Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part IV)

Here is the fourth and final part of my reality based fiction, 'Aunt Abby and the Artist', it is, of course, dedicated to my dear friend Abby Rhodes. Again, if you'd like to see the real Abby, here she is... her beauty makes the story even more enjoyable, and she approves of this message:

Of course, if you haven't read Parts I, II and III, I suggest you do so before you read Part IV. If you have, I hope you enjoy the finale!

Davey stretched and yawned as he lounged in the smooth satin sheets of his Aunt Abby’s king sized bed, and as he did, he began contemplating the fact that this was the last full day he would be spending at her Texas home. He had arrived two days earlier for what was supposed to be a visit to his favorite aunt while his parents took a short cruise… what it turned into was a sexual awakening for the teenage boy.

His mind began to replay the events of the last two days like a movie as he propped himself up on a pile of fluffy pillows, and as each erotic scene unfolded in his mind’s eye, he looked down to see the tent his erect penis was pitching under the golden top sheet. He always woke up with a morning erection before he peed, but the thought of what he had shared with his beautiful aunt caused even more bl**d to race to his engorged member, making it larger and harder than normal.

The previous day had been particularly active. Aunt Abby had given him an incredible blowjob in a department store dressing room, then they had sex in the shower, and finally she took him to bed and they had sex in every position he could imagine, and a few more he wasn’t familiar with. She had gotten on top of him and rode him… his hands gripping her soft tits as she bounced up and down on his magnificent cock. Then she had spun around and done the ‘reverse cowgirl’ and as Davey squeezed her ass, she ground on him until he came deep in her cunt, causing her to orgasm too.

Even after they had both cum, they weren’t done. Abby took advantage of her nephew’s youthful recuperative powers, and after a short rest she had sucked his soft cock back to full erection, and then rolled over and had him take her doggy style. It was kind of like when they made love standing in the shower, but in bed Abby was able to arch her back more, making her ass look even bigger, and allowing his prick to drive even deeper into her aching cunt.

He remembered how, since he had already cum a few times, he was able to fuck her long and hard. He loved doggy style because it gave him the best view of his aunt’s incredible ass… an ass he had coveted and worshipped from the first day he wrapped his hand around his own adolescent penis. It seemed like his thrusts were deeper than ever, and his hips slapped against her jiggling ass cheeks as he slammed his huge cock in and out of her tight pussy, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

Then as the last act of the night, she rolled on her back and pulled him up until his cock lay between her beautiful tits. It seems his beautiful aunt had discovered she loved swallowing his sweet young jism, and wanted his final load of the day in her mouth. She pushed the soft globes of flesh together, trapping his hard shaft between the magnificent mounds as he began instinctively fucking back and forth. The thick coating of her syrupy pussy juice had provided plenty of lubrication for Davey’s enormous cock to slide between her tits, and just as his orgasm hit, she pulled him forward and took his spewing prick into her mouth… draining his balls one last time, and then swallowing his gooey discharge.

As Davey reminisced, his penis started throbbing again, and the added pressure from needing to pee had it as hard as a steel rod. But just as he was about to get out of bed to relieve his bladder, he heard a soft voice say, “Hey sl**py head, are you awake?”

All Davey could see was his aunt’s face as she poked her head around the door, smiling the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He just smiled back and said, “Good morning Aunt Abby… I’m up.”

She giggled a bit, then nodding towards the huge tent in the sheet, she said, “Well I can see that!”

Even after everything that had happened, Davey’s face blushed red, and then he said, “Well that’s from thinking about us last night… and because I REALLY have to pee!”

Abby laughed out loud and said, “Well why don’t you go ahead and pee and brush your teeth, and then come to the kitchen… I’m making breakfast,” and then she disappeared. But before he could get out of bed, her head popped back around the corner again, and as she gave him one of her winks, she said, “And don’t put any clothes on.”

Davey’s heart began racing as he thought about his aunt’s request that he stay naked. After peeing for what seemed like an hour, his hard penis began to soften. Then he brushed his teeth, did the same to his hair, and then began making his way to the kitchen… naked as she suggested, and wondering what was awaiting him.

When he reached the kitchen, he took a deep breath and then he stepped into the doorway, and stopped in his tracks. There, in front of him, was one of the most incredible sights he had ever seen. His Aunt Abby was standing at the stove with her back turned towards him wearing a tiny black apron, black high heeled shoes… and nothing else!

From the back, the only material covering her was the bow that was tied above her magnificent ass, with the two loose ends dr****g down over the thick, round cheeks. They looked ripe and succulent, with the black material of the apron contrasting her alabaster skin perfectly. And the high heels accented her firm calves, but more importantly, caused her luscious derriere to stick out even more.

Almost immediately the bl**d that had drained from his now soft penis began rushing back. That was when Abby turned around, and she looked just as beautiful from the front. The top of her apron hid her stiff pink nipples, but the sides of her soft round breasts were easily visible, and the bottom of the apron barely hid her triangle of thick pubic hair, and left her round hips and shapely legs completely exposed.

For a moment the two just stood there, and then Abby said, “Don’t move for a second Davey… I want to watch this.”

“Watch what,” he asked, not really sure what she was watching.

Then he realized she was staring straight at his penis when she said, “The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen honey.”

Abby was actually witnessing her nephew’s penis growing from a limp tube of flesh only a few inches long into the magnificent tool that made her mouth water and her pussy ache. She watched in amazement as it grew longer and thicker, lifting itself straight out from his body. It bobbed slightly as bl**d filled the shaft, and turned the light pink, puffy head into a purple knob. The previous two days it was either already hard when she saw it, or had grown in her hand or mouth… but now she was mesmerized by the sight of Mother Nature performing one of her most wonderful acts.

When Davey’s cock was fully erect, Abby walked over to him, and as she looked him in his eyes she gently wrapped her hand around his hard shaft and said, “I made your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes.” Then as she slowly stroked his penis, causing him to groan, she said, “Now go over and have a seat and I’ll get your breakfast.”

Abby reluctantly released her favorite toy and returned to the stove while Davey walked over to the table. There was fresh squeezed orange juice, bacon, fresh fruit, and whipped cream which he loved on chocolate chip pancakes. The leather chair felt cold on his bare skin, but he hardly noticed as he was more interested in his aunt’s naked ass cheeks, still on display as she stacked pancakes onto a plate.

When she returned to the table, Abby picked up the can of whipped cream and sprayed a few dollops onto Davey’s pancakes… making a smiley face like she had done when he was just a young boy. As she did, Davey noticed there was only a plate for him and said, “Aunt Abby, aren’t you going to eat?”

Abby smiled at him as she began lowering herself to her knees, and then she said, “I might have some fresh fruit a little later, but for now I think I’d like something bigger and more satisfying in my mouth.”

