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My wife's pussy paid for the pizza

My wife, Sheree, and I love to role play and experiment. We were out of town in Columbus visiting my parents and we stayed in an extended stay motel for the weekend. We ditched my parents one evening and were playing in the motel room when I had Sheree, who is VERY limber, tied to the bed with her arms to the corners of the head of the bed and her legs up and spread and her ankles hooked to her wrists so she was laying there with everything in view and everything wide open and on display. I was playing with her sweet pussy and getting her wet and aroused when I jumped off the bed and went in to the bathroom with the cell phone and called and ordered a pizza. I came back in without telling Sheree what I was doing. I continued to play with her pussy, suck her 36c breasts and tease her to arousal but without mounting her. 30 minutes later there is a knock at the door and I smiled at her and told her she is a call girl, and not to forget it, as I go to the door. I answered it and it is a guy about 20 years old with the pizza. I asked him if he is offended by nudity and he looks at me for a second and said no. Good, I said, I have a call girl in here and she is completly naked. He just goes, "Sweet!" I tell him to set the pie on the table and he walks into the room where Sheree is laying there smiling and wide open! "I am glad you are here, I am starving!" she said and smiled a big smile at him. Her nipples were rock hard and erect and her slit was glistening. He is standing there staring at her as I say, "Nice body huh?
Yeah, he agrees. "I've paid her for the whole night!" I state. "Stick your finger in there and feel how hot it is", I tell him. He sits on the edge of the bed and slides a finger in and smiles as he feels how wet she is and Sheree wiggles on to his finger and moans! I ask how much the pizza is and he says the price. I reach for my wallet and state "Opps, it is out in the truck", I tell him to enjoy himself and I will be back in a minute with my wallet. I go outside and smoke a cigarette and come back in and Pizza man is on top of Sheree and he is deep stroking her cunt with his hard cock. really slamming his cock into my wife. "Great, isn't she?" I ask. "Fantastic Fuck!" Hell yeah, he says. Sheree is moaning and begging him to fuck her harder and deeper as he picks up his pace and shudders deep in her cunt as he fills my wife, the "callgirl" full of his cum! He gets off and pulls up his pants and looks embarresed as I say, D"ude, I told you to enjoy yourself! That is what God made her for!" I pay him for the Pizza and show him to the door and then spent an hour fucking this cheap call girl full of some strangers cum. We loved it! oh, and the Pizza was good, too!
Posted by DostaDude 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Nice of him to provide an extra topping for the stuffed crust.
1 year ago
fucking hot!