The Bull (pt.1)

"So you mean to tell me, that the whole time I was fucking your wife, you were in the closet, listening to the entire thing," John asked the couple sitting nervously before him. "From the moment we walked in from the bar, you were in there listening the whole time."

John was pissed. It was very clear now why it was so easy to get this woman home the other night, but he wasn't one to trifle with by including him in some bizarre sex thing. Fuck that notion. He didn't want to think of some geek in a closet pulling on his dick while John was plowing his wife. But that's exactly what had happened.

He'd looked her up on Facebook when he got home, seen her status as being married, and looked at a lot of pictures of her with her husband. Traveling, remodeling, all the normal shit. When he called her later that night, he asked if she was divorced or separated or what. She said she was still married. That pissed him John off, and he yelled at her saying that he didn't want the hassle of fucking some guy's wife, and she could pick a different guy to cheat on the unlucky motherfucker next time.

And then she told him no, that it was all right, that the husband knew, and was there the whole time. That it was his idea.

John simply hung the phone up without another word, and drove directly over to her house. When he knocked, the man- who John learned was Stephen- opened the door, and John walked right in. Stephen was surprised and nervous, and yelled for Melanie to come. And when she did, John told the two of them to sit the fuck down.

"Dude, I fucked your wife in the ass," John continued, incredulous. "You were in there listening to that?"

And John had fucked her in the ass. She was tall for a woman, long and lean. Nice small tits and a tight ass that took him a while to get into, but once he had she... collapsed, is what it seemed like to John. Even though she was laying on her belly, once his cock slid all the way in she just gave in to the pleasure and let it rule her, while she yelled- at first. After a while she only whimpered and twitched when she was cumming, saying, yes, please when John asked if she wanted her asshole filled up with cum.

Stephen was looking down at the carpet on his floor, embarrassed. His hands were folded together. He had a nice watch, John observed, and was wearing a button down dress shirt and a tie still. He had probably gotten home from work not long ago.

"I'm sorry, John," Stephen said. "It was a fantasy of ours, and we should have told you. We should have told you."

"You're God damn right you should have!" John yelled, taking a couple of steps towards the couple.

"I'm sorry, John!" Melanie yelled, as Stephen put his arms around her protectively.

"Go sit over there!" John ordered her. "I want to talk to this pussy and I want him to hear me."

Stephen nodded to her, and Melanie got up and walked across the room and sat in the chair. She leaned forward in it, scared at what might happen.

John, still standing, leaned forward and asked, "What kind of fag listens to his own wife get fucked by a stranger. I ought to kick your fucking ass."

Stephen flinched as if from a blow. He was a good looking man, professional in appearance, about the same size as his wife in height. Obviously somewhat wealthy, with a nice head of hair sporting a fifty dollar haircut.

"Look at me," John said, and when Stephen lifted his eyes to John's, John slapped him across the face. Melanie shrieked, and started to get up.

"Sit down, bitch, I'm not going to hurt him."

John grabbed a handful of Stephen's expensively maintained hair, and pulled him off the couch and onto the carpet. John took the seat that Stephen had occupied only a second ago.

"Let's show your wife what a little fag you are, Stephen. Would you like that? Would you like to show her what she's married to?"

John slid his sweatpants down, and his cock flopped out, thick and menacing. John was a little surprised to see that he had developed most of an erection at some point.

John pulled Stephen over by his hair, until the tip of his cock was on Stephen's cheek. The pressure of Stephen's face made John's cock bend like an arch.

"Go ahead, fag," John told him, speaking low so that Melanie couldn't hear. "Put my cock in your mouth. Show your wife what you really are."

John pressed it to Stephen's lips, which were closed tight. John leaned forward and slapped Stephen again, lightly this time... just showing him that he could.

"Open up, pussyboy," and this time Stephen did, just a bit, but enough for John to get the head of his cock in. "That's right. Just let it in your mouth. It's going to happen, so just open up and take it in."

John glanced across the room at Melanie, who was as stiff as a board, her back arched. One of her hands was a little fist, and was placed at her mouth.

Again John focused on Stephen, telling him to suck it in. John relaxed his grip on Stephen's hair. Stephen was breathing heavily through his nose, trying to take more of John's cock in by opening his mouth, moving up a little bit, and closing his lips again.