Davey had no interest in pancakes as he looked down at his aunt kneeling in front of him, with his hard penis bobbing inches from her face. Then she shook the whipped cream can and sprayed a dollop right onto the swollen head of his penis. He flinched a bit as the cold topping covered the sensitive flesh, but he didn’t have to worry about the cold for long as Abby wrapped her other hand around his shaft, aimed his prick towards her face, and took the whipped cream-covered knob into her warm mouth.

“Oh God,” Davey groaned as his aunt sucked the sweet cream from his cock head before taking about half of his shaft deep into her mouth. Slowly she began bobbing her head up and down as she used her hand to stroke what shaft was still exposed. After a moment she released him from between her lips, sprayed a little more whipped cream on the head, and then took him deep in her mouth again.

Davey couldn’t believe what was happening. His beautiful aunt, wearing only a tiny apron and high heels, had made him his favorite breakfast, and as he sat ready to eat it, she had started giving him a blowjob. He could already feel the inside of his groin churning as Abby expertly sucked him. After cleaning the second dollop of whipped cream from his cock, she lifted her mouth from him and said, “Mmmm… yummy.” Then she looked at Davey, and with a wicked grin she said, “Now eat your pancakes before they get cold,” before covering the head of his penis with whipped cream one more time, and then swallowing as much of his organ as she could.

As Davey tried to eat his pancakes, Abby’s warm, wet mouth was sucking him towards his first orgasm of the day. He could feel her tongue massaging the sensitive spot right behind the glans as he chewed another bite of his breakfast treat, and just as he thought nothing could possibly ruin the moment, his aunt’s cell phone rang.

Abby never took her mouth from his twitching cock as she reached for her phone, sitting on the table next to Davey. She held it up where she could see the screen, and then she let his hard prick slip from between her lips and casually said, “Oh… it’s your mom.”

If Davey was disappointed that his mom’s call had interrupted his aunt’s amazing blowjob, he was shocked when she kept stroking his massive erection as she pressed the ‘Receive’ button and said, “Hey Angela… how’s the cruise going?”

Abby looked up at her nephew with an evil grin on her face as she jerked on his stiff cock with one hand while holding the phone to her ear with the other. Davey couldn’t believe his aunt was actually talking to his mom while stroking his erection. The moment was so surreal and exciting that the intense cramp deep in his groin that signaled an approaching orgasm was building fast.

Davey couldn’t hear his mom’s side of the conversation, but he could tell she had asked what they were doing when Abby said, “Oh, we’re just having breakfast.”

His mom must have asked what they were having, because as Abby continued to stroke him, she nonchalantly said, “Well I made Davey his chocolate pancakes, and I’m having this new breakfast sausage I found… it just bursts in your mouth with flavor.”

Abby smiled at her own witty double-entendre, and Davey almost laughed out loud at her ‘bursts in your mouth’ comment. Then his mom must have asked what the brand was, and a quick thinking Abby said, “It’s called, ummm… Davidson.”

Once again Davey had to hold back his laughter as he realized she had called her imaginary breakfast sausage ‘David… son’. Abby had basically just told Angela she was munching on her son’s cock, and she had no idea! Then his mom must have said she wanted to give it a try, because as she continued stroking his erect penis, Abby said, “I’m not sure you should try this sausage Angie… it might be a little too spicy for you.”

The teenager was almost dying as he listened to Abby clearly fucking with his mom. He had always known his aunt had a quick sense of humor, and her innuendo-laced comments were not lost on the intellectual teen. Then she shocked him as she quietly leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth again, while still holding the phone to her ear.

Abby made little ‘mmmm’ sounds as she sucked on her nephew’s thick erection while listening to his mother gab in her ear. Then she lifted her mouth from his twitching penis and said, “Sorry Angie… I just had another mouthful of that sausage.”

Once again Davey had to control his laughter as Abby said, “Oh, he has been great, and he has done so much around the house for me. He works so ‘hard’, and he’s always ‘up’ for the next task… he just keeps ‘banging away’ til the job is done, and there isn’t anything I’ve given him that he can’t ‘lick’.”

Davey’s face was bright red as he held back his laugh, and the more questions his mom asked, the more sexual innuendoes Abby fired back. She was telling her s****r exactly what had been going on, and Angela still had no clue. Then his mom must have asked what all he had done, because Abby said, “Well, he’s been stuffing boxes, plugged some holes, and he even used a snake on some plumbing that’s been neglected way too long… honestly, the amount he produces is really hard to swallow!”

The teenager couldn’t believe how his beautiful aunt was messing with his mom… and all the while continuing to stroke his hard shaft. He could tell his mom was asking her something else, and then Abby said, “He told me he had never used a snake before but you wouldn’t know it, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he just kept screwing it deeper and deeper until everything released and the plumbing was cleared… and trust me, it’s never worked better.”

Now both aunt and nephew were trying not to laugh as Angela said something, and then a wicked grin came across Abby’s face as she said, “Well, as good a job as he did, I don’t think you should have Davey snaking your plumbing… that should be a job for his dad.”

Davey couldn’t believe Abby could be any quicker with her comebacks until she said, “Well I gotta run Angie, I want to finish this sausage… if it gets cold it gets soft and mushy, and I like it when it’s still firm and juicy.” And as Davey’s eyes almost bugged out of his head at the blatant penis reference his aunt made, she said, “Here, I’ll let you say ‘hi’ to your son,” and as she handed Davey the phone, she ducked her head and sucked his cock deep into her mouth again.

As Davey took the phone, Abby swallowed almost his entire cock, causing him to groan, “Oh God…” and then realizing his mother was on the other end, he quickly ad-libbed and said, “…I miss you mom.”

“Well what I nice greeting… I miss you too honey,” his mom replied gratefully, having no idea that her son’s enthusiasm was caused by her younger s****r using her best oral skills on his hard dick.

Then Davey groaned, “How’s the cruise,” trying to maintain his composure as his beautiful aunt shifted into full cocksucker mode.

Davey was barely paying attention to his mom as Abby increased the speed and pressure of her mouth and hand on his hard, thick shaft. The teenager could feel the tightness building behind his balls as he watched his aunt’s soft lips slide up and down his hard shaft, leaving it glistening with her saliva.

Abby had her teenage nephew hurtling towards yet another orgasm, and the fact that she was sucking him while he was on the phone with his mom increased both of their excitement. Davey would let the occasional “uh huh” slip from his lips, acting like he was listening to his mom… but at that moment all he cared about was looking into his aunt’s eyes as he prepared to unload his balls in her sucking mouth.

Davey knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, and there was no way he was going to be able to hide it if he was on the phone with his mom. Abby knew it too, and applied the last straw when she opened her throat and let her nephew’s cock inside, and as Davey reached his boiling point he cried out, “Mom, I need to go, Aunt Abby needs me… I’m coming Aunt Abby, I’m cummmiiiinnnngggg!!!”

