My first cock

It all started back when I was in school and at that time in my life i was getting the useal hard-ons masterbating over catorloges etc and then it happend.. It was during P.E which I personaly hated never being much of an active person(yet i aint fat)and at that time the school was running same sex P.E which seemd a bit of a loss in it's self..

(I mean who dosnt like to c womens tits bounceing:-))as a consquance it was getting harder to fantersize because of the lack of girls so like any 1 I had to adapt my self to the avalerble material at hand. Thier was quite a selection of boys actully there was 20 of us in the P.E group. How-ever most of them lacked the essenstial requirement. Which was a small cock. I decided right off that any 1 with a bigger cock was a no-no no point in being humiliated is there.
Dont deny it most men have a problum with their cock size!!!!!!

Any-way's the P.E session ended and we all made our way back to the changeing rooms for a shower. I hated showering nothing worse then being in a all male group wid a hard on is there. I was coming out of the cubicle after getting dried and dressed wondering who i was going to jack off over, by this time the changeing room was almost empty i'd stoped 2 play with my cock in the cubicle.. I came out of the cubercle and as I did the changeing room door opened and a boy came in I suppose the next group was rdy for P.E I wonderd why he had come in first, turns out that he wanted a shower I walked past the cubilce 2 go out the door when i notice the door was open a bit i was lucky in the timing he had removed his shirt and nothing else.

I stood jus to the side watching and feeling my cock stir in my brief.s'(Always liked briefs comfy and make a cock look better) he undid his belt and removed his trousers as he did i could c he was wearing briefs and could c his soft cock highligted in the mearterial.. My hard on jumped several point's then he musta been feeling horney as I saw his cock start to move and grow harder. Imagine my surprise when he starts playing with his cock though his briefs. At this point i wonderd weather i should say any-thing and then did.! The look on his face when i opend the cubicle door was priceless, talk about guilt!!!.

Then he saw the hard -on in my trousers and his face changed, gone was the guilty look and in it's place a look of consideration imagine my surprise when he reaches out and put's his hand on my cock. finily i was gonna get to jack off and not over a god dam fantersy... I took of my trousers and reached out to gently tickle the end of his cock though his briefs and enjoyed watching it jump around.

I wanted to have a look at it so i pulled down his briefs and was pleased when he meet the requirment, there wasent much driffrince but it was enough for me. I pulled his briefs back upadn sat oppersite him waiting for our cocks to subside eventuly the did and we both stood up and droped our briefs so we could see our cocks riseing and help them along. When we go to full erection I had him pull his briefs up again then turn away from me and to open his legs a bit and bend over. No it wasent anal i was after but 1 of my own fantersy's.

Any-way i got behind him nad pushed my cock between his legs so it was resting on the fabric of his briefs. I started rocking back and forth whislt he played with the head of my cock. We had to b quick I came over his briefs and imedealy moved round to his front.

I pulled his briefs down and took his cock in my mouth this was his fantersy.
After a few munites of sucking i could feel he ws getting ready to come at this point I took my mouth of his cock and shoved my cock aginst his and then he came.

We stared at each other and hastly started dressing made it out the door befoure any 1 else came in.....Nvr did see him again didnt really look to b honest. That is my 1 and only gay experiance.
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4 years ago
good story