Aunt Abby and the Artist (Part III)

Aunt Abby Makes Sex Fun... and Funny!

Here is Part III of my reality based fiction, 'Aunt Abby and the Artist', dedicated to my dear friend Abby Rhodes. Again, if you'd like to see the real Abby, here she is... her beauty makes the story even more enjoyable, and she approves of this message:

If you haven't read Part I and Part II yet, I suggest you do so. If you have, then on with the show... and there will be a final chapter, Part IV

'Aunt Abby and the Artist... Part III, Aunt Abby Makes Sex Fun and Funny'

When you first wake up in the morning, the mind can blur the lines between a dream and reality, and as David Connelly started to awake from an incredibly deep sl**p, he thought, “Wow, the sex dream I had about Aunt Abby seemed so real.” His mind was still telling him there was no way that something so wonderful could have actually happened, but as he wiped the sl**p from his eyes, and let them adjust to the bright sunlight streaming through the window, he saw how blissfully wrong he was.

As his eyes focused, he realized that he was in his aunt’s room. Then he looked over at the antique chaise in the corner and saw the red bra, matching thong, and red high heel shoes that he ‘dreamed’ she was wearing were thrown on top of it. And finally there was the fact that he was in her big, soft king-sized bed with the silky sheets… and he was naked.

“Holy shit… maybe it wasn’t a dream,” he thought to himself as he sat up. And as his head continued to clear, he ran his hand over his stomach to the light patch pubic hair above his penis, and felt that it was crusty and matted together with a combination of his own sperm and Abby’s pussy juice, and that was when he realized there was no dream, Davey Connelly had definitely had sex with his beautiful aunt!

Now he was fully awake, and the memories came flooding back… the kisses they had shared, the blowjob she had given him, how he had licked her pussy, and finally his hard cock entering her tight pussy for the very first time. It was all real, and very vivid, and as his mind ran through every detail, he instinctively wrapped his hand around his swelling penis.

Davey closed his eyes and replayed the previous day’s events like they were a movie in his head, and as he did he began absent-mindedly stroking his erect penis, but suddenly his concentration was broken when he heard his aunt’s voice say, “Well good morning sl**pyhead, I see you’re up… and I mean up!”

“What,” Davey asked, being totally caught off guard. He had been so engrossed in his thoughts that he hadn’t even heard her come in, and as she stood in the doorway, wearing the long silk robe she had worn the day before, he followed her eyes down to his crotch and saw the blanket had fallen away and he was openly jerking his erection right in front of her. He quickly pulled the sheet over his crotch and said, “I’m sorry Aunt Abby… I didn’t hear you come in.”

Abby just smiled and said, “Davey, after yesterday I don’t think we need to be embarrassed about anything,” and once again she asked him, “And seriously, is that thing always hard?”

Davey just smiled, and thinking quickly he said, “When I’m around you, I guess it is.”

Abby laughed at his clever reply and said, “Well aren’t you the charmer.” Then she sat on the bed, and as she pulled the sheet down to expose his erection she said, “Why don’t we go have some breakfast and take a ride to the mall, and then just maybe we’ll come back and I’ll give him a nice little treat.”

“What kind of a treat,” her teenage nephew asked in mock sarcasm.

Instead of answering him, Abby lowered her head and took about half of his twitching organ into her mouth. Davey let out a loud groan as she unexpectedly sucked on his cock, but just as he felt the tightness of impending orgasm building at the base of his penis, she let him slip from her mouth, and with a wicked grin she said, “That kind of a treat.” Then she stood up and said, “Now go get a shower, and maybe I’ll finish what I started when we get home.”

Davey got up and headed towards the shower, and as he did his aunt watched in admiration as eight inches of hard, thick teenage cock bounced in front of him, causing her mouth and pussy to drool. It hadn’t been that long since he had been pounding that incredible tool in and out of her, and as she remembered it, she reached inside her robe and began stroking her pussy. For a moment, she thought about fingering herself to a quick orgasm, or even joining Davey in the shower, but she decided there would be plenty of time for that, and reluctantly stopped playing with her inflamed cunt.