Just as Davey hit the ‘End Call’ button, his cock started pulsating like a jackhammer… pumping wad after wad of thick jizz straight down Abby’s gullet. She gagged for a moment and then backed off until the swollen head was pulled from her throat, and spurts of sweet teenage nectar filled her mouth.

“Don’t stop Aunt Abby… please don’t stop,” Davey groaned over and over as the exquisite muscle spasms right behind his balls kept pumping his creamy cum up through his pulsating shaft. Abby had no intention of stopping as she used her lips, tongue and hand to try to milk every drop of his salty-sweet liquid into her mouth, savoring the flavor on her tongue before swallowing the sticky mass.

Finally Davey’s cock stopped twitching and Abby sat back on her haunches, letting it slip from between her lips. The teenage boy looked down at his aunt sitting between his knees and smiling, and then she opened her mouth to show him the pool of thick, opaque fluid still inside before closing her lips and then swallowing with a loud gulp. Then she leaned forward and licked the last drop of sperm leaking from her nephew’s cock head, smacked her lips and said, “Now that was a delicious breakfast.”

Davey just stared at his aunt for a moment, with a look of amazement on his face, and then he said, “I can’t believe you did that with mom on the phone.”

Abby just smiled and said, “Yeah, me neither… but it was fun, wasn’t it?”

The teenage boy paused for a moment, and then smiled and said, “It was the greatest!”

Both aunt and nephew broke out in hysterical laughter at what had just happened: Davey at the fact that he had just gotten a blowjob while he was on the phone with his mom, and Abby at the fact that she had actually done it. They just looked at each other laughing and shaking their heads in disbelief, and then Abby raised herself up on her knees and kissed Davey tenderly.

As they broke their kiss, Davey saw his aunt’s eyes misting over and asked, “Aunt Abby, what’s wrong?”

Abby’s voice cracked a bit as she said, “I was just thinking about how you have to leave early tomorrow.”

Now it was Davey’s turn to fight back the tears as he said, “I know, and it sucks because this has been the greatest three days of my life.”

Abby cupped his chin in her hand and said, “Davey, this has been very special for me too, but I know you’re a very intelligent young man, and you know that this can never be anything more than what we’ve enjoyed the last couple of days, and life has to go back to normal when you leave.”

Davey was intelligent, and knew exactly what she was getting at as he said, “I understand Aunt Abby, and it would be crazy to think that we were, like… boyfriend/girlfriend, but I do love you.”

“I love you too Davey,” she replied, and then she added, “and that’s why I want you to go back home and find a wonderful girl your age and enjoy all the things a young man your age should be doing.”

“I know Aunt Abby, and that’s what I want,” Davey said with an understanding far beyond his years, and then he said, “but I will never forget this… ever.”

Abby smiled and said, “Believe me Davey, I’ve enjoyed it as much as you, and whenever we are together at f****y events, we will always have enjoy a secret smile that no one else will understand.” Then as she choked back the tears again she said, “Besides, the day isn’t over, and I have a very special gift I want to give you before you go home tomorrow.”

“What gift?” Davey asked curiously.

“Later,” Abby answered in a soft, sexy tone, and then she wrapped her hand around his semi-hard penis and said, “Now I have to run some errands that I’ve ignored because I’ve been busy with this,” and as she squeezed the instrument that had occupied her attention she said, “so why don’t you hang out by the pool til I get back, and then we’ll have dinner and enjoy our last night before you fly out tomorrow.”

Abby stood up, and as she did Davey’s hand slid up the inside of her thigh, and before she knew it one of her nephew’s fingers was buried deep in her pussy. “Oh God,” she groaned as he slowly fingered her cunt. She was so wet from the excitement of sucking him off that his finger easily plunged inside of her.

At that moment Abby thought of impaling herself on Davey’s hardening cock, but instead she squeezed her thighs on his hand and said, “As bad as I want you inside me right now, I have to go,” and then she added, “So why don’t we just keep all this sexual excitement building until later.”

Davey groaned a disappointed, “Okay,” as he removed his finger from her dripping quim.

Abby turned and walked away, and as she did Davey watched her incredible ass cheeks swaying naked under the black apron bow. Just then Abby stopped, turned and pointed at his cock and said, “And keep your hands off of that… I don’t want it worn out before I get to it tonight,” and then she disappeared.

After Abby showered, dressed and left, Davey took his sketch pad and lounged by the pool. He thought about sketching some landscapes, but all he could think about was his beautiful aunt, and all the things they had done. His swim trunks did little to hide the huge erection that the thoughts of her caused, and for the entire afternoon he had to fight the urge to jerk himself to another orgasm. Instead he concentrated all his sexual energy into his art.

Davey sketched by the pool for hours, and then made his way to the house and collapsed on his aunt’s king sized bed for a nice nap. He was so tired that he fell into a deep sl**p and never heard Abby return. She decided to let him sl**p as she prepared dinner, and then once everything was going she quietly crept into her bedroom where her nephew still lay sound asl**p.

She took a moment to just look at him, still wearing only his bathing trunks, lying on his back with his right arm folded across his naked chest, which was slowly rising and falling with the rhythm of his soft breathing. He looked so cute, with his chest just beginning to show signs of muscle definition, and his thin legs just beginning to sprout a layer of blond hair. But then her eyes widened as they focused on the bulge of an obvious nocturnal erection pressing against the nylon fabric of his trunks.

Abby quietly approached the bed and sat next to Davey, and then carefully reached for the waistband of his trunks and began lowering the front of them. Her nephew stirred for a moment, but then went back into a deep sl**p as she gently lifted the fabric and lowered it, exposing his rock hard penis.

“Mmmmm,” Abby groaned softly as she gazed upon the organ that had become her personal play-toy the previous few days. It bobbed up and down as bl**d rushed into the shaft, keeping it hard, and swelling the bulbous head. For a moment she wondered if he was dreaming about her, or if it was just basic physiology causing his erection… but then she decided it really didn’t matter, and lowered her head, parted her lips and gently sucked it into her mouth for the second time that day.

Davey let out an u*********s groan as his aunt began sucking him. She was being careful not to wake him as her lips slowly moved up and down along his swollen shaft. Even though he was sound asl**p, she could see his breathing getting more rapid, and knew that her oral ministrations were having an effect. As she kept sucking him, she eased his trunks down further until they were low enough that she didn’t have to hold them out of the way, and then her free hand circled the base of his bloated cock and began pumping up and down in the same rhythm as her mouth.

She could feel his shaft swelling even more between her lips, and wondered if she could make him cum without waking him. Very gently she used her other hand to cup his balls and as she felt them pull up against his body, she could tell he was almost there. Just then he let out a groan, and then snorted as his eyes flickered open.

