Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part 1)

This story is dedicated to my friend Abby... I hope it makes her dreams come true.

'Aunt Abby and the Artist' (Part 1)

David Connelly walked briskly through the airport terminal towards baggage claim. This was the first time the teenager had ever flown by himself, but he wasn’t nervous. In fact he was a little upset that his mom and dad had f***ed him to take this trip to stay with a relative while they took a vacation cruise. David, or ‘Davey’ as his mom still called him, had protested that he was too old for someone to ‘look after him’, but they insisted that four nights was too long to be by himself, so he lost the argument.

The good news was that it was a homecoming of sorts. David was headed back to Texas, where he had been born and raised, before his dad took a big new job in Chicago three years earlier. The better news was that he was staying with his Aunt Abby. She was his mom’s younger s****r, and even though it had been nearly three years since he had seen her, she was still his favorite relative. She had always been fun to be around, she never treated him like he was a little k**… and oh yeah… she was gorgeous!

Before they moved, David and his f****y had spent a lot of time with Abby… most of it either at her pool or their own. Pools were a staple in Texas, especially during the hot, dry summers, and like any k**, David loved to swim… and as a k** going through puberty, he also loved seeing his Aunt Abby in a bathing suit.

At first he felt like he was being naughty for looking at his own Aunt, especially since she resembled a younger version of his own mom. But he quickly got over his awkward feelings, and who could blame him? Abby was a 28 year old knockout. She had long dark auburn hair, a beautiful face with high cheekbones, full lips and a dazzling smile, and then there was her body. She had the classically feminine hourglass figure, with large firm breasts, a narrow waist, soft trim tummy, full round hips and shapely legs. But her best physical trait was, without a doubt, her ass.

Abby had an amazing derriere. It was the kind of ass that drew the attention of men and women. It was the perfect big white booty… plump and juicy, and capable of filling out a pair of tight jeans, some short shorts, and definitely a bikini bottom. It was incredible, and it had become a sort of obsession with her young nephew. In fact, his Aunt Abby had been Davey’s first crush, and when he discovered jerking off, his favorite masturbation fantasy.

Now it was three years later, and as he walked through the terminal, he wondered if she would look the same. He had seen pictures of her from when she and his mom had gotten together, and her face was exactly as he had remembered, but he had been away at camp when she visited Chicago during the previous summer, so he didn’t get a chance to see if she still had the same amazing body.

Abby was also wondering if she would recognize her nephew. While she felt she hadn’t changed much, a boy growing into manhood goes through a lot of changes in three years. The last time she had seen him, Davey was kind of a scrawny k** in middle school. Now he was in high school, and her s****r had told her that he had grown a good four inches and put on about thirty pounds. But she said her son still had the thin frame that Abby remembered, and his skater boy mop of blonde hair that made him look younger than he was.

As David rounded the corner and entered the baggage carousel area, he scanned the crowd… and that was when he saw her. There was his Aunt Abby, in a form fitting yellow dress that came to just above her knees, and clung to each and every curve. Her face looked as beautiful and flawless as ever, and her large breasts filled out the front of her dress. And as she turned to the side, looking through the mass of humanity for him, he could see how the black high heeled pumps she wore accented her shapely legs, and made her ass pop even more than usual.

Just as Abby was going to one of the courtesy phones to have her nephew paged, she turned her head and saw a handsome teenage boy walking towards her. It only took her a moment, and then her face broke into a large smile when she realized it was him. Immediately the beautiful woman gave her young nephew the biggest hug and said, “Oh my God Davey… I hardly recognized you!”

“Hi Aunt Abby,” Davey replied in a typical, awkward teenage quietness as he hugged her back. And as they held each other, he couldn’t help but notice how soft and shapely she felt… and how good she smelled.

After they hugged, she held him at arm’s length for a moment, and as happy tears formed in her eyes she said, “The last time I saw you, you were a skinny little k**… I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, Davey,” and then she caught herself and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll bet you don’t like being called ‘Davey’ anymore.”

He just smiled back and said, “It’s great to see you too Aunt Abby… but I’m still pretty skinny compared to the other guys in my class.” Then he added, “And I kind of like that you still call me Davey.”

“Well I’m glad, because you’ll always be Davey to me,” she said, giving him another hug. Then she said, “Why don’t you grab your bag when it comes through, and I’ll go get the car and meet you outside.”

“Sounds good,” he replied. Then as Abby walked towards the exit, Davey watched her ass swaying underneath her tight yellow dress. His eyes followed each cheek as her hips swung them back and forth until she disappeared through the door, and then as he looked around, he could see other men and women were also staring at her, and realized he wasn’t the only one appreciating her assets.

As they drove home, Davey and his aunt started reminiscing about when they all lived in Texas. He told her that he really missed the weather, and was looking forward to spending some time in the pool. What he didn’t say was he was also looking forward to seeing her in a bathing suit again, because even though his aunt was now in her 30’s, she was every bit as beautiful and sexy as he remembered.

When they arrived at the house, Davey took his things upstairs to the guest room that overlooked the back yard, and the modest but beautiful in-ground pool. Then, after stowing his gear, he joined his Aunt Abby downstairs again. As he reached the foot of the stairs, he saw her sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar, drinking some iced tea. Davey couldn’t help but watch as she crossed her shapely legs, but then she broke his concentration when she asked him if he wanted a glass of tea.