Soon they were both showered and dressed… Davey in cargo shorts and a tee shirt with the iconic picture of Andy Warhol on the front of it, and Abby in a stylish top that showed a nice amount of cleavage, a light summer skirt that showed off her legs, and her trademark heels that made her ass look even more magnificent than it already was.

They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at a local diner and chatted the entire time, but at no point did either of them mention what had happened the night before. They talked about art, music, f****y, and everything else under the sun. But even though they didn’t address it, both Abby and Davey had memories of the previous evening fresh in their minds, and the sexual tension that existed was palpable.

After breakfast they headed to the mall where Davey had spent a lot of his c***dhood before he and his f****y moved. His mom had dragged him there many times despite his protests, but now he was actually glad to be there with his gorgeous aunt. As they walked through the large atrium and took the escalator to the second level, Abby said, “I want to stop in this home store that I know you will just hate, but there is an art store right across from it that you can check out.”

“It’s okay Aunt Abby, I don’t mind going to the home store with you,” Davey said, not wanting to disappoint her.

“Trust me, you’ll hate it,” she replied, and then as she slipped him some money that he didn’t want to take, she winked at him and said, “And besides, for some reason you never got around to sketching me last night, so go get what you need.”

Davey just smiled and said, “Thanks,” and then watched her as she walked towards the home store… and while he couldn’t be certain, he could have sworn she was putting a little extra swing in her ample hips for his benefit as she walked away.

When she disappeared through the shop’s doorway, Davey went into the art store. He found what he needed, a new pad and a variety of pencils, and then headed to checkout. After he made his purchase, he walked out to wait for his aunt, and that was when he saw the three big, macho lunks leaning against the railing that overlooked the first floor of the atrium.

Even though it was summer, they were all wearing football shirts from a local high school he recognized from when he had lived there, and as he tried to inconspicuously walk past them, the obvious leader stepped in front of him and said, “Hey dudes, check out nerd-boy with his coloring book.”

The other two boys laughed as Davey moved to walk around him, but the leader moved into his path again and said, “So who are you supposed to be, dork… some kind of Mozart?”

Davey thought about pointing out to the mental midget that Mozart was a composer, not an artist, but instead he just kept his head down and tried to keep moving. But this time all three of the Neanderthals stepped in front of him, and just as he was deciding what his best course of action would be, he heard Abby’s voice say, “Is everything alright babe?”

When Davey looked up, he saw all three bullies staring at his gorgeous aunt. At first nobody said anything, and then the leader said, “Wow dork, I’m glad your big s****r came to your rescue, because she’s smokin’ hot.”

Abby had to admit she was a little flattered that the gorilla thought she was Davey’s s****r, but instead of expressing gratitude, she glared at him and said, “I’m not his s****r.”

That was when he said, “Holy shit dork… if she’s your mom, then she’s a serious MILF!”

The muscle heads began laughing until Abby walked over to Davey, and as she put her hand on his shoulder, she shook her head and said, “Boy you guys really are morons… I’m not his s****r, and I’m certainly not his mother… I’m just the woman that’s fucking him.” And then as the three macho bullies stopped laughing and watched in stunned silence, she kissed Davey deeply.

Abby made sure the three of them had a good view of her tongue going in Davey’s mouth, and then as she broke the kiss, she looked at the leader and said, “It’s like this pencil-dick, while jocks like you, Dumb and Dumber here are chasing airhead cheerleaders who just send you home to beat your own meat, artistic, sensitive guys like David are actually getting laid by women like me.”

The three boys who had tried intimidating Davey were now speechless, and that was when Abby decided to apply the coup de gras. As they watched, she reached down and cupped a handful of her nephew’s ample crotch, kissed him on the neck and loudly said, “C’mon Baby… lets finish shopping and get home… I need to get this monster inside of me.” Then as she looked at the three stunned jocks, she held up her hands about a foot apart and said, “It’s this fucking big… I swear to God!”

The once boisterous bullies stood in silence as Davey and Abby walked away, with his arm around her waist, and her head resting on his shoulder. Now she was definitely putting some extra hip action in her walk, just to show them what they were missing, and as they watched, she raised her hand, extended her middle finger and hollered, “Later assholes!”

