Nice Dreams

I still dream about my former stepmother occasionally. It's always the same old fantasy: we become lovers and fuck behind my old man's back every chance we get. He's old and tired, we're young and horny - you get the drift. M.K. teaches me everything she knows, and I'm a very willing student! Since we spend so much time alone, we use it constructively: hanging out naked, taking long showers together, fucking in the bath, on the bench, on the snooker table - you name it! M.K. loves giving head, often waking me up by sneaking into my room and sucking on my morning glory; she loves massaging my G spot, licking my butthole, greedily swallowing my load. For my 18th birthday, we sneak into the bathroom while the party rages around us; M.K. locks the door, drops her jeans and lets me put it up her arse for the first time, telling me it's my special present. Prior to that, I'd only fucked her fat arse with her black dildo, often while pumping her pussy at the same time. M.K. also helps me through my dramas with girls my own age: instead of feeling all lonely, frustrated and suicidal, I spend the hot summer nights banging her brains out - it's fucking great having sex on tap! We wait until my old man says goodnight and goes to bed, then it's on. Occasionally they have sex, and M.K. always tells me to listen, saying it gets her off knowing I'm outside jerking off while she gets fucked. And I do, of course - I love hearing her root! Even more so when it's my cock inside her, you know what I mean? When you've got a workaholic father, a nymphomaniac stepmother, and a constantly raging erection, life is like a porno. You walk into the kitchen with a boner, see stepmum doing the dishes, and know you can just take her. She's looking a bit dumpy, sweating from the housework, wearing sweat pants that crawl right up the crack of her generous arse, and you're dying to have her. You drop your jeans, walk up behind and kiss her neck, squeezing her perky little tits. She feels your erection pressing against her bum and wants it inside her, bending over to help guide you in. You pull down her pants and undies in record time, sliding your cock into her moist, sweaty cunt. It don't get much better that that, dude!

M.K. proves invaluable throughout the summer, offering assistance during times of turmoil. When the girl I'm into jerks me around and won't fuck me, my naughty stepmother takes care of all my needs. When she won't put out after my 18th birthday dinner, it's M.K. who takes my cock in hand and orders me to fuck her like a slut. This girl looks and smells so amazing that night, too - it kills me to be around her. Hair and make up done all nice, tight skirt and heels showing off her lovely legs, white silk shirt barely containing her massive breasts. She is sex on a magnificent pair of legs. After dinner, we hang out at my dad's house, drinking bourbon, smoking weed and dancing around the obvious: we want each other, but neither will make the move. She's let her hair down and shirt out, she's noticeably stoned and tipsy, she knows I'm DYING for a mere glimpse of those mammoth knockers, yet she gives me nothing. I even walk her home, steadying her since she's now wasted, and all I get in return is a brief hug. No blowjob, no boobs - nothing! When I get back to my old man's, he's sound asl**p, too d***k to get it up. His wife is waiting for me, naked, d***k and stoned, ready to sympathize with my horny plight. She takes me into the lounge, cock in hand, puts on a porno and gives me a long, sloppy blowjob, pausing for regular hits on the bong. When it gets too much, she squeezes me off, gets unsteadily to her feet, and says she's ready to fuck. She kneels on the couch and spreads those dimpled cheeks, showing me her dripping cunt and ordering me to stick my cock inside. I do so and start pumping away, deliriously happy to end the night inside a welcoming pussy - even if it's not the one I had in mind! M.K. is panting and moaning, telling me to ram her hard, fuck her like the slut she is. She says I can call her a whore, fuck her butthole, slap her cheeks until they're raw, make her cum all over my cock - anything I want. She says I can picture my crush if I want to, call her name, get off on the fantasy - and I do exactly that. As I'm thrusting deep inside my stepmother's soaking cunt, feeling it greedily milk my dick, listening to the wet sounds it makes, I do imagine it's that girl I'm fucking. It's her cheeks slapping my balls, her butthole I'm sliding my thumb inside, her voice begging me to fuck her harder. I picture her in bathers and a singlet, erect nipples poking through, in shorts with her undies showing, in her school dress, in her nightie with no bra. I can almost hear her massive boobs slap together as we root, until I finally shoot my load deep inside her pussy, then collapse in a heap. Better than wanking and blowing on your own stomach, hey?