Davey awoke from his deep sl**p only seconds from orgasm, and as his eyes focused on his beautiful aunt sucking on his erection, he became suddenly lucid and shouted, “Aunt Abby… I’m gonna cum!!!”

No sooner had the words escaped his lips than he felt his groin muscles contract, and a stream of rich sperm rushed up through the shaft and into his aunt’s sucking mouth. “Mmm hmmm,” Abby groaned as another load of sweet, teenage semen splashed against her palate and coated her taste buds. She sealed her lips tightly around the pulsing shaft, not wanting to lose a drop. She knew this might very well be the last time she sucked a load of cum from her nephew’s cock, and she wanted to savor the moment, and burn the taste and texture of his creamy ejaculate into her memory forever.

Abby concentrated on every swell, pulse and spurt that her blowjob coaxed from Davey’s cock. Never in her life had she been so excited by the act of sucking a man off, but having Davey’s hard young penis in her mouth, and swallowing a load of his fresh young jism never hesitated to make her pussy gush. Even now she could feel the crotch of her thong soaking with her pussy juices… but she knew she needed to wait for her own satisfaction, and instead released his softening penis from her mouth, swallowed the last of his cum, and said, “How’s that for a wake-up call, Davey?”

Davey just looked down at her beautiful, smiling face and said, “Wow, that was… wow.”

Abby giggled and said, “I’ll take that to mean you liked it.” Then as she stood up she said, now why don’t you go get a shower, get dressed and get ready for dinner… I have something very special planned.”

This was the third or fourth time his aunt said that she had something special planned, but instead of asking for an answer he knew he wouldn’t receive, Davey got up from the bed, pulled up his trunks and headed upstairs to the shower and dress as Abby went to the kitchen to start cooking.

Davey decided that for their last dinner before his early departure the next day, he would dress up a little. After his shower, he put on his one pair of dress slacks, an open-collared dress shirt, and the sport coat his mother had f***ed him to pack… ‘just-in-case’. Once he was dressed, he looked at himself in the mirror and had to admit that he looked more mature. Then as he made his way down the steps he inhaled an aroma that smelled both familiar and amazing… Abby had made her famous filet medallions!

The growing teenage boy had skipped lunch, and almost immediately his mouth began to water at the incredible smell wafting throughout the house… but as he rounded the corner his mouth drooled for a different reason. There was his Aunt Abby in a little black dress that accented every curve of her voluptuous body.

From the back he could see her shapely legs as they rose from the black stiletto heels, and the smooth black fabric of the dress clinging to her amazing ass. The skin of her shoulders and back looked soft and creamy, and contrasted beautifully against her red hair. Then when she turned towards him, Davey could see plenty of cleavage spilling out from the front of her sexy dress, and even though he had already cum twice that day, he immediately felt his teenage penis beginning to inflate again.

At first he just looked into her eyes, and then he softly said, “You look beautiful Aunt Abby.”

Abby actually felt herself blushing at his compliment, and then she smiled and said, “And you look very handsome David.”

Suddenly the teenager felt like a man… his aunt rarely referred to him as ‘David’, and it made his chest swell a little bit. Then he noticed how elegantly she had set the table, with fine china, sparkling silverware and folded napkins… and he was a little surprised to see two wine glasses. It was then that he realized that, in the best sense that they could, he and Abby were having a date.

If there was any doubt that it was a date, it was all removed when Abby approached her nephew and kissed him deeply. The two wrapped their arms around each other in a tight embrace as their lips pressed together, and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Their bodies pressed tightly against one another, and David could feel his aunt’s full breasts pressing against his chest. At the same time, Abby could feel her virile young nephew’s hard penis pressing against her moistening crotch.

After reluctantly breaking their kiss, Abby whispered, “Why don’t you go and pour a glass of wine for both of us and I’ll get dinner.”

Davey had only tried a few sips of alcohol, but figured this was a special occasion. As he poured some red wine into each glass, he noticed that there was a Caesar Salad at each place, as well as warm dinner rolls and butter. After he had poured the wine, Abby approached the table with two plates holding perfectly cooked filet mignon topped with mushroom sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Once they were seated, David surprisingly took the lead as he raised his glass and said, “Aunt Abby, I just want to tell you that this has been the most amazing three days of my life… and nothing else has ever come close.”

Abby felt tears coming to her eyes as she raised her glass in return toast and said, “For the rest of the night why don’t you just call me ‘Abby’, and you will never know how much the last few days have meant to me David.”

As both aunt and nephew fought to control the lumps of emotion forming in their throats, they each raised their glass to their lips. Abby had selected a rich, delicious Cabernet to go with the steak, but she could still see Davey make a little face as he mistakenly took a large gulp instead of a sip. She just smiled and said, “Just sip David… wine is meant to be savored, just like sex.” Then she said, “And besides, I don’t want us to drink too much because I have something very special planned for later.”

Once again Davey wondered what this ‘special’ thing was that his aunt kept referencing, but instead of asking he just dug into his perfectly cooked steak.

All through dinner the two chatted. Abby took every opportunity to encourage her young nephew to pursue his artistic talents, and on more than one occasion mentioned the sketch pad she had discovered on the day he arrived, and how his amazing sketches had helped lead the two of them to the intimate relationship they had developed. She stressed again how much women were attracted to artistic and creative men, and how that could apply to girls his age as well.

For Davey’s part, he wasn’t sure he really wanted to talk about a future with other girls, but he knew what his aunt was trying to say… that their physical relationship was coming to an end soon. The next morning he would be on a plane headed back home, but before then, he hoped that their last evening would be as wonderful a memory as the previous three days would be.

After dinner, the two cleared the table together, and then Abby excused herself… but before she disappeared into her bedroom she said, “Give me about ten minutes and then join me.”

Davey’s heart was racing as he checked the clock over and over, waiting for ten minutes to pass. Even though they had already shared many sexual experiences, each new one came with as much anticipation as the first for the young teenager, and this one also carried the promise of something ‘special,’ as his aunt stressed over and over.

When ten minutes had passed, Davey slowly walked towards his aunt’s bedroom… even though he wanted to break into a full sprint. As he walked in the door, he noticed she was nowhere to be found, and softly said, “Abby?”

“In here David,” Abby replied from the bathroom.

Davey slowly approached the master bath, and he could see light flickering from the doorway. As he stepped across the threshold, he saw his gorgeous aunt sitting in the huge garden tub, surrounded by candles. Her hair was put up on top of her head, and her beautiful face was bathed in the soft light of the flickering flames.

“Why don’t you get undressed and join me,” Abby whispered in a soft voice as she raised a hand and used her index finger to beckon him towards her.

Davey didn’t say a word, but instead began taking off his clothes, first tossing his sport coat aside, and then kicking off his shoes and socks before removing his shirt and pants, leaving him wearing only his boxers. As he hooked his thumbs into the waistband, his aunt focused on the huge bulge in the front. Even though she had seen it, held it, sucked it and had it deep in her pussy, Abby was still amazed at the sight of her nephew’s erection.

