The Reunion; Part 3

“Hope ur goin 2 dis ting 2nite, its been way 2 long! Colin :) ”, the message beeped through just as I finished gathering my footing. I’d never been graceful, and my clumsy trait lingered still.

Colin, my closest friend in school had always kept in touch with me, but we hadn't met face to face since graduation as we were in colleges that were across the country from each other. He always looked after me when I hung around with the boys, and I was eternally grateful for it. He’d always try his best to make attempts to talk to me while I sat looking as lost as a nit in an afro. Me, being the quiet good girl always went unnoticed. For Colin it was an entirely different story. At 6 foot 3, by our final year in school, he stud out in more ways than one. Tall and skinny, we had always called him Lanky Larry. With puppy dog brown eyes, dark blonde hair, and a smile that would make butter melt, he was Mr. Nice Guy. Due to his fantastic grades all the teachers knew and loved him, as well as every female in the school. Always the charmer, he had a different girl hanging off his arm every week, with last week’s one crying after him in tow. I remember once in our final year at school when one of his many girlfriends, Mellissa, was insanely jealous of me. Me? I burst out laughing after he’d told me.

She sat with us one day and he and I always had our own private jokes. We’d been having a laugh about one of the lad’s new dodgy hair cut and we’d been calling him bushy, very unoriginal I know, and she seemed to get fairly pissed off about this. If looks could kill I would have dropped dead there and then. She had thrown me the filthiest looks ever as we sat there giggling and I’d noticed it. Apparently Colin had as well because by the end of that day they were both single again. He’d had words with her before and apparently this was the final straw. As much as I loved Colin as a best friend, he was as oblivious to the fact that I was a girl as much as the other males in our year.

“She actually thought me and you were flirting!” he exclaimed barely able to contain his laughter. His words stung, instantly reminding me I was nobody, nothing, but I laughed quietly as I was reassured I wasn’t anywhere near worthy of being classed as attractive. I think it’s what spurred me to change. Shortly after that we finished school, I changed and hadn’t seen them again. Until now.

The rave kicked up again in my stomach as I replied, “C u soon Larry :) x”. With steps as assured as a baby deer I walked towards the door of the pub. I checked the mirror on my make up compact, took a deep breath and shakily exhaled before walking slowly towards the door. I pushed the door open slowly and peeped my head around. The pub was buzzing. All my old school ‘friends’ were obviously comfortable with each other. I felt bile rising up in my throat. What was I thinking? I was nuts coming here, just because I’d become ‘worthy’ of their presence why should I grace them with it? Feeling dizzy with nerves I took a step towards the door. I f***ed a smile before I walked through. Feeling like I was floating as the laughter and talking died down, I glided across the pub. With a nervous lop sided smile I stood in front of the boys I’d spent my lunch times with for five years. It’s fair to say their mouths were nearly touching their knees. My palms were sweaty as the hum of girls starting to whisper picked up. I wasn’t sure what to say. Looking at my shoes I mumbled a quiet “Hello”. It felt like an eternity until an outburst of, “Jayzis someone get this fine lady a drink!” was exclaimed.

My nerves had been calmed, nothing a few shots of aftershock and double vodkas couldn’t sort out, however I still didn’t feel comfortable. Even though some of the girls had ventured over cautiously to see if it was really me, I’m surprised they didn’t poke my face, I felt out of place. Fitting in was almost surreal. My head spinned as everyone talked at once, their laughter drowning out my thoughts. I squinted at the time on my phone. Twenty minutes is all I’d been there for? I was far too d***k to have only been here twenty minutes. I needed to slow down. Having politely excused myself, I wobbled over to the bar for a pint of water and as quickly as my heeled shoes could take me went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. No wonder they were looking at me that way. I was actually pretty. The shape of my eyes, my lips, my breasts! Wow. The room span, snapping me out of my admiration and back to reality. What would they care, they probably all thought I was still a freak anyway. As my conclusion sunk in I strolled to the first cubicle and lifted the toilet lid down. The spinning was starting to slow as I sipped the water. My good mood had been submerged due to my pessimism. I leaned my head on the wall of the cubicle, didn’t I deserve some happiness? Why should my hopes of fitting in be diminished? I was hot! Finally, I got what I wanted, I wasn’t going to screw this one up. The stickiness between my legs from the leftovers of my earlier fun made my nipples hard. With a devious smile I marched out of the toilet cubicle to re adjust my hair for the final time. My phone buzzed, I checked the name with a glance. Colin. I’d completely forgotten about him. If I could win over this lot who hadn’t taken any notice of me, what would he think? For once, I thought, stop over thinking things and just get out there.