"Sure,” Davey answered enthusiastically. Another one of the things he had looked forward to was enjoying his Aunt Abby’s ‘sweet tea’. After pouring him a glass, they toasted, and then Davey said, “I’m sorry that my parents asked you to do this Aunt Abby, I really could have stayed home by myself.”

“I’ve been looking forward to this Davey,” Abby answered, then she said, “And besides, I’m not watching you, you’re here because I needed some work done and you are getting paid for it, so this is a job.”

Davey smiled and said, “Thanks,” knowing his aunt was just trying to make him feel good. Then as he looked around the big house he said, “Aunt Abby, how come you never got married?”

Abby was a little surprised at the question and almost spit her iced tea in shock over his bluntness, and then she said, “Well aren’t you the inquisitive boy… I mean, young man.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get too personal,” Davey quickly said, and then he added, “I only asked because, I mean jeez, you’re so pretty and…well, you know… I mean any guy would… ummm, I guess maybe I should just shut up.”

Abby could see how uncomfortable her nephew suddenly became, and she grabbed his hand, smiled warmly and said, “Davey, you aren’t being too personal, and I am very flattered that you think I’m that pretty.” Then she added, “It’s not that I haven’t had opportunities, I do date, but I guess I’m just a bit of a free spirit who loves her independence.”

“Well I guess that makes sense,” Davey said as he sipped his iced tea.

Then it was Abby’s turn when she said, “So what about you Davey, any girlfriends?”

Once again she could see him blush as he said, “No not really.” Then he added, “I have gone on a couple dates, and there is this girl at school I kind of like, but she already has a boyfriend.”

“Well,” his aunt said giving him a reassuring smile, “I’m sure a good looking guy like you will have no problem finding dates.”

Davey was happy that he still found it so easy to talk to his favorite aunt about anything, and then she made it even better when she said, “Why are we sitting in here… it’s a beautiful day outside, so why don’t we continue this out by the pool?”

“That sounds great,” Davey said, and then he said, “But I thought there was work for me to do?”

Abby just laughed and said, “We have plenty of time… and besides, I’m not going to put you to work as soon as you get here!”

Then Davey asked, “Are we just going to sit on the deck, or swimming?”

“Well I don’t know about you sport,” his beautiful aunt answered, “But I’m putting my suit on and getting some sun. And I have a pitcher of iced tea for you, and some margaritas for me, so go put your suit on and I’ll meet you outside.”

Davey’s heart skipped a beat as he climbed the steps to his room. He was going to see beautiful aunt in a bathing suit for the first time in three years. He had to unpack most of his bag to get to his trunks, but he was so anxious to see his aunt that he just piled everything on the bed, next to the fresh towels and washcloths she had left him.

Once Davey found his suit, he stripped off his clothes, but before putting his trunks on he decided to pee. As he walked into the bathroom, he looked at himself in the full length mirror. He was a little bit of a late bloomer, so his thin frame was just starting to show some muscular definition, even though he was in high school now, and his blonde hair made the few whips on his chest and the thin patch of pubic hair barely visible. But then there was his penis.

To put it bluntly, Davey had a big cock. Where his mother and aunt had been blessed with large, shapely asses, their DNA somehow swerved and went to his groin. It wasn’t like one of those grotesquely exaggerated penis’s he had seen in some of the x-rated comic books someone had given him, but it was definitely impressive. It was almost eight inches long when it was hard, and when he would wrap his fist around it, which he did often, his middle finger and thumb barely touched.

As he looked at it in the mirror, he could see that the anticipation of seeing his aunt in what he hoped would be a skimpy bikini already had him semi-erect. But this presented a problem since he had forgotten to pack his jock strap, which helped keep his ample boyhood contained when some young beauty put him into a state of arousal at the beach or pool.

After peeing, he went to put on his suit, and that was when he looked out the window and saw his aunt walking onto the patio carrying a tray holding two pitchers and two glasses. As he watched intently, she put the tray down on the table and turned to face in his direction. Then she untied the knot in her cover-up, and let the garment slip from her shoulders… and as her bikini-clad body came into view, her young nephew let out a silent but appreciative “Wow!”

She was more beautiful than he remembered. Her full round breasts were straining against the cups of her dark green bikini top, and the matching bottom did nothing to hide her narrow waist, and toned, shapely legs. He also noticed she had a small tattoo on each hip that he had never seen before. And when she turned and bent to pick up a towel, he saw she had another small tattoo on her back… and just below it was that ass! It was magnificent, with the green material cradling each cheek, and providing the little tuck where they met the backs of her thighs.

Davey’s semi-erect penis immediately swelled into a bl**d gorged, rock-hard cock as he admired his gorgeous aunt. Almost u*********sly he wrapped his hand around his twitching shaft. But as he leaned over to get a better look, his arm caught in the partially open curtains, and pulled them aside. Abby caught the sudden movement out of the corner of her eye, and even though she couldn’t see him clearly, she knew Davey was looking out the window.

She remembered that when he was a boy, her cute nephew was always sneaking peeks at her, but she was never offended because she knew all boys were curious… plus, she kind of liked being the first object of his desire. And when the raging hormones of puberty hit, there was more than one occasion when she found evidence that Davey had snuck up to the guest room and jerked off while watching her by the pool. So it brought a smile to her face to think that even though he was now a young man, he might be doing the same. In fact, she was feeling a little naughty and decided to have some fun.

First she sat down on a chaise, and then she began slowly applying suntan oil to her flawless skin. His eyes followed her hands as they first spread the clear fluid over her shoulders and arms, causing her skin to glisten. Then her hands moved down and began applying the oil to her chest, and the exposed flesh of the top of her breasts. Davey watched her as her fingertips moved down and disappeared into the cups of her bikini top, and as he did, the hand gripping his erection began slowly moving back and forth along the hard shaft.