As Davey slowly pushed his boxers over his hips, his hard, thick penis sprung into view, and with a deep sigh Abby said, “My God David… you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.”

The teenager had to admit that he was very flattered at his aunt’s assessment of his equipment. He could see that she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his erection as it bobbed up and down in front of his thin frame, and as he slowly stepped into the tub, she reached up and wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft, and held it until he lowered himself into the water. Once he was seated next to her, Abby kissed her nephew deeply as she began masturbating him.

Abby slowly stroked Davey’s erect penis under the warm water as they kissed, and then suddenly the fast-learning teenager pulled his mouth from hers, lowered his head, took one of her hard nipples between his lips and began flicking it with his tongue.

“Oh God David… yes,” the aroused woman groaned as her nephew sucked and licked one nipple, and then the other. She had already given her virile young lover two blowjobs earlier in the day, but she had not experienced an orgasm of her own, and her swollen cunt was aching for attention… and that was when Davey reached between her legs, raked his fingers through her thick mound of pubic hair, and slipped two digits deep into her quivering pussy.

Abby’s head dropped back onto the edge of the tub, and a low groan escaped from her throat as Davey began slowly finger fucking her. She was so aroused that his fingers easily penetrated her puffy cunt lips and buried themselves deep into her lubricated canal. Her thick hips and full, round ass began lifting from the bottom of the tub to meet her nephew’s thrusting fingers, and at the same time she released his cock and wrapped her arms around his head, pulling his sucking lips tighter to her sensitive nipples.

Even though his experience was limited, Davey could tell he had his aunt hurtling towards an orgasm. That was when he pulled his fingers from her pussy and lifted his face from her breasts. Abby let out a groan of disappointment, but then she smiled when her nephew slipped his hands under her amazing ass cheeks and lifted upwards. She immediately knew what he wanted her to do, and she lifted herself out of the tub and sat on the corner. When she did, Davey parted her knees and slid in front of her, and then dipped his head forward and dragged his tongue along her pouting slit.

“Oh fuck David… Yessssss,” Abby hissed as she felt his tongue flutter up and down her swollen cunt lips. The teenager could taste the mixture of bath oil and pussy juice as he lapped away at his aunt’s aching womanhood. Her outer labia felt smooth and puffy against his tongue, and he was being careful not to venture too high… wanting to wait until he had teased her thoroughly before assaulting her hard clitoris.

Abby could feel her passion building as Davey alternated between licking up and down her drooling cleft, and thrusting his tongue in and out of her steaming cunt. Then she let out a squeal of surprise and pleasure as he flicked his tongue over her pink, puckered anus. She never remembered her asshole being so sensitive, and it was something that she would make good use of for both of them very soon.

Goosebumps had begun to form on Abby’s smooth skin as the cool air replaced the warm water she had been sitting in, but she didn’t even notice. All she could feel was the sensations her handsome nephew was creating with his tongue on her quivering pussy. She could feel the tension beginning to build deep inside her pelvis, and that was when Davey finally dragged his tongue upward, and wrapped it around his aunt’s hard clitoris.

“Agggghhhhhh,” Abby cried out as Davey began flicking at her pleasure button with the tip of his tongue. Her back arched against the tile wall and her ass slid forward on the edge of the porcelain tub, spreading her pussy even wider for his exploring tongue. Almost immediately her arousal soared, and as Davey’s fingers sought out her hard nipples, and his tongue massaged her throbbing clit, Abby knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

Now Davey’s tongue was fluttering against Abby’s clit like a tiny butterfly, and his fingers squeezed her nipples as her orgasm approached. Her steady groaning echoed off of the hard tile of the bathroom walls as her nephew licked her hard nub, and just as she thought nothing could be more pleasurable, he sucked the tiny organ into his mouth and pressed his tongue underneath the hood… and Abby came.

“Oh fuck David, I’m gonna… AHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Abby cried out as the muscles deep in her groin went into a series of wild spasms. A flood of pussy juice covered her teenage lover’s mouth, and he could feel the walls of his aunt’s pussy quivering against his lips as she came.

Abby had lost all control, and she screamed, “Yes… yes… yes…” over and over as wave after orgasmic wave flushed outward from her groin. She was cumming so hard that Davey could feel her entire body shaking, yet he kept his mouth sealed to her pussy, licking her clit until he finally felt the spasms subside, and then she slowly slipped back into the water.

His aunt’s orgasm had been so intense that for a moment Abby’s entire body went limp, and Davey was actually holding her head from slipping beneath the warm bath water. Slowly she regained her senses, and that was when she opened her eyes and found herself staring into those of her nephew. At first she just smiled at him, and then she said, “My God David… that was amazing.”

Davey just smiled at his beautiful aunt and said, “I love doing that for you Abby,” still remembering how she had asked that he call her by her first name that night.

The two sat for a long time, just holding each other until the water began getting cold. Then Abby lifted herself to her feet and stood before her nephew. Davey took the moment to take in her beauty as the flickering candles reflected off her glistening skin. Her face looked perfect and unblemished, and water clung to her perfect breasts. He could see light shimmering on her flat tummy, and the outline of the tattoos on her full round hips. And then there were the droplets of water clinging to the dark triangle of lush pubic bush that covered the apex of her muscular thighs and shapely legs. If there had been any doubt, it was gone… his Aunt Abby was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid his eyes upon.

After giving him a good look, Abby extended a hand down and said, “Come with me.”

Davey took her hand and lifted himself out of the cool water. As he stood up, Abby looked down to see his beautiful cock sticking straight out from his body yet again. It seemed that no matter how many orgasms he had, he was always hard… and she loved it. Then as she kissed him she wrapped her hand around his thick organ, and as she squeezed it she broke their kiss and said, “I have something very special planned for this.”

The two of them stepped out of the tub, and Abby immediately grabbed a huge terrycloth towel and began drying her nephew’s body. As she dried his chest, she slowly lowered herself to her knees. Once again, the cock she had sucked so many times bobbed in front of her face, and once again, she leaned forward and took it into her hungry mouth.

Abby just couldn’t get enough of her nephew’s thick shaft filling her mouth, and she certainly got no argument from her Davey. But as much as she would have enjoyed sucking one more load of sweet, salty cum from his magnificent orgasm, the beautiful woman had other ideas, and reluctantly released his prick from the confines of her warm mouth and stood up.

As Abby lifted herself to her feet, Davey grabbed another fluffy towel and began drying his aunt’s incredible body. First he wrapped the towel around her shoulders and then rubbed it down her back before cupping each of her soft, round buttocks in his hands and slowly drying them. Then he gently dried her breasts, causing her sensitive nipples to poke out. And finally he slid the towel up between her legs, causing her to shudder and the soft terrycloth dragged over her still quivering pussy.

