Sheree was an easy bar fuck

Years ago when I was in grad school at Valdosta State University, I was involved with this divorced mother of two who loved to show her tits off! She was in her late 30's but had a pair of breasts that looked like they were off of a 25 year old. I am talking a fantastic set of 36c's and Sheree loved to show them off! I loved to see her do it and loved to be with her when she did as it made her horny. One night we were sitting in a little bar/restaraunt know as Bungelow's having drinks with a coule of guys we knew when she went to the bathroom and removed her bra. I could tell by the way they jiggled as she came back to the table that she was swinging free. I asked her in front of the guys if she lost something in the bathroom and she said she had. I said well show me and she quickly lifted her shirt and flashed those pretty 36C's with their erect nipples. Both guys jaws dropped and I saw the cook in the kitchen staring out at her from the window in the kitchen. I aske the guys what they thought and both said they looked great and would love to see them again. with no warning to Sheree I stood up and took her had and announced "Come home with us and take a better look at them!" Sheree blinked in surprise and then smiled and I told them to follow us and headed out the door. They folowed us to Sheree's house and once inside I had Sheree remove her top and both Guys grinned from ear to ear. I asked if they wanted to see more and both said yes. I told Sheree to strip, she blushed, and she removed her shorts and panties revealing her lovely bush and thick full pussy lips as I led her to the couch and said "Let's fuck her, guys!" and she blushed. She lay back on the counch as I got between her legs and entered her in one deep stroke and the 1st guy stood next to her head so she could suck him off. I fucked her fast and furious so I could nut fast and get off this horny slut so the other guy could take his place in her cunt and I could enjoy the show. I sat there and watched them both enjoy fucking her, one in Sheree's cunt and the other in Sheree's mouth and then they switched up and swapped so both had the pleasure of being between her legs. when the second one nutted in her cunt I thanked them for coming over and promised to see them Friday at the bar and showed them out. Sheree laid they smiling and thanked me for sharing her and letting her just enjoy herself! We did that every wednesday night for the next year while her k**s were with her ex on "his" night with them. Word got around among the college guys and were always had a number of guys who wanted to fuck a M.I.L.F. and knew she was a good fuck.
82% (10/2)
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5 months ago
Oh yeah, watching your SlutKitty get her WhoreFuck on is deffinitly a turn on !!!!!! Taking a cock balls deep down her mouthkunt while her whorehole is stuffed as well !!!!!!! If they both blow a load at the same time and she kums as well its mindblowing hot watching her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your a good man keeping your SlutKitty supplied with fresh kumfilled cocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 months ago
Very nice story and what a woman. I also love watching my very own live porno show. It's so special when it is with a woman you love and she knows just what you want to see and gives it to you in spades.
2 years ago
Loved it!