagina is hot and I can feel it relax and contract in my mouth.
Mary gives out tiny yelps like an endangered puppy, helpless to what I am about to do to her. I pucker my lips, kissing and sucking her lotus flower, savoring the sweet nectar. I glide my lips up and down between her vaginal opening and her clitoris. Long groans escape from the opposite end of my subject. My dick is throbbing, bouncing on his own, ready to penetrate its target like a Javelin missle. It even hurts a little but the pain is more than welcome.
I pause to wipe my face and rub the pussy cream around on her more than ample ass. I massage them, squeeze them, and nip at each cheek making Mary suck her teeth in ecstacy and laugh with excitement.
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