Once they were both dry, Abby took her nephew’s hand and led him to the bedroom. As they walked, Davey couldn’t resist one of his favorite past-times… watching his aunt’s magnificent ass cheeks as they swayed back and forth with each step she took.

When they reached the bed, Abby lay on her back and pulled her nephew down next to her. At first they just gazed into each other’s eyes, knowing the significance of the moment, and the sad realization that it was their last night together. Both the beautiful woman and the handsome young man felt a lump of emotion building in their throats, but before the tears could begin to flow, Abby pulled Davey’s face to hers, and their lips met in a deep, romantic kiss.

As their lips and tongues teased one another, Abby could feel the length of Davey’s erection pressing against her hip. It felt hot against her skin, and hard as steel as ground against her hip bone. She never broke their kiss as her hand slid down his side and then coaxed his body to the left until he found himself lying between her beautiful legs, with the shaft of his cock now nestled in the thick triangle of pubic hair.

The two finally broke their kiss, and as they gazed into each other’s eyes without saying a word, Abby’s hand slipped between their bodies and gripped Davey’s hard shaft. Then as he raised his body slightly she aligned the swollen head of his penis with her slick cunt lips, and then she released it as he slowly, instinctively began feeding every inch of his massive cock into her aching pussy.

“Oh God yesssss…” Abby groaned as she felt her nephew’s thick shaft began piercing her tight slit. Inch by inch she felt it entering her, stretching her vaginal walls and filling her tight canal until she finally felt the head pressing against her cervix. She had never felt as full as when Davey’s cock was inside her…. and once he had penetrated as deep in her belly as he could go, he began fucking her.

Slowly Davey began pumping his prick in and out of his beautiful aunt’s tight cunt. The muscles that lined her pussy gripped him tightly, but the lubrication her passion was causing allowed him to thrust back and forth with little effort. The feeling was indescribable, but it was so good that the teenager was already feeling the pangs of impending orgasm beginning to build behind his balls.

“Oh yes… fuck me David,” Abby cried out as her nephew’s thrusts became harder and deeper. She could feel the tension of her own orgasm starting to quake as Davey’s massive tool entered and exited her tortured pussy time after time. The ache of emptiness as he pulled himself from her, followed by the euphoria of being filled beyond capacity over and over again had her arousal nearing a breaking point… but just as both aunt and nephew approached a shattering climax, Abby wrapped her legs around his waist, stopping his motion.

“Are you alright Abby,” Davey asked as he looked into her eyes… stunned that she had stopped him.

“I’m perfect David,” she replied with a smile, and then she said, “I was just about to cum, and I know you were too.”

“Then why did you stop me,” the confused teen asked.

Abby looked into his eyes, and with his twitching cock still buried in her trembling cunt she said, “Remember I told you I had something special I wanted to give you?”

“Uh huh,” Davey said as he nodded, even thought he was still uncertain what his aunt was talking about.

“Have you ever heard of anal sex Davey?” Abby asked, for a moment calling him ‘Davey’ again.

“Yeah, I’ve read about it and seen some things on the internet,” the teenage boy replied, blushing a bit at his confession that he watched porn on the internet.

With her nephew’s cock still firmly imbedded deep inside her tight quim, Abby said, “Well Davey, I’ve never had anal sex… not because I haven’t wanted to, but because I wanted to save that part of me for that special man that I hope to meet some day, and give it to him for the first time as sort of a gift.”

Even though he was still confused about what it had to do with him, Davey just nodded and said, “I understand.”

“No, I don’t think you do Davey,” Abby said shaking her head, then she said, “What I’m saying is that I think I’ve found the special man who I want to give the gift to… and it’s you.”

“Me?” Davey asked, still not certain what she was saying.

“Yes you Davey, it’s the ‘something special’ I’ve been talking about since yesterday.” Abby replied, and as tears formed in her eyes, she said, “You’ve been fascinated by my ass since you were a young boy, so I doubt I will ever meet a man who will appreciate it more than you… plus, even though I hope I will meet someone and settle down one day, these last three days have been so wonderful, and you will always be one of the most special men in my life.”

Now Davey could feel tears welling up in his own eyes as he said, “Aunt Abby, are you sure you want to do that with me… I mean, what if you do meet someone you want to marry, won’t you regret it?”

“Davey, things don’t always work out in relationships, but you will always be special to me, no matter what.” Then a smile came to her face as she said, “David, I would love for you to be the first man to have anal sex with me.”

“And it would be an honor to be the first,” the teenager said with a smile. Then as Abby kissed him deeply, she released her legs from around his hips, giving him the queue to reluctantly pull his throbbing cock from her aching cunt.

Even though they were both excited over what was about to happen, they each groaned their disappointment as Abby’s pussy was suddenly left empty, and Davey’s prick no longer felt the tight warmth of her womanhood clinging to him… leaving them both on the very edge of orgasm.

With Davey hovering over her, Abby reached into her nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. After squirting some on her hand, she reached down and began spreading the slick fluid on his cock head and shaft. The teenager let out a soft groan as his aunt stroked his shaft up and down, spreading the lube generously so to make it easier to put his thick tool into her ultra-tight orifice.

Abby was taking her time putting the lube on, enjoying the feeling of Davey’s rock hard shaft in her hand until the overexcited teenager groaned, “Abby, if you keep doing that, I won’t have an erection much longer.”

“I’m sorry David,” Abby said with a giggle as she released his cock, realizing she was about to make him cum with her hand if she didn’t stop.

“It’s okay, it felt great,” Davey replied as his voice cracked, then he said, “But I would really like my next orgasm to be in your perfect ass.”

The words alone caused Abby to let out a groan as small tremors of arousal shook through her groin. Then as she began to roll over she handed Davey the lube and said, “Now spread a lot of this around so it doesn’t hurt me.”

“Hurt you?” Davey parroted, and then he said “I don’t want to hurt you Aunt Abby, are you sure you want to do this?”

“There is nothing I’ve ever wanted to do more,” his beautiful aunt replied, and then she said, “It’s just that I’ve never had anything bigger than a finger in there, and you have a big, beautiful cock, so I just want to be careful.”

“Okay,” Davey said as his aunt rolled onto her tummy, and then she pulled her knees under her, lifting her magnificent ass towards him, the fleshy cheeks parting to reveal her dripping vagina and tight anus.

Davey’s cock twitched and jerked as he knelt behind her, taking in the incredible sight. Abby’s hips were large and round, and her ass cheeks full and fleshy. Her pussy was still slick and swollen from their recent fucking, and the hair around her labia was matted with her juices. And above her pussy was her virgin asshole… pink and puckered, and already covered with natural lubricant that had flowed from her slit and poured over it during their lovemaking.