Once they were out of sight and ear shot, Davey and Abby slipped into a department store, and the two of them broke out in hilarious laughter. Then Davey looked at her and whispered, “Thanks Aunt Abby… that was really cool.”

Abby just smiled and said, “Ahh, they deserved it, who do they think they are to make fun of you.” Then she checked to make sure nobody was looking before she grabbed a handful of his crotch again and said, “Besides, I just told the truth, I really do want to get home and get this monster inside of me.”

Davey was wondering how this day could possibly get any better, and that was when Abby got a mischievous grin on her face, grabbed his hand and said, “Come with me… lets have some fun.”

The teenager followed her as they walked to the women’s wear section of the store, and then into the intimate apparel department. Davey watched as Abby leafed through a rack of sheer sl**pwear before picking out a few very sexy negligees. Then she looked at him and whispered, “Just follow my lead,” and after giving him a smile and a wink she started walking towards the dressing rooms.

The upscale department stores had fitting room attendants to help guard against shoplifting, so when they reached their destination, a very proper, spinsterish looking woman of about 60 approached Abby and Davey and said, “May I help you?”

“Yes,” Abby said in a very pleasant tone, “I’d like to try these on,” holding the sexy lingerie up in front of Davey. The older woman gave her a less disapproving glare, but handed her a claim ticket and counted the items. Then she pointed Abby towards the fitting rooms.

Davey watched as his aunt started walking towards the enclosed changing booths, but then she suddenly stopped, turned to him and said, “Well aren’t you coming with me?”

Both Davey and the attendant were surprised at her request, but Abby just smiled at the prudish woman and said, “He’s my fashion consultant.”

This time a more direct glare of disapproval came over the attendants face as Abby and Davey walked back to the dressing room. She wasn’t sure of their relationship, but she did know that the attractive woman would probably need to strip to try on the sexy outfits, and the young man accompanying her would be right there to see it all.

Once inside the dressing room, Abby was like a giddy school girl, and had to suppress a laugh as she whispered, “Did you see the look on her face when I told you to come with me?”

Davey giggled and nodded, still not totally sure what was going on, but then he watched as his aunt pulled her shirt over her head and hung it on a hook before reaching behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it slide down her arms and exposing her magnificent breasts. And finally she unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her full hips and round ass, showing that she wasn’t wearing panties.

The teenager couldn’t believe what was happening. His aunt had just stripped in front of him in a public place, and immediately he felt his penis starting to swell in his shorts. Then he looked over her shoulder and saw a full length mirror that gave him a perfect view of Abby’s ass, and he was amazed at how round it looked. But if Davey thought she had only taken off her clothes to try on the negligees, he found out how wrong he was when she lowered herself to her knees and began undoing his belt.

“What are you doing,” Davey whispered as Abby tugged his zipper down, and then unbuttoned his shorts… but instead of answering she just looked up at him and held her index finger to her lips, telling him to shush. Then after pulling his cargo shorts and boxers down in one motion, Abby leaned forward, and took his semi-hard cock in her mouth.

Davey slapped his hand over his mouth, only letting out a muffled “Mmmmppphh,” as his aunt started to expertly fellate him. Almost immediately his penis swelled to a full erection, and Abby began sucking him in earnest.

Abby wasn’t just performing oral sex on Davey… she was sucking his cock with a purpose. She had been horny all morning, and making a fool of the three jocks and then toying with the attendant had really gotten her pussy juices flowing. As her mouth and left hand worked their magic on Davey’s thick member, her right hand slipped between her legs and began rubbing her dripping cunt and swollen clit.

Another floor length mirror to his left gave Davey a perfect view of what his aunt was doing. He could clearly see her naked breasts heaving up and down, and her hand moving furiously between her legs. He could see she was rubbing her own pussy, and the thought of his beautiful aunt masturbating while sucking his dick was quickly pushing Davey towards orgasm… and that was exactly what Abby wanted.

As she sucked his cock, Abby pressed her middle finger deep in her sodden cunt… coating it with her juices before returning it to her hard pleasure button. Her hand was a blur as her slippery finger worked furiously on her clit… and at the same time her tongue began massaging the underside of Davey’s raging prick. She tried her best to open her throat and take as much of his enormous organ into her mouth, and that was when he whispered, “Aunt Abby… I’m gonna cum.”