Davey could swear that his aunt’s fingers were so deep inside her bathing suit top that she was touching her nipples, and he was right. As Abby imagined her handsome young nephew peeking at her through the window, her fingers teased one erect nub, and then the other, sending small electrical charges directly to her groin. She had never been aroused by the thought of a teenager watching her before, and then she realized it was because he was her very own nephew, and not just any teenager, that was fueling her excitement.

As Davey watched his Aunt Abby’s hands slide down to her stomach, he began stroking himself faster, causing the familiar tightness to build in his groin. Now she was slowly spreading the slippery oil over her tummy and around her sides, even dipping her fingers under the waistband as she did. Then her hands slid down both legs, all the way to her feet, before sliding up the inside of her thighs. As her hands moved higher, she laid back and spread her legs slightly, and then she closed her eyes and began massaging the oil into her inner thighs… with her slippery fingertips brushing alongside the crotch band of her bikini, and dangerously close to her pussy.

Even though he had no idea she was doing it purposely, watching his gorgeous aunt touch herself in such an intimate way was driving Davey closer and closer to an explosive orgasm. He could feel his shaft getting harder, and the head of his cock was swelling and turning an enraged shade of purple. That was when Abby turned over on her stomach, and as her nephew watched, she reached back with both hands and pulled her leg bands of her suit inward, turning her bikini bottom into a thong… and as soon as her glorious ass cheeks came into view, Davey’s cock lurched, and exploded.

The teenage boy had to cover his mouth to keep from crying out as his long thick cock flexed in his hand again and again, and ropes of opaque fluid burst from the tip and splashed against the window sill. His eyes were glued to his aunt’s incredible ass as he continued to pound his spurting cock. Abby’s bathing suit was still tucked between her fleshy cheeks, so his view was totally unimpeded, and helped him reach a powerful orgasm.

Davey kept milking his prick as the twitching slowed, and then with a heavy sigh, his orgasm ended. As he regained his composure, he saw the pools of cum on the window and sill. He grabbed one of the hand towels his aunt had left for him and began cleaning up the mess, and that was when he heard Abby calling his name as she came up the stairs. He quickly pulled his trunks on over his now deflated penis, and then he tucked the cum-soaked cloth on the window sill behind the curtain.

“Hey, I thought you got lost,” his aunt said with a laugh as she appeared in the doorway.

“No, I was just doing some unpacking,” he replied.

Abby looked at him, and she could see that he was flushed and breathing hard, and now she was sure he had been spying on her. So she figured she’d continue the tease when she said, “So do you think your old aunt can still wear a two piece?”

With that she did a little twirl, and that was when Davey discovered, much to his disappointment, that she had pulled her bottoms back into their proper place. Still, he answered honestly when he said, “Jeez Aunt Abby, you aren’t old, you look hot… I mean, you look, ummm, really nice.”

Abby thought it was so cute how he tried to cover his ‘you look hot’ statement, so she smiled and said, “Well thank you kind sir… and I’m glad you think I look hot.”

With that the two of them went downstairs and out to the pool. Davey followed behind his gorgeous aunt, and even though he had just jerked off, he still couldn’t take his eyes off of her beautiful ass, now sadly covered by her green bikini bottom.

The two sat side by side on a couple of chaises, and then Abby poured each of them a drink… iced tea for Davey, and a margarita for herself. And as she passed Davey his drink, he couldn’t help sneaking a peek at her beautiful tits as they almost overflowed her bikini top. Then she regained his attention when she said, “So your mom says you have some schools already making some scholarship offers for art when you graduate high school… that’s awesome!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool I guess,” he answered in typical teenage apathy.

The fact was, Davey had an incredible talent for drawing and painting, and some of his work had been featured in some up-and-coming artist exhibits in Chicago. His favorite was sketch art, where he had the ability use a pencil to make sketches that were so intricate they looked like black and white photos. And art was definitely something he wanted to pursue in college and beyond.

“Well I’d love to see some of your work,” Abby said, continuing the conversation.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t bring any of my sketch pads,” Davey replied.

Disappointed that he hadn’t, Abby said “Hey, maybe we can hit an art store and get what you need, and you can do some sketches for me while you’re here!”

“Okay, that would be cool,” Davey said, happy that his favorite aunt was so interested in his passion.

Just then Abby looked at her nephew and said, “Hey buddy, we’d better get some sunscreen on you… three years of Chicago weather must have lowered your tolerance, your shoulders are getting red.”

She was right. When he was younger, Davey always looked like a surfer k** with his blonde hair and tanned skin, but now he was getting a little pink from the intense Texas sun. But as he reached for the sunscreen, his aunt grabbed it first and said, “C’mon over here, I’ll put it on for you.”

It’s okay Aunt Abby, I can put it on,” Davey said, thinking his aunt was implying he couldn’t do it himself.

But Abby got a frown on her face and said, “I know you can put it on yourself, but I’d like to… it will remind me of when I used to put sunscreen when you were a little k**, I really miss those days.”

The last person in the world Davey wanted to disappoint was his aunt, so as she slid over, he sat down with his back facing her. As she squirted some of the lotion into her hands and rubbed them together, she said “Well your shoulders are definitely broader than when I used to do this.”

They both laughed, and then Davey said, “Well I’m still kind of skinny.” Then he felt his beautiful aunt’s soft hands begin massaging the sunscreen into his shoulders.

