Sheree's 40th birthday bang

For my wife Sheree's 40th birthday, i promised her something spetacular for her birthday. I bought her a sheer lace bra, panty, garter set to wear with 3 in heels and took her to a nice restaurant and then hotel. Once she was down to the lace I tied her to the bed and called a friend in a room on the same floor of the hotel, who had 5 guys all under 22 waiting to fuck her as a surprise gang bang. It only took a few minutes for them to get there and I introduced Sheree as the birthday girl and told tehm that they could do whatever they wanted to her for the whole night as long as no permanant damage took place. She shot me a look that said "What?" I continued and told them the only rulles were she could not be untied and that as long as her full face did not show in pictures, they could shoot pictures and videos. One guy asked if they could invite freinds, I said that was fine with me as long as they shared the rules. They stripped down naked and all had erections and the first one headed for the bed and pust pushed her panties to the side as he slide in her cunt and leaned down and french kissed her as he slammed his cock in her cunt. He lasted only a few minutes and was replaced by another who had pulled a pocket knife out and cut her panties and bra off and attacked her tits withnhis teeth and her cunt with his cock and was cumming in her himself in a few minutes. two of them did call freinds and an hour later of so, three more showed up had had the rules explained to them and took there turns in Sheree also. I sat in the corner and continued to watch until I counted the 40th ejaculation in my wofe and I told them that there were done. It was close to 5am and they said they appreciated it and would do it again anytime. She got fucked 40 times for her 40th birthday. She told me she was surprised, but loved it since no one knew who she was....
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5 months ago
Now that is a greatvWhoreWife gangbang gift !!!!!! 40 kumdumps in one night !!!!!!!!! Was her pretty asskunt and mouthkunt slutfucked as well I wonder !!??!! You got a PuuuuuuuRFuckt WhoreWife there Bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 months ago
Wow! What a wife you have there. I know that some of the guys that showed up were blown away by having a woman they could do anything they wanted too with. They had to have things their young girlfriends wouldn't let then do. Once they were able to satisfy their urge with your do anything wife that will remain a masturbation fantasy for the rest of their lives. So hot.
2 years ago
nice for you to share