Reluctantly Abby pulled her hand away from her cunt so she could use it to play with her nephew’s balls, while the other hand worked in unison with her talented mouth to bring him off. Just then she felt the muscles in his thighs tighten, and as he clamped his hand over his mouth to suppress a scream of ecstasy, his cock began flexing wildly… flooding her mouth with his thick cum.

“Mmmmmmm,” Abby moaned as his cock came alive between her lips, pumping gouts of warm semen into her mouth. She swallowed the first couple of blasts as the hand that had cradled her nephew’s balls disappeared back between her own legs. She was so overcome with the blatant sexuality of the moment that as soon as her finger stroked her clit again, her own orgasm erupted.

Abby’s muffled groan of pleasure reverberated around Davey’s spurting cock as aunt and nephew came together. Pussy juice poured from her convulsing cunt and covered her invading fingers as a powerful orgasm ripped through her groin. At the same time she could feel the contractions in Davey’s prick began to ease, and she took his twitching organ from her mouth and stroked the shaft, smearing the last dregs of his spunk drip onto her face.

As the final tremors in Abby’s pussy faded away, she fell back onto her pillowy ass and swallowed the rich, salty sperm that was in her mouth. Then she looked up at Davey, and he could see she still had pearls of his thick white liquid still clinging to her face. But instead of wiping it off, she smiled and pulled his pants up.

Once Davey was dressed, Abby put her clothes back on, and as she opened the dressing room door, Davey whispered, “Aunt Abby, on your face…” and as she looked back at him he motioned to his own face, telling her that she still had quite a bit of his sperm on her cheek and chin.

But instead of cleaning herself, his aunt flashed her mischievous grin and winked again, and then walked back to the clerk’s station. When they reached the counter, the older woman looked at Abby’s face, and her eyes almost bugged out of her head. Even if she was a prude, the old spinster knew exactly what was clinging to the younger woman’s face, and as she handed the lingerie back to her, Abby said, “Thanks for your help, but I think I’ll keep looking… these may have been a little too much for the young man.” Then she took Davey’s hand and they quickly walked out of the store… laughing as they did.

As they walked back into the mall area, with Davey’s semen still on Abby’s face, they saw the three bullies from earlier still standing by the railing. Davey thought they would walk around the other way, but he was surprised when his aunt grabbed his hand and began walking straight towards them. As the trio stood silently, still reeling from their earlier humiliation, Abby stopped a few feet away, and loud enough for them to hear, said, “Jeez honey, why didn’t you tell me I still have your cum on my face.”

The three jocks stared in shocked silence as she sc****d the remnants of Davey’s sperm from her cheek and chin, and then put her cum-coated fingers in her mouth. After licking them clean she took Davey by the hand again, and as they walked past the Three Stooges, Abby smiled and said, “I couldn’t wait so I gave him a blowjob in a dressing room… and now I’m taking him home to fuck his brains out.”

Abby and Davey walked hand in hand towards the exit, thinking the incident was done, but they were taken by surprise when they heard the leader holler, “Dude… you are the MAN!” And as they looked over their shoulders, his two sidekicks raised their hands over their heads and began bowing at the waist in the universal sign of ‘we are not worthy,’ while the leader began a rhythmic clap of respect for Davey.

Thanks to his beautiful aunt, the ‘artsy nerd’ had finally gained the respect and admiration of the popular crowd. And as the two of them turned and headed towards the door, with the loud clapping echoing throughout the atrium, Davey smiled and said, “Aunt Abby… this has been the best two days of my life.”

Abby just squeezed his hand and said, “And it isn’t over yet.”

Davey was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. He gleefully helped his beautiful aunt with all the chores she had for him to do, and never complained once… mainly because she was by his side all afternoon wearing a pair of shorts that showed off her incredible ass and a shirt that she tied off just under her magnificent tits, exposing her soft, flat tummy.

The teenager spent half the afternoon putting boxes in the attic, cleaning the yard and organizing the garage, and the other half ogling his barely-clothed aunt... and that was exactly what Abby had hoped for. She had purposely worn the revealing outfit to keep Davey enticed, because even though she had already sucked him off, she figured her provocative outfit would keep him excited for later… and judging by the constant bulge in the front of his shorts, she saw just how right she was.