As she rubbed the lotion in, she said, “So you said you liked a girl in school but she was dating someone else… do you think maybe if she knew you liked her she might want to date you instead?”

Davey was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation because his aunt’s hands felt incredible as they glided over his skin, but he snapped back to reality and said, “Nah, plus the guy she’s dating is a football player… jocks get all the cute girls.”

“Well I got news for you buddy,” his aunt said as her hands began rubbing his sides, “As you get older, you’ll find that girls prefer the artistic types over jocks.”

“Why,” Davey asked, wanting to hear the reasons, but also trying to distract his mind from how wonderful his aunt’s hands felt, and to quell the stirring in his trunks they were causing.

“Well, because in high school girls think dating jocks is a status thing… but when they get older, girls realize that the artists and musicians are more sensitive and creative, while the jocks turn into beer guzzling macho frat boys,” and then she shocked Davey when she added, “And since artists are more sensitive and creative, they are generally much better in bed too… they make much better lovers.”

Now Abby’s hands slid around Davey’s shoulders and started rubbing sunscreen into his chest, and as she did, his body began betraying him. Even though he had just jerked off, the feeling of his aunt’s hands massaging him had his penis coming to life again… and there was little he could do to hide it without the jock strap he usually wore under his trunks. Fortunately he was sitting with his back to his aunt, so she wouldn’t be able to see what she was causing.

Just then Abby hit Davey with a lightning bolt when she said, “So you said you’ve dated a few girls… have you had sex yet?”

“Aunt Abby, where did that come from?” Davey cried out in an exasperated tone.

Abby just continued to rub the lotion in as she said, “Davey, you used to tell me everything you didn’t tell your mom, and I know my s****r would never ask you this, so you can tell me, have you done it yet?”

Davey did love and trust his aunt, and he always felt more comfortable talking to her than his parents, so he let out a big sigh and said, “No… not yet.”

“Don’t sound so sad, you will one day, and besides, I think it’s cool that you’re still a virgin… k**s are having sex too early nowadays,” then she shocked Davey again when she said, “So nothing yet… no hand jobs, no blowjobs?”

Davey couldn’t believe his aunt was being so blunt with him. Part of him was really glad that she was speaking to him like an adult, but having a beautiful, sexy woman wearing a bikini and talking to him about sex was also contributing to what was now an almost completely erect penis. And as he looked down he could plainly see the tent it was creating in his trunks, so he shifted slightly to make sure his Aunt Abby couldn’t see it before he said, “Well I kind of had something happen.”

“What do you mean ‘kind of’ Davey,” Abby asked as her hands now rubbed lotion into his tight stomach.

Davey sighed and said, “Well there was this one girl, and we were making out in her basement and kind of, you know… touching each other, and well, before we got too far it kind of happened on its own.”

Abby could tell her nephew was mortified, and she hugged him back to her and said, “Davey I know that was probably embarrassing, but believe me you aren’t the first guy to cum in his pants during his first sexual experience… it’s pretty overwhelming.” Then she said, “Did you ever ask her out again?”

“No, I was too embarrassed after that, and we couldn’t even look at each other,” he said.

Abby gave him another understanding hug, and then said, “Okay, turn around and I’ll put sunscreen on your legs.”

Davey knew there was no way he could do that. He was now sporting a full erection, and there would be no way he could hide it, or explain it, so he just said, “I think I’ll just go jump in the pool.”

But as he stood up to make a dash for the water while keeping his back to his aunt, Abby grabbed his hand and his momentum spun him around… pointing the bulge in his trunks straight at his her face.

“Oh my goodness,” Abby involuntarily exclaimed as she saw the enormous tent her nephew’s erection was creating. Even though it was arched up from being confined by his swim trunks, it was easy to see that Davey had some very impressive equipment.

When Davey heard her reaction to his erection, his face blushed red with embarrassment and he turned, ran to the edge of the pool and dove in. When he came up, he looked to see his aunt still sitting with her mouth agape in amazement, and her eyes staring off as if she had just seen a ghost.

The young teenager really didn’t know what to say, since there is no protocol for when your beautiful aunt sees that she’s given you an erection, so he just said, “I’m sorry Aunt Abby.”

Her nephew’s voice snapped her back to reality, and when she saw the mortified look on his face, Abby said, “Davey… it’s natural.” Then she said, “And I’m not mad… I just cried out because, well, I was kind of surprised at how big it is.”

Even though his aunt said it was alright, Davey apologized again, and then he said, “Usually I wear a supporter, but I forgot to pack it… I guess I should have kept my underwear on.”

Abby could tell that it was going to be hard to get him past his embarrassment, so she decided to make light of it and say, “Well I know one thing… I can’t call you ‘Little’ Davey anymore!” And then she broke out laughing.

Her joke really did ease the mood and Davey laughed too, and then he said, “I didn’t think it was that big.”

Abby raised her eyebrows and said, “Trust me buddy, that thing is going to make some woman very happy one day.” And with that she stood up and said, “I have to go to the rest room, but you keep on swimming, I’ll be back.”

Even though he had just been busted with a hard on by his aunt, Davey still couldn’t resist watching her ass as she walked towards the house. And as he did, he wondered how he was going to get through the next four days laying by the pool with his gorgeous aunt in a bikini, and not get erections.