Eventually, I tell this girl to fuck off and decide to cut myself open on the Tantrum Girl - brilliant move. At least with her, there's physical contact. I get to touch her, kiss her, hold her in my arms, smell her hair, feel her smooth skin. Her touch fucking tortures me, man - I love it, yet it drives me crazy. My dick is constantly erect, relishing the contact of this beautiful girl. It gets to the point where I have to apologize for its conduct, since it seems to have a mind of its own - she just laughs. Maybe she's flattered, I don't know. When she finally spends the night at my dad's house, I can barely contain my excitement. We hang out in the front yard and smoke bongs, and she is getting very stoned and flirty. She'd told me once that weed made her really horny, so that is in the back of my mind. At one point, I pulled a huge cone, held the smoke in, turned to her and blew it in her beautiful face - for a laugh, I guess. I'll never forget the look she gives me, followed by the question: "Do you know what blowing smoke in my face means?" And I fucking DON'T, man - how fucking stupid am I? I MISS THE FUCKING SIGNAL, DAMN IT! WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT! Later, she crashes out in my bed and I'm alone with my dick, stoned and d***k on beer, cursing myself at missing my chance. I'm kinda hoping M.K. will come and blow me, but no such luck. In the end, I go through Tantrum Girl's bag, finding a spare pair of lace panties. I wrap them around my cock and angrily jerk off, careful not to stain them in the process.

The next time Tantrum Girl spends the night, we sl**p together. Not sexually, of course: both in my bed, her in my arms, wearing pyjamas. One of the best nights of my life, without a doubt. It's unbelievable to be beside this stunning girl, listening to her steady breathing, feeling her warm body against mine, trying to ignore the pain and discomfort coming from my pelvis. It's on a weird angle, pointed away from her body, since my cock is standing to attention like a fucking totem pole. I've also got a hand between us, so she won't wake in the night to find my boner nestled in her arse cleft. At some point, I manage to fall asl**p, awakening to find my hand on her warm belly. With mounting excitement, I realize this hand is just below her breasts. I slide it up inside her t-shirt, moving it slowly down until it finds its heavenly target - the soft glory of her breasts. Unencumbered by a bra, capped by tiny nipples I can feel against my skin. I can't quite make them out in the darkness, yet I know they're fucking flawless. At this point, I can't believe my luck: a few months ago I was ogling this girl's undies on the bus, never dreaming I'd find her nipples between my fingers. Anyway, she wakes up to find my hand cupping her breast, asking quietly if I'm awake; I chicken out and pretend I'm asl**p until she gives up and rolls over, making no attempt to remove my hand from her boob. In the morning, I try my luck and put it there again, asking if she minds - she says it's O.K. Later that day, I take her home and realize I can barely walk, due to an agonizing combination of sore pelvis and painfully blue balls. It's a few days before I've recovered enough to bang my stepmother again. That orgasm nearly makes my fucking head explode, dude!

Sometimes, I honestly wonder if I should have tried my luck with M.K. back then - seriously. She was young, horny and obviously loved a root, so why not?? She was only a few years older, and she would've been a brilliant teacher. I would've suffered no guilt whatsoever, since my old man's a cunt, anyway. When she came home from work all hot and sweaty, I just wanted her to leave the boots on, drop the overalls and deflower me! I'd get excited when she left her bras and underwear lying around, since it gave me a chance to smell some pussy. All I wanted was M.K. to seduce me, like stepmothers always do in movies, TV and the wonderful world of porn. I probably would have shot my wad in my jocks before she even got my zipper down, but god, it makes for a glorious fantasy!
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