First Davey spread a liberal amount of the slippery lube onto his fingers, and then he began rubbing it onto his aunt’s hidden jewel. Abby’s body jerked at the first contact of her nephew’s massaging digit, and then she let out a groan of pleasure as he began rubbing the tight, nerve-filled ring, mixing the warm liquid with her own secretions.

Abby was arching her back as Davey played with her ass. Her arousal was building steadily as the nerves in the puckered flesh sent electric impulses directly into her cunt. The she cried out, “Oh David, yessss,” as his middle finger penetrated her, taking lubricant deep into her rectum.

Davey had never felt anything so tight… even his aunt’s pussy, which could grip his penis like a vice, couldn’t match the tightness of her ass… and his cock pulsed at thought of being embedded inside the virgin hole.

Once he had put enough lube onto her nether region, Davey applied a little more to himself just to be safe, then after putting the tube back on the nightstand he moved behind Abby, aimed the swollen head of his cock at her puckered asshole and pressed forward.

“Easy David, just go slow honey,” Abby groaned as she felt her nephew’s mushroom shaped cock head press against her anus. At first it felt to Davey like he was trying to use his penis to penetrate a brick wall as his aunt’s asshole involuntarily clamped shut at the threat of an intruder. He wrapped his hand around the shaft to increase its rigidity and pushed… but nothing.

Abby’s asshole was so tight that it felt like there was no opening there, and Davey wondered if he might be missing the mark, and then suddenly he felt something give. As he slowly pushed forward, what he thought to be a solid wall of flesh began to relax, and the bulbous head of his cock began to enter the tight orifice.

“Oh Dear God Davey… slow baby… just go slow,” Abby moaned as she felt her nephew’s cock begin to stretch the elastic ring of flesh. Almost immediately a searing pain began to build, and for a moment she wondered if a cock as large as his should be the first to take her virgin ass. It felt as if he was trying to insert a baseball bat inside of her, and she let out a hiss as the burning sensation spread.

Davey sensed his aunt’s pain and as he halted his pushing he said, “Abby, do you want me to stop.”

Even though it felt like she was being torn in half, something told her that if she could withstand the initial pain, what lay ahead would be worth the journey, so she said, “No David don’t stop, just go slow.”

With her approval, Davey resumed his pushing. At the same time, Abby was doing her best to relax the tight muscles of her anus, even though the tissue around the puckered hole was still on fire. But as more and more of his bulbous cock head slipped inside her, she could feel the sensation beginning to change, and a new feeling deep in her groin starting to build.

Davey looked down to see the swollen purple head of his penis disappearing into his aunt. He could hear her saying, “Slow David, just go slow,” over and over as he pushed with a slow and steady pressure. Abby’s asshole was so tight that it felt like a tiny rubber band had been stretched around his huge cock head… and then suddenly it disappeared and Abby’s anus clamped behind the rim, trapping it inside.

“Oh FUCK!” Abby cried out as the swollen bulb lodged itself in her ass. It felt huge inside her rectum, even though it was only the head. Then suddenly something else happened… the searing pain that had accompanied its entry into her body was being replaced by a rush of pleasurable warmth… almost as if the pain she endured was now being rewarded… and it would get better.

Now Davey began to push forward, and as he did he looked down in amazement as inch by inch his long, thick shaft began disappearing deep into his aunt’s ass. He heard Abby groan, “Oh yes David… go slow… go slow,” as he fed more and more of his cock into her rectum until his hip bones made contact with her ass cheeks, and his entire cock was inside her. Both aunt and nephew were perfectly still, marveling at the new sensations they were feeling, and then Davey began to fuck his aunt’s ass.

Abby buried her face in a pillow and moaned, “Oh yessss,” as her nephew began pumping his massive tool in and out of her tender asshole. His eyes were locked on her magnificent derriere as his shaft appeared, shining with the lubricant, before it disappeared again as he thrust forward, burying himself deep in her rectum. The searing pain that had been there earlier was now completely overcome by the building pressure of an orgasm… but this one was going to be different.

Davey could also feel his orgasm rising as the new sensations being generated from fucking his aunt in the ass began to push him to overload. Abby’s asshole was gripping his shaft so tightly that he wondered if it might cut off the flow of semen when he ejaculated… but at that moment he didn’t care what was going to happen, and began fucking her harder and deeper.

“So full… so fucking full,” Abby groaned almost incoherently as Davey’s cock stretched her insides. His dick was so deep in her ass that she swore she could feel the head in her belly. The pleasure she normally felt from being fucked in the pussy were usually very localized, but the waves of warmth and hard muscle contractions from being fucked in the ass felt like they were in every inch of her body.

Now that there were no objections, Davey gripped his aunt’s full round hips and began fucking her harder and faster. His cock was like a piston as it plunged in and out of her over and over, and the tight grip her asshole had on his shaft had him hurtling towards orgasm. At the same time, Abby was approaching her own orgasmic cliff, and as she screamed “Fuck my ass David… fuck me harder…” she reached a hand back between her legs and stroked her hard clit, and that sent her over the edge.

“Oh fuck… I’m cummmiiinnnnggggg!!!!” Abby cried out as every muscle, nerve and fiber in and around her ass and pussy began convulsing. She had thousands of orgasms in her life, from masturbation, oral sex and intercourse… but none of them ever consumed her the way this orgasm had. She was cumming so hard that she worried she might black out, and she hoped the feeling would never end.

Davey couldn’t believe how loudly his aunt was crying out, or the incredible sensations he was feeling. As she came, he could feel muscles deep in her rectum gripping the entire length of him as he continued to plow her ass. He could feel his balls tightening, but didn’t want to cum until he had given Abby as much pleasure as he could, but finally the sensations became too wonderful to control, and with one last thrust… he exploded.

“Abby I’m cumming… I’m cumming,” he cried out as his cock began flexing against the tight ring of her anus, pumping streams of hot semen inside her.

Over and over the base of his penis contracted, and jets of thick cum blasted into her rectum and flooded her bowels. Abby, still in the midst of her own climax, could feel the heat from his sperm spreading throughout her belly as he filled her, and she kept rubbing her clit to prolong her own orgasm as long as possible.

Davey held Abby’s hips tightly and pressed his belly against her ass cheeks, holding his spurting prick deep in her ass until he felt his last orgasmic twitch, and her final contraction. Then, once they were both done cumming, he collapsed on her back, and she lowered herself to the soft mattress with his cock still lodged in her ass, pulling him by down with her.

Both aunt and nephew lay still for a moment, their breathing rapid and sporadic, and their sweaty bodies sticking together in a most sensual, wonderful way. Abby could actually feel Davey’s spent cock begin to soften inside her tight asshole, and the feeling of fullness inside her belly began to dissipate. Then finally he let out a sigh as his shrinking penis slipped from between her incredible ass cheeks, and then he rolled his body from on top of hers and then lay by her side.