Abby was having her own questions. She really didn’t have to use the rest room, she just wanted to go in and collect her thoughts. The sight of the huge bulge in Davey’s trunks had affected her very strongly. She had been his babysitter when he was younger, and had seen him naked, but she never saw any signs that he would be so big. And this caused a greater problem, because she loved big cocks.

In fact, Abby had always been a little bit of a size snob, and Davey’s tool definitely fit the bill. She could feel her pussy tingling, and knew that her nephew’s hard prick had caused her arousal… and that when she saw it pushing out the front of his trunks, she had actually wanted to yank then down so she could see it in all its throbbing glory.

At first she started to walk back to her bedroom, but almost without thinking she found herself climbing the stairs to Davey’s room. As she walked towards the window, the vision of his huge cock pushing against the front of his trunks kept flashing in her brain. She put her hands on the sill and looked down at him swimming around, and the ache in her pussy intensified. That was when she noticed a white hand towel behind the curtain.

She thought it was odd because she never used those cloths to dust, so she reached for it, and when she did, she felt it was wet and sticky. And as she lifted it to her nose and inhaled, she knew immediately what it was… it was fresh semen! Now she knew Davey had masturbated while peeking at her.

Tremors erupted deep in her pussy as the pungent aroma of his young sperm permeated her nostrils. As she held the towel to her face, inhaling his fragrance, her other hand slid over her belly and into her bikini bottoms. Her fingers quickly raked through the patch of dark pubic hair above her pussy, and the curls around the lips that were already soaked with her juices. Then as she inhaled deeply one more time, her finger parted her swollen labia and found her clitoris.

“Oh God Davey,” she moaned as her finger began circling her hard love button. Almost immediately the muscles deep in her pussy began to tighten, and as she watched her nephew swim and inhaled the intoxicating aroma of his young cum, she could feel her orgasm building. Her legs began to shake so much that she had to sit down on the bed, and that was when she saw something sticking out from under his pile of clothes… it was the corner of a sketch pad.

Abby stopped masturbating for a moment, and after making sure Davey was still in the pool, pulled out the sketch pad and began leafing through it. The first few pages were incredible landscape drawings, and then there was an amazing portrait of his mom and dad. But then, as she was wondering why he lied about leaving his pad behind, she found a portrait of a beautiful woman wearing only a towel… and the woman was her!

There was no doubting his talent… her face was a perfect match. As she scanned down the picture she saw that the towel covered her body from the top of her breasts down to her upper thighs. She was turned to the side, and her ample breasts and large round ass were accented under the towel. Her pussy tingled as she examined the drawing… and was amazed at the detail.

Abby’s hands shook as she flipped the page over, wondering if her cute nephew had done more sketches of her… and she wasn’t disappointed. Only the next one was of her in a pinup pose, looking over her shoulder, and wearing only high heels and a thong. You could see the side of her breast capped by a hard nipple, and her hips and ass were full and prominent, and as she looked at it she slipped her hand back into her bikini bottom and began stroking her inflamed vulva once again.

The next page was a full frontal sketch, and she had to admit that she looked gorgeous. But it was obvious that while Davey had sketched her face to a tee, he was using his imagination for her body. It was the proper shape, but her nipples were too small, her tattoos were missing, and there was no lush, full triangle of soft pubic hair. Abby figured he had probably based the details on photos he had seen in men’s magazines, where anything more than a thin landing strip of hair was a thing of the past.

When she got to the next sketch, what she saw caused tremors deep in her cunt felt like a small earthquake. It was drawn from the standpoint of a man looking down on her, with his pants around his ankles, and there she was, kneeling in front of him with her eyes looking up, and her mouth stretched around his long, thick cock. It was almost as if she was looking at a black and white photo of herself sucking a man’s penis.

Now her finger was furiously frigging her clit as she flipped to the next page, and she let out a groan as she saw it was another from the man’s point of view, and this time he was fucking her doggie style. You could actually see her pussy lips clinging to his cock, and she was looking back over her shoulder at him with a look of complete ecstasy on her face.

Abby could feel the muscles in the walls of her cunt getting even tighter, and after glancing out to make sure Davey was still swimming, she flipped to the next page, and there was a perfect drawing of her face, with her eyes closed and mouth wide open, and the huge cock was spewing a load of thick jizz onto it, and at that moment she realized the cock unloading on her face was Davey’s… and that was when she came.

“Ohhh fuuuccckkk yesssssssss,” she groaned as spasm after spasm ripped through her groin. Abby couldn’t take her eyes off of the drawing of the huge cock spraying semen on her face and into her open mouth, and imagined it was Davey’s. She drove her fingers deep into her pussy, and as the full f***e of her orgasm overtook her, she picked up the towel filled with his sticky cum and pressed it to her face again. Then she inhaled deeply while imagining what it might actually be like to have her nephew’s cock stretch her lips and explode in her mouth.

Abby’s orgasm had been so intense that as it ended, she collapsed back onto the bed. Her chest was heaving, and her fingers were covered with her pussy juices as she pulled them from her bikini bottom. She could still feel her pussy vibrating as the residual spasms waned. Then she slowly stood up and put Davey’s sketch pad back under his clothes, and his cum rag back behind the d****, not wanting him to know that she had found it.

After regaining her composure, Abby made her way down the stairs on shaking legs, and then back out to the pool. Davey had gotten out of the water and was sitting back on a chaise as his aunt approached, and seeing that she looked a little flushed out of sorts he asked, “Aunt Abby… are you alright?”

“I’m fine Davey,” she said as her voice cracked slightly, “I think I may have gotten too much sun.”

