Three's Definitely Not A Crowd

Three's Definitely Not A Crowd
It was a Friday night and we'd arranged to meet friends at the local pub for a few hard earned drinks after work. When we arrived we were surprised to see how busy it was. The landlord had organised another of his Open Mike nights and the 'stars' of the local area had arrived to show their skill. The night didn't get off to a great start when the friends we'd arranged to meet cancelled on us. The talent on display at the mike wasn't exactly music to our ears either. I toyed with the idea of calling it a night early but we'd been looking forward to it and Deb had dressed for the occasion so we decided to try and make the best of it.

They were three deep at the bar and I queued for ten minutes before finally getting served. I f***ed my way back out with the drinks and looked around for Deb. She had gotten chatting to a guy who was sitting by himself at a table. I walked over to Deb and gave her a drink. “This is Nick” she said. “He was going to have a go at the Open Mike but apparently he's bottled it” she laughed. Nick smiled. “On the plus side”, he said, “it means I've kept this table and you're welcome to join me if you like?”. Deb sat on the comfortable seat next to Nick and I pulled up a stool alongside Deb. We spent a couple of hours chatting about ourselves and drinking. As the drink flowed I noticed Nick's eyes being drawn more and more to Deb's cleavage. She was looking stunning that night wearing a black top with a low neckline that showed of her perfect cleavage to great effect, a short black skirt and thigh high boots that I'd bought for her to wear in the bedroom that she said were too nice not to wear out! To be honest I'd had a bit to drink as well and I was enjoying the fact that Nick was enjoying the view I got to see all the time. “Like what you see Nick?” I asked with a smile. He looked horrified. “I'm really sorry Dave, Deb. I've had a bit to drink and I didn't mean to offend anyone. I'd best be off I think” and he started to get up. “Don't be silly” Deb said giving me a stern look, “Dave was only joking weren't you!”. Deb put a hand on Nick's thigh half way down to stop him from getting up and immediately drew it away again with a shocked look. “Now it's my turn to apologise” she said blushing slightly. “No problem. Now we're quits” Nick laughed. I looked at her quizzically and she leaned over to me and whispered “he's got a boner and he's fucking huge. It's half way down his thigh!”. I laughed .”You sound surprised. Most of the blokes in here have erections after looking at you” I whispered back. Deb gave me a playful dig in the arm but looked happy at the thought of the effect she was having on people.

I'd put off visiting the toilet for a while and couldn't hold out any longer so I made my excuses and headed for the men's room. As I headed back to the table I noticed Deb and Nick deep in conversation. As I sat down I caught a glimpse of Deb's hand moving away from Nick's thigh back onto her own lap. “Did I miss anything interesting?” I asked. “Not really” said Nick looking guilty. I chuckled and looked at Deb who was blushing again. I took hold of her hand and placed it back on Nick's thigh. Deb looked shocked but left her hand there. The palm of Deb's hand was sitting on Nick's cock and after a couple of seconds she relaxed and started gently moving back and forth over it. I smiled at Nick and he smiled back. Deb's skirt had ridden up slightly and the sight of her naked thighs with her boots and her hand stroking Nick's cock had given me a raging hard on.
“It's time we headed home” I said. Both Deb and Nick looked crestfallen. “Can't you stay for one more drink. I'm buying” Nick pleaded. “You misunderstood me Nick. I meant it's time we're all heading home!”. Deb looked startled but a huge grin spread across Nick's face. I looked at Deb and said “Well. Are we going or staying?”. “Definitely going” she said with a smile. The three of us took the short walk back to our house in silence. None of us had been in this situation before and we didn't know what to expect.

