my first gangbang

I was younger, when my interests in a same sex gangbang got the best of me. I new a couple guys who knew some friends that were interested too. I was told to meet at a local motel room.So I showed up I knocked on the door,it opened up I walked in it was shut and locked behind me I was sourounded by 6 guys taken down to the floor my clothes taken off I was then stood up handcuffs were put on my wrists behind my back walked over to little round table bent over it face down my legs spread wide and tied to the legs tight with rope my ass cheeks were pulled apart spanked my balls slapped pulled cock yanked too the next thing I remember was getting my hair pulled back and cock being shoved in my mouth making me gag As i got the first guy hard he walked around behind me and started to fuck my ass no mercy just shoved the head in my ass and worked it all the way in in one long thrust as my throat was filled with the next cock I was fucked like that for over 2 hours before I was creampied in my ass by them all as I lay there my ass on fire open leaking cum out my jaw and hair sore I then realized i was in for a whole lot more they untied my legs told me to shit the cum out my ass in the bathroom and get back here on the double I did as I came out the bathroom a guy was on the bed I was told to climb on top face him and sit on his cock as I did I was pushed forward on his chest my arms still cuffed behind my back then I felt a sharp stinging pain a another guy started to put his cock up my ass too it was the biggest my asshole had ever been stretched I screamed out and got a cock shoved in my face again and was double penetrated until I was so spent I couldn't take it any more they uncuffed me then tied me very tightly to the bed spread eagle shoved a beer bottle big end first until only the neck was showing out my ass they sourounded the bed and all jerked of on me covering me in cum then the guys got dressed and left the light was shut off the door closed me still tied to the bed a beer bottle in my ass I was so exhaustedI passed out and was awoke the next moring by the cleaning lady sucking me off and pulling the bottle out of my ass she got the other 3 cleaning ladies they took a turn on me before I was untied when I was finally free I grabbed my clothes ran out to my car and drove home as fast as I could my embaressment was so much I was scared to show my face around town for a bit but it didn't get out too much I didn't care anaways it was the best sexual experince of my life to that point
78% (9/2)
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3 years ago
hot, my first gang bang was being rough sex raped in the back of a poron theater