Now that both aunt and nephew had relieved some of their sexual tension, the two had a nice chat about f****y, fun things they did in the past, future plans, and just about everything they could think of. They got so into their conversation that they didn’t realize it was dinner time, so they decided to get cleaned up and go to one of Davey’s favorite Italian restaurants for dinner.

During dinner, both of them let their minds wander… Davey’s to the gorgeous sight of his aunt in her bikini, and Abby’s to the incredible drawings her nephew had made. But even with the distraction, the two had a wonderful dinner together. And after it was over, they detoured to a local art store where Abby bought everything Davey would need to do some drawings, including a new sketch pad… even though she knew he already had one.

When they got back home, Abby poured herself a glass of wine and got Davey a sweet tea, and as they sat on the couch talking, she said, “So when you sketch people, do they model for you”?

“We’ve had models in art class,” he replied, then he added, “But usually I go from what’s in my head, or I take digital pictures and draw from that.”

Abby had a couple of glasses of wine at dinner, and as she sipped her third, she felt her inhibitions starting to slip away, and her mind wandering back to Davey’s sketches. They had become an obsession with her, and she thought about telling him that she had found them… but she worried it might be too embarrassing for the teenager, so she asked, “Davey, have you ever sketched me?”

Immediately his face turned bright red, and he stammered, “Gee, I don’t think… I mean, I don’t remember… maybe.”

Now the wine was really taking affect, and Abby said, “Davey, I would love for you to sketch me… would you do that for me?”

“Ummm, okay… that would be great,” her teenage nephew said… a little surprised that she asked, but excited at the prospect.

With that, Abby said, “Why don’t you get your camera and you can take some pictures.”

Davey practically ran up the steps to retrieve his camera, and as he came back downstairs, his aunt was just coming out of her bedroom… and he stopped dead in his tracks.

Abby was wearing a floor-length silk robe and red high heels, and as he looked her up and down, she got a satisfied smile on her face. Then she said, “So where would you like me?”

“Ummm, on the couch I guess,” Davey replied… his voice cracking slightly.

Abby sat on the couch and crossed her legs, letting the robe fall away until Davey could see quite a bit of her milky thighs, and then she said, “Okay Mr. Artist, I’m ready.”

Davey began snapping picture after picture as Abby tilted her head, rotated her shoulders and twisted her torso in different poses. Normally he only needed a couple of photos, but he wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to see his beautiful aunt looking as sexy as she did. But her posing was having a residual affect… the teenager could also feel his penis beginning to swell again.

After taking a few dozen digital pictures, Abby took a big sip of wine for courage and then she said, “Davey, would you do a ‘boudoir’ sketch for me?”

“A boudoir sketch?” he asked, uncertain what she meant.

“Yes,” she added as she took another sip of courage, “that’s when a woman poses in a sexy outfit.”

Davey swallowed hard and said, “Well, you’re already in your robe, and that’s kind of, umm… sexy.”

Abby stood up and reached for the belt of her robe, and as she untied it and let it fall down around her feet she whispered, “I was thinking something more like this.”

Her teenage nephew’s eyes almost bugged out of his head as he saw that she was wearing a red lace bra and panties that matched her red high heels… and nothing else! Davey couldn’t believe what he was seeing. If he thought her bikini left little to the imagination, it was a snow suit compared to this.

His aunt’s large breasts were spilling over the cups of her tiny bra, and her panties weren’t much more than a red triangle held in place by two spaghetti straps, leaving her tattoos in clear view. And when she turned around he let out an audible gasp as he saw that her panties were actually a thong. If he had thought her naked ass had looked incredible from the second floor window, it was magnificent from only a couple of feet away.

After doing a couple of turns, Abby smiled at her nephew and said, “Well, how do I look?”

“Wow Aunt Abby, you look, I mean… I can’t believe…. wow,” Davey stammered, having a hard time formulating words as he looked up and down his aunt’s incredible body. And that was when she looked down towards his crotch and saw that the very prominent bulge she had seen earlier had returned, telling her exactly what he thought.

Abby sat down on the couch again, and as she did, Davey began taking pictures. Over and over the electronic shutter whirred as she posed. First she sat on the couch, and then she lay down on her side, with her hand resting on her thigh, and then she did the incredible… she rolled over and got on all fours, arching her back so her incredible ass was pointed towards the ceiling.

Davey continued taking pictures, slowly moving behind his beautiful aunt… and as he did, he could see the alabaster skin of her ass cheeks in full view. He could also clearly see the small piece of red cloth covering her pussy, with wisps of dark pubic hair peaking out of the edges.

Abby could actually feel herself getting wet as her young nephew snapped photo after photo of her posed in such a blatantly provocative way. And that was when she decided to push things to the next level, and as she nodded her head towards his crotch she said, “Is that thing always hard?”

Davey blushed as he realized his aunt was talking about his penis, and softly said, “Sorry Aunt Abby… it just kind of happens.”

She turned and sat down on the couch again, and then said, “I understand Davey, and I’m actually very flattered that a young man your age would still find me attractive enough to get an erection.” And then she stunned him when she said, “Oh, and by the way, I think you need to correct those nude sketches you did of me… I noticed a couple of errors on them.”

This time Davey’s face turned bl**d red as he said, “Ummm… what nude sketches?”

Abby just smiled and said, “The ones I found up on your bed… and it’s okay Davey, I’m not mad at all.”

Even though she said it was alright, Davey was mortified. Not only had he sketched what she might look like naked, but some of them showed her with a large penis in her mouth and in her pussy, and one where that penis was unloading its contents on her face… but what he didn't think she knew was that it was his penis!

