Rubber fantasy

I'm in a community park during a week day late morning. This way there would be no one around to interrupt my enjoyment of the natural environment, so I thought. Once in the park, I turn into a big k** totally. I play, run, swing and finally, I take a walk on the mile long bike trail before returning home. During the walk, at the half way mark, I kept hearing some unusual shuffling at a distance but, didn't pay attention to it. Maybe some a****ls scurrying around. So, I completed the walk and head to the entrance.

An older gentleman approaches me from the back and stops me. He identified himself and mentioned that he was in need of help with something at home but, he didn't have anyone around. He lived only a few blocks away, so, I agree to go with him. Stupid? Well, maybe or maybe not. It's a point of view I guess. So, once we arrive inside of his home, he deadbolted the door behind us and e****ted me upstairs.

Once upstairs, a young man, his 17yr. old son, called out to him for security reasons. So, he pointed to a room down the hall and asked me to meet him there. I entered a room in which wasn't furnished but, it was well equiped with rubber, chains and other strange accessories as well. A few moments later, 2 rubber skins came walking into the room and I was ordered to strip down immediately by the taller rubber suited man. I assumed to be the older gentleman and the shorter was his so-called son.

After I took off all my clothing, he tossed a flesh tone lycra material body wear and ordered me to put it on as well. After dressing in this skin tight material, I noticed that the only openings were small nose holes, a mouth hole, breasts exposed and a hole in the rear. Any way, once in the suit, They placed me spread eagled and restrained to where they could use either part of my body as they desired. The older one told me that it was time for his son to learn about sex and he needed a prop for all necessary purposes of teaching. So, from that point on, I became a live in human version of a doll.
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