For a few moments they just looked into each other’s eyes, neither saying a word, until finally Abby said, “David… that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt.”

Davey just smiled and said, “Thank you so much for letting me be the first to do it with you.”

Tears began to fill Abby’s eyes, and her voice cracked a bit when she said, “I am so glad you were the first.”

“Are you sure you won’t be sorry you didn’t wait if you meet someone,” Davey asked.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I wouldn’t change it, or these last three days for the world,” Abby replied as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Now Davey’s eyes began to well as he said, “I can’t believe I have to leave so early tomorrow.”

Abby sniffled and said, “I know… I’ve already set the alarm, but would you like me to set it earlier so we have a little time to make love once more before I take you to the airport.”

Davey thought for a moment, and then said, “Aunt Abby, you just gave me the most incredible gift anyone will ever give me, so I think I would like remember this as our last time.”

Abby couldn’t believe how sweet, sensitive and mature her young nephew had become, and as tears freely flowed from her beautiful green eyes, she whispered, “I love you David.”

Davey, fighting back his own tears, whispered, “I love you too Abby.”

Then the emotionally overcome, sexually spent, physically exhausted aunt and nephew kissed each other deeply one more time, and then fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

The next morning broke bright and sunny, and Abby stretched her still nude body in her luxurious bed. The cool satin sheets felt so good against her bare skin as she rolled over, but as the morning fog in her mind began to clear, she looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30… only one hour until Davey’s flight.

She quickly sat up and said, “Davey, we have to get you to the airport honey… get up.”

But as she looked at where he had laid the night before, she saw he was gone… but on his pillow was a beautifully wrapped package with a note attached. She pulled the not from under the colorful ribbon, opened it, and tears flooded her eyes as she began to read the words:

Dear Aunt Abby,

I’m sorry I didn’t wake you, but I wasn’t really sure I would be able to control my emotions if you took me to the airport, so I decided to get up early and take a cab. Please don’t be mad, I just knew I would be too hard if I actually had to say goodbye to you, so I thought this was best.
I want you to know that these have been the most wonderful three days of my life, and I will remember them forever. I know that things have to go back to ‘normal’ now, but when I do see you in the future, I will always think back to what we’ve shared, and the wonderful gifts you’ve given me... the amazing sex, but more importantly, the maturity and self-confidence.
I can never give you anything that will show how grateful I am, but I do hope this present shows what the last three days have meant to me. I had a hard time sl**ping each night as I thought about the wonderful things we shared, and this gift to you is the result… I hope it reminds you of our time together every time you look at it.

I love you,

Abby wiped the tears from her eyes and then began opening the package. When she tore away the wrapping paper she saw it was a sketch pad. She lifted the cover and the first page were the words ‘Abby and David’ in beautiful script, surrounded by perfectly drawn flowers. Then as she began leafing through page after perfectly drawn page, she saw it was an erotic chronology of the previous three days,

From the first drawing of her waiting in the airport the day he arrived, wearing the form-fitting dress and heels she had worn, to the last night when she had given him her final virginity, each drawing was detailed beyond belief, and unlike his earlier sketches, these included her tattoos, and lush pubic bush.

There were sketches of him looking down on her as she sucked his magnificent prick for the first time, and one of him fucking her from behind in the shower, and a perfectly drawn depiction of the two of them in the mirror in the department store dressing room, with her kneeling in front of him with a mouthful of his thick cock while she played with her pussy. There was one of her standing at the stove wearing only the black apron and high heels. And then there was the close up of her thick round ass being penetrated by his swollen member. It was so detailed that she could see the tight ring of her anus clinging to his shaft as he fucked her ass for the first time.

Abby couldn’t believe how erotic and precise the drawings were, and she could feel her pussy tingling as she leafed through page after page. Then when she got to the very end, she saw a perfect portrait of the two of them, wearing the clothes they had worn on their ‘date night’, and smiling like two people very much in love. Tears freely poured from her eyes as she looked at the picture, and then she began slowly looking at each drawing again, and as she did, her hand slipped between her legs and her fingers found her swollen clit.


Disclaimer: As always, this copyrighted story is physical and intellectual property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action.

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4 months ago
Wow Dizzy, this is the best. It made me hard, then cum, and laugh, and then cry, the way a story should with all of the elemints even if not in that order. Thank you so very much for this great story.
5 months ago
Other have said in words far better than I can just how wonder full this story has been a story of young love in love and you are a true artist thank you
7 months ago
Absolutely beautiful ending to a wonderful story. Each paragraph from beginning to end had me wanting more and more!!
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my god what story that was. love the bit of her on the phone to his mom while jerk him off and the latter at the end was a nice touch well played by davey.. very well written kinda sad the story ends there be nice if they got together again when davey was a bit older or something..
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Damn fine writing that's all I can say DAMN FINE
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WOW what can I say that hasn't already been said this piece of work rates right up there with the greats. I felt like I was there watching the interaction between Abby and Davey going on Great Work Man
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all parts are out of this world man bravo.............. i love it
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Dizzy that was GREAT! Thanks for sharing your talents with me!
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Excellent, as always!
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Absolutely AMAZING!! As always, outstanding writing.
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WOW Glad I had time to read this this morning . very erotic capturing the emotions and passions of both Abbey and David
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The only downside to this story is that it had to end. This is an absolutely world-class series with the perfect ending. As I read this I found myself completely immersed, more so than watching a movie: it was like being there.

Now the wait for the next adventure...
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A great erotic story.......You could feel Daveys emotions and frustrations. Extremely well written.
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absolutely great work.
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An excellent finale of a story of love and lust, as told by one of the most talented Story Masters of our time. A wonderful blend of fantasy and believable circumstances, with the taboo of incest delicately handled. I loved the part describing the new "breakfast sausage" that Abby discovered.
1 year ago
loved it, it was so well written i had to read the previous chapter to catch up on it. sad ending but hey, thanks for sharing dude
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I loved it I hope to hear more it was a real turn on as I too have thought of sex with a aunt over the years
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Fantastic part 3. Had me thinking I was Davey or was that wishing LOL
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I am wrung out--tip of me HAT to ya
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Incredibly well done! You have a true gift.
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awesome series. thanks for posting
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Magnificent series, thank you for sharing.
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"Amazing"- you have written yet another masterpiece here.I loved the way you tell how each day that David spent with Abby how different it was and the detailed imagination you left me actually seeing all these sex-capades unveiling themselves into my brain. You made me so extremely rock cock- curved hard just thinking about all the ways of how David and his bbw aunt Abby made love with each other and the hot erotic depictions of every sound,slups,and very horny lust that they have for each other was so very beautiful to read.Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your work and please never stop giving me ideas, orgasms, and pleasure as I continue my incestuous relationship too!