Abby could see she had rendered him speechless, so she said, “They were beautifully done Davey, but I noticed that you didn’t show my tattoos, and there were a couple of other things that were a little off.”

Davey cleared his throat and said, “Well your face was easy… I went by my memory and pictures that mom has.” Then he added, “But for the rest I just kind of used some pictures I’ve seen in magazines.”

“Well maybe we can set the record straight,” Abby said as she stood up. Then as Davey watched, she reached behind her and began undoing her bra, and as she let it slide down her arms she whispered, “I noticed my areolas were a little too small.” Then as her nephew gazed on her naked breasts for the first time, Abby teased the bright pink circles with her fingers before pinching her nipples, making them hard.

Davey stood with his eyes wide and his mouth agape as Abby slid her hands down her sides and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong. Then as she began slowly pushing them down she said, “And I noticed that you drew me with a shaved pussy, but as you can see, I like to keep my bush natural… I think it’s more feminine.”

Now Davey swallowed hard as his beautiful aunt stood in front of him, wearing only her red high heel pumps. His eyes scanned down from her long, wavy hair and beautiful face to her perfectly shaped breasts with their large, pink nipples. After savoring her tits for a moment his eyes continued down to her full round hips, and the apex of her muscular thighs, where a lush patch of dark pubic hair just barely hid her protruding pussy lips. Then almost on queue she turned around and flashed her magnificent, creamy white ass cheeks.

As her young nephew stood transfixed by the sight of his beautiful, naked aunt on full display in front of him, Abby finally said, “Well, aren’t you going to take some pictures?”

“Ummm… yeah, sure,” Davey said, shaken back to reality by his aunt’s voice. Then as he began snapping away, Abby started posing in every position imaginable. And when she struck a pose kneeling on the couch with her arms resting in the back, and her ass and pussy wantonly displayed, Davey could clearly see her pussy glistening with her juices, and the hair around the lips matted with her wetness.

Now Davey’s hard prick was threatening to burst through his cargo shorts, and as Abby stared at it, she said, “Davey, I saw one of your sketches showed me sucking on a penis, and another where it was inside me from behind… where did you get that idea?”

Davey’s voice trembled as he quietly said, “I saw pictures like that in a magazine once, and I just drew your face instead of the other girl’s.”

Then she looked him in the eye and said, “And the penis that was in my mouth and in my pussy… was that supposed to be yours?”

At first he didn’t answer, but then when he saw the reassuring smile on his aunt’s face, he sheepishly said, “Yes ma’am.”

With that, Abby slowly rose from the couch, and as she walked towards her nephew she said, “Don’t be embarrassed Davey, I know you’ve liked watching me for a long time, and I think it’s very cute… in fact, you were watching me from the upstairs window earlier, weren’t you.”

Davey just nodded as naked aunt stepped in front of him, and then began slowly lowering herself to her knees. And as she began undoing his belt she said, “Davey, I know you used to peek at me and when you were younger, and now that you’re older, I’m glad you still find me that attractive.”

“Uh huh,” Davey managed to groan as his aunt dragged the zipper down the length of his hard penis, causing a shiver to run down his spine. Then she grabbed the waistband of his cargo pants and boxer shorts and yanked them down in one motion, allowing his hard young cock to spring forward, almost striking her in the cheek.

“Oh my,” Abby gasped as she laid her eyes on Davey’s exposed erection for the first time. It was long and thick, and it bobbed with the beat of his heart in front of her face. Then as she looked up into his eyes, she reached up and gently grasped his hard shaft.

Davey let out a loud groan as his aunt's soft hand gripped him. Almost immediately he felt the muscles at the base of his prick tighten, and he knew it wouldn’t take much for him to unleash a torrent of warm, thick sperm.

Abby could tell he was close too. His shaft felt like a steel rod covered by a thin film of soft silk, and she could feel it beginning to twitch… and his cock head had swelled to the size of a purple golf ball. As she held it gently she said, “You’re ready to cum, aren’t you Davey?”

“Uh huh,” he said as his voice cracked, then he added, “I’m sorry Aunt Abby, but I don’t think I can hold it back.”

She released his shaft to let him calm down a bit, then she smiled and said, “Davey, I told you earlier, it’s normal for a young man to have a hard time controlling himself at first, so I’m going to do something very special for you to get your first orgasm out of the way… then you’ll last longer the second time.”

“The second time,” Davey asked.

“Yes Davey, we’re going to do a lot of fun things tonight, so just enjoy what I’m going to do, and cum whenever you’re ready.” Then with her eyes locked to his, she leaned forward, licked her lips, and then sucked as much of his hard cock as she could fit into her mouth.

“OH MY GOD AUNT ABBY,” Davey cried out as about half of his virgin penis disappeared into his beautiful aunt’s warm, wet mouth. At first she just held him between her lips, knowing that any movement could set him spewing like a fountain. Then after giving him a moment to compose himself, she began slowly moving her mouth back and forth along his thick shaft.

Davey let out a loud groan as Abby’s lips stretched to accommodate his impressive girth, and even though only about half of his cock was in her mouth, the spongy head was already bumping the back of her throat. And as she sucked one of the biggest pricks she ever had, she could feel her own juices leaking from her quivering pussy.

As his Aunt Abby’s velvety mouth and talented tongue worked their magic, Davey realized he had no hope of holding back the flood gates, and instead concentrated on the intense pleasure she was giving him. He could feel her opening her throat to take him deep, and as sucked his swollen organ, her hand pumped what she couldn’t fit into her mouth, and at the same time her tongue massaged the sensitive spot right behind the bulbous head of his prick.