Davey finished his last task late in the afternoon, and Abby could see his tee shirt soaked with sweat from the Texas heat, and his hands and face blotched with dirt. She told him that she was going to start dinner, and if he wanted he could use her large, walk-in shower to scrub away the day’s activities. He took one more long look at his beautiful aunt in her revealing outfit, and then headed down the hall towards her bedroom… and as he did could hear pots and pans rattling as she got ready to cook.

Davey adjusted the water temperature, and then peeled off his dirty clothes and got into the shower. The hot water felt great as it cascaded down over his body, soothing his skin and relaxing the muscles in his shoulders and back. Then he poured a generous amount of shampoo into his hand and began to massage it into his scalp… and that was when he heard the shower door open and then close.

Lather was pouring over his face, so he couldn’t open his eyes, but he soon felt arms wrap around his torso before pulling him back… and as he felt her large breasts press into his back, and her thick patch of pubic hair brush against his buttocks, he heard his Aunt Abby say, “I thought you might need a little help washing your back.”

Once again Davey’s teenage cock began to inflate as his gorgeous aunt began to soap his shoulders and back. He just tilted his head back and let the rest of the shampoo rinse from his hair, and the additional lather help Abby’s hands glide even more smoothly over his body. Davey let a soft groan slip from his lips as her hands ventured down to his small buttocks, soaping them thoroughly before letting her slippery fingers part his ass cheeks to scrub his tight little hole.

Abby’s hands hadn’t gotten anywhere near Davey’s penis yet, but it was already fully gorged with bl**d and sticking straight out from his body. The teenager couldn’t get over how amazing his aunt’s hands felt as they rubbed the fragrant soap over his body. Then he felt her hands and arms wrap around his waist again, only this time when he felt her breasts press against his back, she also wrapped her soapy hands around his raging erection.

“Oh God Aunt Abby,” Davey groaned as she began sliding her slick hands back and forth along the length of his swollen organ. She planted little kisses on the back of his soft, wet neck and she slowly jerked his cock with one slippery hand while the other dipped between his legs and began massaging his balls.

Even though he had used a soapy hand to jerk his own cock many times, this felt totally different. Abby was slowly manipulating his prick and balls with her soft hands, and that combined with the feel of her huge tits pressed into his back, and her tongue teasing his neck had the pressure already building at the base of his twitching cock. Abby sensed it too, and released him before he could cum… only to tell him, “Turn around and I’ll do your front.”

Davey turned around and was finally able to see his aunt. Her deep red hair was tied on top of her head, and her green eyes sparkled as she looked back at him. As his eyes scanned down, he was amazed at how incredible her wet body looked. The water glistened on her skin accented every curve and swell. Her tits looked so soft and creamy, and her nipples stood out like the erasers on a Number Two pencil. And beads of water clung to the thick patch of dark, curly pubic hair at the apex of her muscular thighs.

After giving Davey a good look at her body, Abby gently kissed him, and then she began soaping his hairless chest. Her hands felt incredible as they rubbed his skin. Then she used her thumbs to tease his hard little nipples before sliding her hands down to his stomach. The warm water was spraying onto his back and flowing over his shoulders, helping keep his skin smooth and slick, and as her hands neared his stiff cock, she lowered herself to her knees in front of him.

Davey’s body shivered as Abby’s hands wrapped around his hard shaft once again. This time she used the water rolling down the front of his body to rinse away any soap residue. As she did, Davey could see the shower spray striking her face, but once all the soap was gone, she leaned forward to use his body to block the spray… and then she opened her lips and sucked his bloated cock into her warm mouth.

“Oh Aunt Abby,” Davey groaned as his beautiful aunt began practicing the fine art of fellatio on his long, thick erection. This wasn’t the first time she had sucked his prick in the last two days, but Davey was certainly not getting bored with it. Each time she put his hard cock in her mouth, it was just as exciting as the first time. Maybe it was because blowjobs were still new to him, or the different circumstances and places she had done it, or the fact that it wasn’t just any girl, but his beautiful aunt using her mouth to give him pleasure… but for whatever the reason, each time she sucked him he immediately felt the pangs of an impending orgasm.