"No, pussyboy... suck my cock. Don't nibble at it. Suck on it."

And it was like a dam burst. Stephen began to suck and slurp on John's cock, a terrible blow job, he was rushing in his panic, all tooth, trying to get it over with.

John leaned forward again, grabbing Stephen's hair, slapping his face, breaking a line of spit from John's cock and Stephen's lips in the process.

"No, God damn it," John told him. "Slow the fuck down. It's not a fucking race. Slow down and suck my cock properly, you fucking bitch. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, John, sorry, sorry," Stephen was stammering.

John leaned back and spread his legs. "Get to it."

And Stephen leaned forward, put one of his soft hands around John's cock, and slid his lips over the head, and up the shaft, and then back again. He closed his eyes for some reason, John noticed. Whatever. John leaned back and relaxed.

He'd never touched another man sexually before this. He'd never even though much about it. But damned if he wasn't hard as a rock while this man he'd never met before today sucked and slurped on his cock.

But it was still a terrible blow job. John guessed Stephen was as inexperienced as he was at all this.

"Come over here, Melanie."

Melanie walked over, her eyes as wide as she could make them, walking slowly but not taking her eyes off the spectacle before her. She wanted to look away, but she couldn't.

When she got there, John motioned her down to the floor, and as if in a trance, she sunk down. She watched as her husband, with his eyes closed either in concentration or in order to pretend this wasn't happening, pulled a stranger's cock in and out of his mouth, slowly, as he had been told. She noticed Stephen's hands were shaking in his lap now, shaking as if they didn't know what to do.

John grabbed Stephen's hair again and pulled him off. John shoved him to the side.

"That was fucking terrible, man. Just fucking awful."

John reached over to Melanie, and pulled her to him, his cock thick and fully hard now, slicked with her husband's saliva.

"Now you," John told her. "You sucked me plenty the other night, and unlike your pussy husband, it was pretty good."

"I don't want to," she whispered. "Please."

But John was pushing the head to her lips now. "You know you want to," he told her. "You know you have to."

And she did know she wanted to. She did know she had to. And with that, all token resistance was gone, and she wrapped her lips around his cock. She wasn't going to disobey anything else today.

John looked at Stephen, who was breathing heavily, his chest heaving up and down.

"I'm in charge here, Stephen. You are both going to do as you are told."

Stephen didn't say anything. He just looked, panicked, at John, who glared back. Finally, he nodded.

"Good, pussy. I want you to go upstairs, and get the lube your slutty little wife keeps in that drawer of yours, and get back down here. Get out of your fancy little office clothes. Don't be wearing anything when you are back. Understood?"

But Stephen still didn't say anything. He just sat there on the floor for a second.

"Hurry up, Stephen," John growled.

To John's surprise, Melanie took her mouth off his cock. "Please, Stephen! Do what he tells you," she hissed.

And Stephen got up, and went up the stairs.

"Good girl," John told Melanie, who flinched. "Get back to it, bitch."

And she got back to it.

Stephen ran into his bedroom. He was in a panic still, he didn't know where the lube was. He didn't even know she had that. Stephen had known that Melanie enjoyed anal sex when she was younger, but Stephen had never brought it up and had never done it with his wife.

It wasn't in the first drawer he opened. He looked in the medicine cabinet, it wasn't there. Finally he found it in her underwear drawer.

He began to pull his clothes off, tossing them in a hamper. He got them all off. What about the watch? Should he take that off also?

He thought it would be safer to have everything off. He slid his watch off.

And then he noticed his erection. He was hard as a rock. For a second, he stood there with the lube in his hand, thinking about rubbing it on his cock and making himself cum while his wife was being used downstairs.

But somehow, he knew better than that. He went downstairs.

And what a sight he had to look at when he got there. John had sat back, and spread his legs. Melanie had gotten up, and slid her pussy down onto John's cock. She had impaled herself on John, and was bucking up and down his thick dick, her back arched, her head back.

That looked inviting, and John grabbed a handful of her hair. She yelled. She bounced up and down on his cock.

Stephen just stood there. They didn't seem to have noticed him. He stood there, watching his wife debase herself, with a hard cock and a jar of lube in his hands.