I sauntered out the door, my hips throwing shapes, catching the eye of every hot bl**ded male in the bar. Not sure what to do, but being drived by the fact that I was getting more turned on by the second at everyone’s stares, I pushed my way through a crowd of the lads to order another drink. Then we locked eyes. He was in mid sentence before his coffee coloured eyes locked mine. They widened as he looked me up and down. The shock in his eyes said it all. I instantly reddened as his gaze scrutinized every inch of my curves. My pussy dampened as his eyes bore into my figure. It felt like he was undressing me with his eyes, as if I was standing naked in the crowded bar. Our eyes met again as the rest of his friends were still talking to him, but he hadn’t heard a single word. One of them, Bushy I think, muttered something into his ear and laughed before he pushed his arm. It broke our trance as I slid next to him.

“Nice to see you again,” I smiled before ordering another vodka. He just stared. I laughed nervously, “Cat got your tongue Larry?”

He could only stammer. “I eh, I’m sorry, I just eh, I mean, I didn’t recognise you. Wow.” I blushed from my roots, a nervous giggle escaped my lips. He simply stared. “Cum’on,” I flashed him a brilliant smile, “Lets catch up.”

It felt like we’d been talking hours. He was doing an engineering degree in Cork, loving every minute of it but missing home. He had been settled with a nice girl but she had cheated on him, and he’d found it hard to start mixing with women again. He was still the same lovable best friend I’d had in school, maybe more mature, grounded, only he looked at me differently now. The entire time we talked he didn’t take his eyes off me. It was like some unknown f***e was drawing him to me. I was no better. He’d filled out his long frame, so he wasn’t as lanky anymore, just very tall and broad. I could’ve sworn he’d grown another inch or two. I wanted to pull him against me, let him explore me physically instead of just the intense looks we were giving each other.

Everyone had started to clear out, to head off to one of the girl’s houses for more drinks. We agreed to go when we’d finished our last drink. After the pub emptied dramatically, everything became quite intimate. I immediately became aware of his leg touching mine, the warmth of his body radiating against my own. My fingers brushed off his as I picked up my drink and he grabbed my hand, I looked up at him from under my eyelashes. His mouth dropped a little, his eyes flickered to my lips. The sensation of his touch made the nerves in my hand tingle. I immediately became aware of the tremble between my legs, causing me to shiver. Our gaze never unlocked, his brown eyes bore into my own hazel ones as every nerve in my body went on fire. Christ, this wasn’t normal. How could I want someone I’d known so long and not noticed it before? Careful not to disturb my hand from under his, I brushed my foot up his leg, pressing it against his thigh. He bit his lip and squeezed my hand.

His voice came out ragged, like gravel. “Leave with me, now.”

The intensity in his voice shocked me. He could have punched me and it would have had the same affect. I’d never felt this desire before. My hormones had taken over any other sense in my body. He never let go of my hand, it sent a frenzy of thrills through to my core. Once we stepped through the front door his arm wrapped around me and his lips were on mine. Neither of us could contain ourselves. We ravaged each other lips in a flurry, like wild a****ls in heat, the passion between us couldn’t be contained. The strength of his kisses was a complete contrast to the full, softness of his lips. My knees weakened as he pressed his hand into the small of my back to press me closer. His experience was obvious, but his passion over rode anything else. Through the thin fabric of my dress his swollen bulge pressed against my stomach and I wanted to rip his trousers off him there and then. We were attracting attention on the street however and broke away hesitantly, before half running, half walking around the nearest corner down an alleyway. My pulse quickened with anticipation and nerves, it excited me to a new level. The bl**d pumped quicker in my pussy from the heat of his body against mine, the thrill of someone finding us and it was all I could think about. His grunts were eager as he slipped his hand into my bra and squeezed my full breast. His other hand slipped up the back of my dress and grabbed an ass cheek before he squeezed it roughly. I gasped as a new rush of warmth washed across my clit and seared up through my pussy. He pushed me against a wall, his hips grinding up into mine. The f***e of his thrust sent me halfway up the wall, and I kissed him with a sudden urge I couldn’t overcome.