Once home Deb headed straight for the fridge and opened three beers. She brought the first one to me and she gave me a lingering kiss while her hand moved to my crotch. “You really are OK about this aren't you” she chuckled as she felt my erection. “Of course I am” I said, “wouldn't have suggested it otherwise would I”. “OK”, she said, “then it's time for me to have some fun!”. Deb turned to Nick and smiled. She slowly removed her black top and bra to reveal her perfect tits. Nick just stood there staring. “Oh my god” he said, “you look amazing. I could cum right now!”. “That would be a waste” Deb said and she strolled slowly over to Nick. With one last look back at me to make sure I was still OK, she bent over in front of Nick and started undoing his belt. In seconds his trousers we're round his ankles and he wasn't wearing any boxers. Deb gasped. “That really is a monster” she said licking her lips. “Let’s see if it fits in my mouth”. She took the base of the shaft in her hand and wrapped her lips around the tip of his huge cock. Nick could feel Deb's tongue working and when Deb's other hand started stroking his balls Nick began to moan. Deb's skirt had ridden up her thighs as she bent over in front of Nick and I was amazed to see that she'd gone out without wearing any knickers that night. The sight of her pussy was too much for me and I moved in. While Deb was squatting in front of Nick I moved behind her and starting stroking her pussy from behind. It was already dripping wet and I heard a muffled moan as my fingers found her hard clit. As Deb gorged on Nick's huge cock I work my fingers over her clit and into her wet pussy. I was about to unleash my cock and start fucking Deb from behind when I heard Nick arrive at the point of no return. “I'm cuming” he moaned and Deb removed his cock from her mouth and aimed it at her tits. Nick screamed as his hot cum fired all over Deb, his enormous cock jerking in her hand as he shot his load. “That was amazing” Nick said. “She gives great head” I agreed. “Looks like you need a little time to recover so how about I get a turn?” Deb smiled and turned to me with Nick's cum dripping off her erect nipples. “My mouth is a little sore after that” she said. I took the hint. I pulled down Deb's skirt over her boots and led her to the kitchen table. Deb laid down on her back and put her legs either side of my head, her heels resting on my shoulders. I took my throbbing cock and placed the head against her pussy. Normally there is some resistance before I slide into her but Today Deb's lips parted straight away and I found myself inside her tight, warm, wet pussy. I pounded deep into her watching her gorgeous tits bouncing as I pumped, sending Nick's cum flying. I could feel her muscles contracting round my cock each time I rammed into her and Deb started to moan. The sight of her earlier with Nick's cock in her mouth, and the fact that I was fucking her hard with another man's cum dripping off her made me shoot my load into her before Deb had chance to cum herself. “Sorry babe” I said. “Couldn't hold it any longer.” “That's OK” she said, but she couldn't keep the disappointment out of her voice. That's when I heard Nick say “mind if I have a go?” . In all the excitement I'd completely forgotten he was there!!
I looked at Deb and she was staring hungrily at Nick's huge cock, which had sprung back to life while I'd been fucking her. “I think that will be acceptable to my wife” I laughed and withdrew my cock from her.
Nick took up the position I had earlier and guided the tip of his cock to her pussy lips. I could see my cum dripping out as Nick pushed gently forward, sliding half his length into her. Deb gasped and moaned “gently does it”. Nick stopped and withdrew slightly, then pushed in slowly until Deb had taken his whole length. He then started gently pumping back and forth, stretching Deb's pussy to his massive girth. Deb turned her head to me and mouthed “are you OK with this?”. I just pointed to my cock which had gone hard just watching. She looked surprised, then smiled at me and turned to Nick. “OK big boy. I think I'm ready for a hard fucking.” Nick didn't needed asking twice! He increased his rhythm until he was pumping long, hard stokes into Deb with his balls making a slapping sound against her arse. Sweat was dripping off him as he rammed his throbbing cock in and out. I was standing there stroking my cock, wishing I was part of the action but not wanting to spoil my wife's treat. She must have read my mind however because she motioned Nick to stop. He pulled his cock out and I could see it pulsing as it left her dripping pussy. Deb lead us both over to the couch and knelt on all fours on it. She then motioned for me to come round the front and she took my throbbing cock in her hand. I moaned as she gripped it is hard as she could and started to wank me off roughly. Deb then looked at Nick and said “I don't think you've finished yet have you?”. Nick laughed and took up position behind her. Again he slid into her but this time he didn't need to be gentle, Deb was dripping and ready for him. As Deb got the fucking of her life I watched and had the pleasure of being wanked off by her at the same time. After a couple of minutes of this Deb started to moan. She placed my cock in her mouth and used her free hand to stroke her clit. She stroked and rubbed, getting faster in time to the pounding she was getting from Nick. Finally she let out a muffled moan and she started to buck and arch her back as she came. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and watched in amazement as Deb squirted her own hot cum all over Nick's cock and balls. She'd never cum like that before and she lay resting on her forearms as Nick continued to pound until he released his load of cum into her. I knew there would be little point putting my cock in Deb's pussy after it had been taken care of by Nick's monster so I wanked myself off until I came over Deb's arse. The three of us just lay there by the couch for a while recovering. The last thing I remember before falling asl**p was Deb saying “I think the couch is ruined” and giggling as we all looked at it drenched in her cum.

I woke about thirty minutes later, alone in the living room, to the sound of the shower running. I walked into the bathroom to be greeted by the sight of Nick fucking Deb from behind. It looked like he was giving her the pounding of her life but there was a look of pure joy on her face. “Sorry babe” she said when she saw me. “We couldn't sl**p so I thought we could see if he could make me squirt again.” “Good idea” I said, “don't mind me”. I walked out of the bathroom to the sound of Nick slapping Deb's arse with his hand and Deb moaning “fuck me harder”. Thirty seconds later I returned with my trusty camcorder. “If you're gonna squirt I'm getting this on camera” I laughed. Nick carried on pounding into Deb as hard as he could. Deb pushed back at each hard stroke, the noise of their wet bodies slapping together filling the bathroom. Eventually there was a guttural cry from Deb and she lifted her arse and pressed into Nick for one final time before pulling forward so that she was clear of his hard cock. I zoomed in on the action and was rewarded with a shot of Nick firing a load of cum over Deb's arse while she squirted all over his legs. Deb bucked a couple of times as the cum squirted out and then she collapsed in the bath.

I left them to clean themselves up and went to get dressed. When I went downstairs Nick had already left. “Nick asked me to thank you for the night of his life.” Deb said. I just grinned and said “I think we should both be thanking you.” We never saw Nick again but we had a little video keepsake of the night to remember it by.

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10 months ago
mmmm very nice, can i cum and play too!!
1 year ago
Now that sounds like a fun night!
1 year ago
Very Hott:)
1 year ago
We want the video!