Finally, John did notice him. John told Melanie to get off him and lay on the floor, and spread her legs wide. As she was doing this, John walked over and reached down, and grabbed Stephen's hard penis, grabbed it tight.

Stephen gasped. John moved his hand down, and squeezed Stephen's testicles, squeezed them so they hurt. Stephen instinctively put his hands gently on John's forearms, beseeching him.

But then Stephen put his hands at his sides.

"Good," John said, and began to pull Stephen over to his wife.

"Get down and start licking her cunt, pussyboy," John told him, and shoved him down. Stephen obediently got down on his knees, and put his mouth to his wife's pussy. He licked her to orgasm a lot, almost nightly. He would slide down, in between her legs, and lick while he pushed his cock into the soft mattress, running it up and down the sheets. He loved his wife and her delicious pussy, and began to slide his tongue over her clitoris, which he knew would make her cum.

He was thinking how wet it was from being filled with John's hard cock.

Stephen could hear John squeeze the lube onto his hands. He could hear the wet slap as John slapped it onto his cock, hear the wetness as John rubbed it up and down, then back again. Stephen could hear him do that again.

John pushed his cock to the entrance of Stephen's asshole, and then ran the shaft over that entrance a dozen times or so. Stephen looked back, a look of both pleasure and horror on his face.

"Keep licking her cunt, pussyboy," John told him. Stephen lowered his head and began to slurp away again. Melanie was writhing, looking at John as he began to sink he cock into her husband. She began to cum, grabbing a handful of her husband's hair and sliding her clit over his nose and face as she did so.

Stephen's asshole was insanely tight. He was terrified, and he was entranced. He was willing himself to relax, to allow the invader into him. But his body was working against him, keeping his asshole clenched as tight as it could.

It took a good dozen minutes for John to get his cock in there even a few inches. There was no question now about Stephen licking any pussy, he had his head to the side, laying on his wife's belly, his back arched in pain. He was whimpering at every centimeter of the hard cock that was slicing into him.

"Good pussyboy, good pussyboy," John was growling in a hypnotic manner. Melanie leaned up on her elbows, so she could see her husband's face as Stephen struggled to accept the cock.

She watched as her husband's face changed. At first, it was clenched in agony. Then Stephen let out a little gasp, and began to change. There was acceptance as John began to sluice in and out of him. And then Stephen moaned.

Melanie observed her husband give in to what looked like absolute pleasure. There was still pain there, and still fear, but he began to moan, and breathe heavily. His back wasn't arched as much anymore, and he began to find a rhythm with John's slow, powerful strokes.

Stephen began to moan, oh, God, oh, God. He began to kiss Melanie's belly as John began to pound him harder, but not very hard... John was being gentle for some reason.

Then, all of a sudden, Stephen let out a little choked cry. Melanie was startled to see his dick twitch and begin shooting and dripping all over their carpet. His back arched again, oh, oh, oh, he was moaning as he squirted his load.

John was also startled.

"Did you cum, pussyboy? No one told you to cum," John slapped Stephen on his ass.

And then John ripped into him. John began pounding his thick cock in and out of Stephen's abused asshole, the lube making it almost effortless to pull his cock out and then shove it back as hard as he wanted. And he wanted it hard. He wanted Stephen to know who owned his asshole from now on.

And it wasn't going to be Stephen anymore. John threw his head back, and with a roar, began to shoot cum deep into Stephen's asshole. Stephen looked back in pleasure and horror as the man began to fill up what had been a virginal and happily married asshole with hot ropes.

John slid out, and Stephen gasped as the organ left him. But John wasn't done, he grabbed Stephen, and pulled him over to where Stephen's cum was on the floor. Melanie watched wordlessly as John picked some of it up, and put it to her husband's lips.

"You don't cum anymore without permission, pussyboy."

"No sir. I'm sorry sir," Stephen whispered, but was soon silenced by John's fingers in his mouth, as Stephen licked them clean. John returned his hand to the floor until all of it was up, or most of it, anyway, and Melanie laid and listened as her husband gulped and slurped the cum off John's hand.

And then John got up, and pulled his sweatpants up.

"I drink Heineken," he told the couple. Stephen was still kneeling, with a little cum on his lip. Melanie laid on the carpet still with her legs spread.

"Make sure there is always some here for when I come." John turned to leave.

"Next time, I'm going to hurt the both of you."
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