The pressure at the base of his penis had already built to an incredible level, and just as he thought nothing could feel better, his beautiful aunt reached between his legs with her free hand and began rubbing his balls. This new sensation was the final straw, and as he looked down into her eyes, Davey screamed, “Oh God Aunt Abby…. I’m cumminnnggggg!!!”

As Davey cried out, Abby felt his balls pull up to his body, and then his cock shaft began convulsing wildly between her lips, instantly flooding her mouth with warm, creamy cum. The teenage boy began grunting and groaning uncontrollably as each prostate contraction sent hard spurts of thick semen rushing through his jerking shaft and into his aunt’s greedy mouth.

It felt like every fiber of his being was being ejected through his pulsating cock, and Abby almost gagged from the f***e of Davey’s orgasm. The first burst of his climax was so hard and full that her cheeks ballooned out, and some of his thick semen leaked out from between her lips. But as her cute nephew groaned in ecstasy, she was able to regain control and begin swallowing his load. She moaned, “Mmmm hmmm… mmmm hmmm,” around his spewing dick as she gratefully accepted his cum into her mouth, savoring the flavor before swallowing to make room for the next offering.

Maybe it was because he was young, or that his body hadn’t yet been corrupted by the toxins of life, but Abby had never tasted cum so delicious. It was tangy and salty, but it was also rich and sweet. The sheer volume of sperm he pumped into her mouth had made her eyes water, but as the pulsations in his shaft eased, and the last of his spunk leaked from his spent organ, the beautiful woman held it in her mouth, letting it bathe her tongue and coat her palate.

When Davey’s orgasm finally ended, Abby sat back on her haunches, letting his softening cock slip from between her lips. She looked up at her nephew and smiled, and then as he watched in amazement, she opened her mouth so he could see the pool of cum collected there, and then swallowed the gooey mass with one gulp.

Davey was still breathing hard as his aunt stood up and put her arms around him. Then as her hands slid down and grasped his buttocks, she pressed her lips to his in a long, deep kiss. He could still taste the remnants of his own cum as Abby’s tongue slipped into his mouth, and it didn’t bother him a bit. In fact, almost immediately his penis began to swell again, and when Abby felt it starting to press against her hairy mound, she broke their kiss, took her nephew by the hand and said, “Let’s go to my bedroom and put that beautiful cock of yours to work.”

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9 months ago
Absolutely loved the story, lots of fun with some vivid details!
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Wow, just a great way to start a day with your stories. Erotic writing is a real art and you my friend have the talent to be so successful, once again this story worked for me and I'm just waiting now to read part two (then 3 & 4 of course) Tonight I'll also share this story with my partner then watch her as she reads the pages and gently strokes her pussy as she reads and brings herself off just like Abby did as she watched Davey and savored his cum on the hand towel.
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I read this story twice because it was so good. It reminds me of my adventures, being the favorite nephew, with my aunts when I spend summers at their houses. I learned things that I carried into early twenties and shared with many older women. Thank you for a wonder story. Looking forward to reading the other chapters.
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great idea..... but hard to do.. almost like eating just one bite of ice
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great story.. it left me worn
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Very well written the story is excellent , very exciting and keeps you glued to the screen and you want to read more ! If this is the first part I can't wait for the rest
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All I can say is..WOW!!
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so freekin hot. i gotta finish the series.
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wow, that was great. at first I thought it was getting a bit winded, but I changed my mind on that. actually was a great lead in. I have tried writing a bit before, doesn't usually work out, I get caught up in the lead in trying to set things, then the story stops.
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Re-read part one......awesome start!!! Look forward to reading the rest :-)
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Another Great Story Base approves, and for Good Reason.
I Believe that Aunt Abby would be very happy if Davey
Never Completely Grew Up. I Believe there is some Davey
in Everyone, just remembering that Period of time.
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busted a nut again after re reading this story.
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Brought me up really hard and longlasting, very hot ! Thanks for sharing your writing talent :-)
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Wow... I lost it! I was Davey... Just by myself reading this story!
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Great story.
You might enjoy one or two of mine if you wish to check on my profile.
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Loved it very well writen
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very nice
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Ripping good read and I thank you for the heads up. I'm going to save the next part for tomoorow night so I have omething wonderful to end the week with!
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Hot as always sir
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Great story. Can't wait for future parts. Would appreciate a heads up when you write them. Thanks for the message on this one...Gramps
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well DD you never cease to amaze me with your intricately detailed story telling.. this one yet another master piece of seduction and secrecy.. i cant wait to read the following chapters of this tale.. it's always a pleasure to read your work ;) thankyou for sharing.. xx
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My belief is that that Aunt Abby has been biding her time, waiting for her nephew David Connelly into a mature, responsible adolescent in order to claim him as "the man in her life"!! She is definitely not the type woman to spend her life as a "spinster" or wasting her body to the ravages of time and those non-caring swinging dicks looking only for a cheap lay! Davey is the type fellow that has and will continue to adore and appreciate his Aunt Abby, not only for her attributes but also for her as his life-long love, his lover and his angel.

In fact, there might even be a college near his aunt that he can attend in order to live with her in a family way!! I'm glad to see this is Part One, which means there is more to this saga of good characters, great writing and wonderful dialogue!
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as expected dizz! cant wait for the next parts ^^
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I'm loving it so far.