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I sold my wife

I sold my wife, Sheree, as a sex slave for a full night of use by a 20 y/o who had a major M.I.L.F. craving. She knew in advance and consented, so, I delivered her naked and bound and was to pick her up 24 yours later. He was so excited when I delivered her and carried her in wrapped in a blanket. Sheree was naked anlkes, knees, wrists and elbows tied and ball gag in her mouth and nipple clamps on her nipples. I told him He was free to do anything that did not cause permanant injury to her and did not take pictures. He wasked if he could share her, I said that was fine, she belonged to him for exactly 12 hours and I wanted her bound and ready when I picked her up in 12 hours. I picked her up 12 hours later and she was in the same bondage I had left her in, but her nipples were raw, her breasts bruised, her nice pubil patch was gone, not shaved but plucked out. cum was dripping out of her cunt and ass. Her shoulder blade long hair was cut to 2 inches and she was out cold. I wrapped her in the blanket and put her in the trunk and took her home and put her to bed
Posted by DostaDude 2 years ago
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2 months ago
Too brief and devoid of detail. Perhaps Sheree could offer us her side of the story? Like, why did the guy pluck her like a turkey and cut her hair?
6 months ago
Hi, love your galleries, in particular with Blinky, let's have some more please, best wishes, conductor.
7 months ago
Sheree was a good wife! Wish I had sold her more often.
9 months ago
Another good account of a good wife.
1 year ago
I wish I had sold my wife