Abby could also sense that it wouldn’t take long for her nephew to begin blasting torrents of thick young cum in her mouth and down her throat, but as exciting and appealing as that was to her, she had something else in mind. So she reluctantly released Davey’s twitching cock from between her lips, causing him to moan in disappointment, and then she stood up and said, “How about washing my back?”

As Abby turned her back to her nephew, she could already feel her pussy melting into a pool of its own juices. Davey rubbed the expensive bath soap between his hands, and then began massaging the combination of soap and bath oil into his aunt’s shoulders. His hands easily glided over her flawless skin, and she let out a soft sigh as he massaged her shoulders and upper back, before sliding down to her sides and hips.

The puffy head of Davey’s swollen cock occasionally bumped into Abby’s hip like a ramrod as he soaped her lower back and sides, then as he pulled her closer to him, the length of his penis pressed between her fleshy ass cheeks, and his hands slid upwards and cupped both of her large, milky white breasts.

“Ohhhhh,” Abby groaned as Davey filled his hands with her ample tit flesh. He began slowly kneading the soft mounds as he hunched his hips forward, pushing the length of his cock upwards and capturing it between her ample ass cheeks. His slippery fingers began playing with her erect nipples as the hard shaft of his swollen prick glided over her puckered anus, causing tiny pangs of pleasure to emanate from the sensitive area, and the dull ache deep in her groin to intensify.

While a few men had used their fingers to play with the hidden jewel, and a few others, including Davey, had used their tongues to tease the tiny hole, she had never experienced anal sex. It wasn’t that Abby was turned off by it. On the contrary, she had always enjoyed having her tight, pink rosebud teased. But even though some may have considered the notion ridiculous, she had decided that if she did get married one day, and she hoped she would, then she would have something to give her husband that no other man ever had… her virgin asshole.

Both aunt and nephew could feel their passion rising, and that was when Davey lowered his hips and slipped his long, thick cock between Abby’s legs from behind. She trapped the pulsing rod between her thighs, and then groaned out loud as Davey began thrusting his hips back and forth, causing the top of his shaft to rub against her pussy lips, and press against her inflamed clit. As she looked down, she could actually see the swollen head of his huge penis pop out beneath her thick patch of lush pubic hair, before disappearing again as he pulled his hips back.

The grinding of her nephew’s hard shaft against her exposed clit had Abby racing to yet another orgasm, but she wanted more. So she bent at the waist and braced her left hand against the shower wall for support, and then she reached back between her spread legs, grasped his cock in her right hand and guided the spongy head to her dripping slit. Davey was like a dog in heat, and as soon as he felt the soft wetness of her pussy lips pressing against the sensitive head of his penis, he slammed his hips forward, and buried eight inches of hard cock in his aunt’s quivering cunt with one violent thrust.

“Agggghhhhh,” Abby screamed as Davey’s long, thick shaft split her cunt wide open. She hadn’t expected such a brutal assault on her womanhood, but her nephew was overcome with lust, and there was a sudden jolt of pain as her sensitive pussy lips were stretched wide, and her vagina was filled to capacity with young, hard cock. But the pain was only momentary, and was quickly replaced by indescribable pleasure as Davey grasped her fleshy hips and began fucking her from behind.

“Oh God Davey, yes… yes… yes…” Abby groaned over and over as her nephew, crazed by passion, began mercilessly pounding her pussy like a jackhammer. She was now using both hands to brace herself against the wall, not wanting her head to slam against the hard tile during Davey’s onslaught. In all her experiences, nobody had ever fucked her so hard or so deep, and even though she didn’t always have an orgasm from intercourse, she knew that wouldn’t be the case today… she was going to cum.

A hard clapping sound echoed off of the tile walls of the bathroom as Davey’s slender hips slapped against his aunt’s magnificent ass. The impact was so hard that he could see the fleshy cheeks ripple with each deep thrust. He had always been fascinated by Abby’s derriere, and she knew it, so as she looked back over her shoulder at him, she groaned, “Davey, you’ve always loved my ass, haven’t you?”

“Uh huh,” the teenager managed to grunt as he kept fucking his aunt… with the all too familiar tightness beginning to build just behind his testicles.

