This is a pure creative Imaginery story... Unfortunetly it dosnt fit in to the catergys except maby first time???

It all started one stormy evening, lightning howling mingled with thunder crashing like a cocanophy from hell. Walking in the driving rain Jane wonderd why the hell she decided to walk to the cinema instead of catching the bus that descision led to 1 of the best experinces of her young life.

At 25 she had just risen to the top in the emotionly and hormonuly charged atmosphere of Stock Trading, of course being blond didnt help matters much but what did was two fold. One the current head honcho a sauve, distringished man decided he needed a women on the Bull pen floor to prove to his Board of Directors that he was a progressive employer.

The second factor that helped was Jane happend to be the embodiment that every man wanted in a women 5"8 34-32-20dd and blond hair down to her waist.
She knew the effect she had on men as being the only women in a male domintaed world she couldent help but notice all the hard-ons when she walked by.

Any-ways she was walking along 3rd and Main when she decided to stop in one of those generic over priced coffie houses and warm up a little. Opening the door and stepping into the Kitch designed room full of expensive suits and immacuatly cofierd women. Choseing a table at the far end of the coffie shop she sat down at the table and removed her coat.

Jane happend to b wearing a bra and a light jumper and being cold the aroulies of her nipples where plain to see. A few minuits after sitting down the Waiter came over and asked what she wanted. Looking up she saw a tall musciler guy with brown hair, blue eyes and a heart stopping smile.

Momenterly overcome by a dense fog of lust she could only sit and stare at the discomfited server who by this time was wondering if he had anouther nut job on his hands. In other words a posh, lonely, stuck up rich bitch.

After what seemed like an eternity she gatherd her loose wits and asked for the first coffie that came to mind which happend to be 1 of those damerble esspresso's. You all know the type i mean rich, dark and thick, with a smile the servitor hurryed off to get the Stuck up bitch's coffie. "By god he thought on the way to the counter she may be a stuck up bitch but man did ya see those tits??"

It made him wonder what Jane might be concealing and he resolved to get her into bed that night. Walking back with Jane's coffie he had a visible hard on he couldent help him self. When he got to the table he purposefully stood side on so Jane could get a good look at his rageing boner whislt manageing to brush her tits when he put her coffie down.

Smiling like the devil him self and showing lots of square even teeth he let her know that his shift finished in a few muinits and he'd like to buy her a coffie. Jane had felt the brush of a couple of Bull men's arms in the pen and quite liked it.

She wasent a virgin per see but haveing fumbling, d***ken sex wasent quite the same as when both partys where sober, in any case it was only her second time and she found his masculinity rather intimidating, she resloved to say "Yes" which is excatly what she did. At this the tall musculir guy dropped his hand down to her lap and rubbed his fingers in her wet pussy though her panties.

As quick as he put his hand there he removed it and said he'd only be a few munits, sighing wistfully and maby a little excitedly Jane drank her coffie and waited. Sure enough after a few munits had past her unexpected lay came to the table and sat down next to her, Smiling he told her that his car was just around the back in the employee parking lot. Being the perfict gentleman he waited for Jane to procede him but only because he wanted a close look at her backside.

What he saw made his mouth water and his heart quicken like a bongo droped off the top of a sky sc****r. Dashing out into the driving rain he couldent help but admire the way Jane's boobs seemed to move with a life of their own, quickly gaining his car he clicked the remote and dove inside, Jane hurryed around to the passenger side and got in.

Her unexpected lay turned to her and said "Hi my names Dave" what's yours?

"Jane she replyed" with a smile and a look at his cock unfortunelty due to the cold rain and wind his hard on had vanished, dissapointed she rested her hand on his dick and was rewarded with a twitch of life, like a bear coming out of a deep hibernation. Opening his zip she slid first one finger in then anouther where she had a big surprise(Or a small one)!!!!!!!! She couldent beleave it it looked bigger when she was in the coffie shop.

Helped by the fact that Dave stood side on to her it alterd the size of his cock, a little disapointed she was about to remove her hand when he leaned over and took her left breast into his mouth Bra,Jumper and all whislt running his hand over her pussy, at this point she decided that size wasent really all that importent but she was in for anouther shock.

When she undid his trousers and slid them down to his ankles,and removed his boxer's his hard on sprang up looking fit to fight. Contrery to what Jane thought his cock was about 11" and 4-5 inchis round(In other word's he was hung like a donky) Preforming the same service for Jane, David removed her trousers to reveal her saten full panties, moaning a little as Jane's hand cressed his cock and balls he bent over and stuck his face full on into her panty coverd pussy,and took a deep breath.

"My god" jane thourght he's like a bl**dy dog always sniffing people's crotches. a little whine of pleasure escaped Janes full lips inspiring Davi's cock on to rarer hights by now the massive spatulate head was glistning with a sheen of pre come, Jane knew she couldent wait much longer. Pushing his head away she pulled her pantys down to reveal her pussy which unlike most girls was plesently hairy "Take me" David she breathed and taker her david did.

Helping her to move over to the drivers side he got her positioned and thust his cock into her in one big push, at which point Jane let out a squell like a stuck pig, she thought her pussy would burst has he somehow managed to sink his shaft ball deep, she was sure she could feel the head poking her womb. Gently moving up and down she proceeded to hump the hell outa David.

Whislt for David's part he rescinded his opinion that she was a stuck up bitch and swooped the adjative for Horny Bitch:-)Runing his hands up her back he removed her jumper to reveal her lacy, sexy, provocertive bra. Fumbling with the catch he got it undone and Janes boobs poped out like a Jack in a box.

Taking a firm hold he procced to massage her tits urgeing his sex bunny to greater efforts, after a few munits he could feel the fermilier sensation of his cum starting to rise up the shaft, the plesent clenching of the muscle the indefinable feeling of something viscous moveing along ducts and pipes. Till Boom there was a massive crack of thunder perfictly timed with his ejaculation and her torrnadeo orgasm.

Removeing Jane from his lap he helped her to dress and asked if he could meet her again,Opening the door Jane looked back and siad "Thanks but I was only horney" where upon she shuts the door and quickly vanishes down the road to the cinema. Poor Dave on the other hand can't figure out what happend but tidying him self up he decided that even if he never saw her again By god he could masterbate over her!!!!!!!
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4 years ago
Good story , I want to see the video