He had my dress pulled up my back, spreading goose bumps across my ass. His hands groping my bare arse before ripping my lace panties of and dropping them on the ground. I giggled as the ripped lace landed on his shoe and he kicked it off, smiling back at me before he kissed me again. Each time he kissed me I could feel my bare pussy grow damper. He tweaked at my diamond hard nipple for a final time before cupping my ass with both of his hands. He looked into my eyes and kissed me urgently.

“Do you want me to fuck you here?” His voice was hoarse.

“What do you think Colin,” I gasped as his thumb pushed forward to poke up my pussy.

He groaned into my neck, “Christ you’re so fucking tight.” I froze. “What’s the matter? Have I hurt you?” He loosened his grip on me and set me down slightly, a worried expression across his now tender eyes.

“I.. I’m a virgin,” I muttered quietly, not able to look him in the eye. A look of realisation dawned on him and he smiled softly.

“If you want, we can leave it?”

Fury raged through me. What on earth was I doing? I was just about to fuck, my pussy was dripping and I was stalling? I pressed my lips against his with such f***e it pushed him back. He regripped my arse tighter than he had before and thrust up into my hips. I groaned as he slammed his ridged cock against my now throbbing bare clit. My breathing slowed as he put me down, never taking his lips off mine. Lifting my left leg up and allowing me to wrap it around his waist, as he used the free fingers on his other hand to rub my clit. With shaky hands I opened his fly, his cock bulging under his boxers. I reefed them down with f***e, his thick dripping cock springing out into my hand. He moaned as I wrapped my hand around the head of his cock and spread it down the length of his throbbing pink prick. It grew further as I rubbed it harder, his fingers poking into my wet tight cunt. My knee squeezed into his hip as my pussy contracted around his fingers. I pushed his hand away and f***ed his cock against my swollen pussy lips.

“You ready?” he gasped. I groaned in response as he pushed closer to me, my back pressed up against the cold wall, our breaths hung in the cold air. He gently nudged his bloated cock further into my cunt, stretching the tight skin in my pussy. I gasped, the pain melted into pleasure as my heart hammered in my chest. “You ok?” he whispered. I bit my lip and nodded, my pussy contracted as he breathed harder, his cock throbbing inside me. My hard nipples rubbed against the material on his shirt, his body pressed against mine as he delved further into my pussy. Kissing my neck, the pleasure of his touch took control of my body. He pulled his cock out and pushed it back in again slowly, my pussy adapting to the size and shape of his delicious swollen prick. Relaxing I pushed my hips up towards his and the entire length of his dick plummeted into my loosening cunt. As his dripping head hit that special spot in my pussy, my hornyness took over. I grabbed his neck and bucked on his hips. He filled my pussy, leaving it quivering.

“Aw fuck me please Colin,” I gasped. “I need you to cum inside me!”

My words spurred him on, and he thrusted into me harder. The new sensation of something warm and fleshy filling my cunt was too much to bear. My body went limp as he held me up, I leaned my head back on the wall as he continued pounding into my now contracting cunt. His grunts became more strained as I begged him to fill my pussy with his cum. My whole body trembled in pleasure, my clit tingled as his hands grabbed my hips and he fucked me roughly. The sound of traffic heightened my orgasm, electricity passed through my body, my breath barely escaping my lungs as his balls slapped off my bare ass while he fucked me. A moan of defeat passed his lips as his cum shot inside me. He continued thrusting into me as he emptied his balls. Leaning his sweaty forehead on my breasts still holding me up, he pushed his cock into my now sticky dribbling pussy for a final time before he pulled it out of me, our cum rolling down my thighs. He panted, kissing my chest and lowered my trembling dress down. I gripped one of his shoulders and closed my legs to stop any more of his cum escaping. My head spun with pleasure, I couldn’t believe I’d just done that. It sent another shock wave of thrills through my pleasure intoxicated body. He stood up and looked me in the eyes, smiling broadly. Kissing my lips gently he asked if I was ready to go. I nodded slowly but held him in place. Slipping a finger between my legs I scooped some of his cum from my pussy, and then gently sucked them into my mouth. The sweet taste of his juices rubbed across my tongue. His eyes widened and he grinned watching as I devoured the juice off my fingers. I pulled down my dress hastily as he zipped up his jeans.

“You right love?” He smiled. He took my sticky hand and we left the ally way stinking of sex. I knew this was going to change everything.

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3 years ago
outstanding a part 4
3 years ago
Great post... you have a lovely writing style.. really enjoyed it
4 years ago
Talented writer! Keep it it's back to 'trait theories of personality' for me I'm afraid...bummer:)
4 years ago