“You used to jerk yourself off while you watched me… didn’t you Davey,” Abby asked in a strained voice… finding it hard to speak while being hammered by her nephew’s huge cock.

All Davey could do was groan “Uh huh,” again, but Abby’s words were having the desired effect, because hearing his beautiful aunt saying such naughty things had him racing towards an orgasm.

Abby’s own orgasm was also getting ready to overtake her, and that was when she said, “Look at my ass Davey… look at my ass while you fuck my pussy.”

“Oh yessss,” Davey groaned as his hips began moving faster. His thrusts were getting deeper, and as he looked down, he could actually see between the fleshy cheeks to where his cock disappearing and reappearing over and over again from her tight, wet cunt. It was truly a dream come true… and the sight was more than a teenage boy could take.

Abby could also feel his thrusts getting more erratic, and knew he was close, and that was when she looked back over her shoulder and said, “Cum for me Davey… fill Aunt Abby’s pussy with your cum!”

Hearing his aunt utter words he only fantasized about her using pushed him to the brink, and as Davey somehow curled his hips under his Aunt’s ass cheeks, driving his cock past her cervix and even deeper into her cunt, he screamed, “AUNT ABBY… I’m CUMMMIIINNNGGGG!”

Davey’s cock began pulsing wildly, causing him to cry out as involuntary muscle contractions pumped jets of searing hot cum up from his balls, through his cock shaft, and into his aunt’s waiting pussy. Her vaginal walls was wrapped so tightly around his prick that she could actually feel it pulsing as he unloaded what felt like a gallon of semen deep inside her cunt.

Abby had also reached the point of no return, and as she screamed, “Harder Davey… fuck me HARDER,” he gripped her thick hips and continued pounding his still spurting cock in and out of her aching pussy. Then, as he buried himself deep inside her with one last hard thrust of his huge prick, she arched her back and came.

“Oh my fucking God… YESSSSSS,” Abby cried out as her pussy had a nuclear meltdown. Her screams of ecstasy echoed off of the tile walls as she came, and her vaginal muscles clamped onto Davey’s spurting shaft so tightly that they almost cut off the rich supply of thick semen he was pumping deep inside her. “Yes… fuck yes,” she groaned over and over as the intense feeling of release spread throughout her body. Each contraction in her pussy and asshole sent a new sensation rippling through her body, and she rode those waves of pleasure until Davey’s hips stopped moving, and the last of his spunk coated her insides.

Abby kept her hands on the wall, trying to keep from collapsing to the hard shower floor as the last waves of orgasm slowly washed over her. Davey’s orgasm had also faded, and as he looked down between her magnificent ass cheeks, he saw his softening penis slip from between her deep red cunt lips, covered by a mixture of syrupy pussy juice and thick white cum.

Davey started to turn himself towards the spray of what was mostly cold water now, getting ready to rinse the remnants of their love making from his still semi-hard cock, but before he could, Abby turned around and dropped to her knees. And then as he watched in amazement, she took his cum-covered prick into her mouth and sucked the gooey mixture of their juices from it.

“Mmmmm,” Abby moaned in satisfying approval as she sucked his cock clean. When she was finished, she leaned back, smacked her lips and said, “I love how good we tasted together.” Then she stood up and kissed her young nephew deeply, sharing what was on her tongue with him… and as some of their mixture coated his tongue, Davey had to admit she was right.

Aunt and nephew shared a long, deep kiss… so engrossed in what they were feeling for each other that they didn’t even notice how cold the water had gotten. Then as they broke their kiss, Davey looked deep into Abby’s eyes and saw sadness. But before he could ask what was wrong, she whispered, “You know tomorrow is our last full day together before you go home.”

Davey had been enjoying himself so much that he hadn’t even thought of that… but now that the realization set in, a lump formed in his throat. At the same time he could see tears filling his aunt’s beautiful eyes. But before they were both completely overcome by emotion, Abby hugged her nephew and whispered, “We’re going to make the very best of our last day… I have something very special planned for you.”

Then, even has tears rolled down her cheeks, Abby managed to smile and give Davey one of her trademark winks… and at that moment he knew their last day was going to be one he would never forget.


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