Doing some final edits on Part IV
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Hi friends,

I had to do some additional edits to Part IV. I should have it resubmitted very soon. I do appreciate everyone who has been asking for it, and I hope you enjoy it when it clears the mods. Thanks so much!

Thank you again for your support, and once again, I hope what I will be posting will live up to your standards... your enjoyment is the greatest compliment I can receive.

Je Suis Charlie


Also, just to avoid any confusion... I am a guy. My profile pic is of the greatest porn actress of all time, Ms. Veronica Hart.

A note about my stories:

Every Blog Post I make is an original story, authored by me, and protected by copyright laws. It has come to my attention that some have been re-posted on literotica.com without my permission. To the person posting them, consider this a warning, and remove them immediately. And to my friends and fans for whom I write, and to who's enjoyment of and feedback on my writing I appreciate so much, please inform me if you see any of my stories on any other site, as well as a link if possible. Thank you so much! I also have more on the way.

And remember, while I realize that the genre of my writing is not for everyone, it does conform with all legal statutes regarding what is acceptable content in the eyes of the law, as they contain no photos or drawings, and are presented as fantasies for the enjoyment of adults only.

These stories are protected by law, their content complies with all laws and statutes regulating adult content in the United States (I have a great lawyer), and they are also protected by the Byrne Convention. Any reproduction or reposting them on any other websites or in other media without my expressed written consent is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Thank you again for the outpouring of positive feedback about my page... I am humbled and grateful.
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13 hours ago
looking forward to reading the next part
14 hours ago
Hi all, I am doing some final edits... thanks for your patience. I really appreciate all the requests... it's actually a little overwhelming.
1 day ago
We're excited! Is it awaiting moderation?
2 days ago
We are all waiting for part 4 and more great story's
2 days ago
wow, can't wait for part four...great story
3 days ago
Great! :)
4 days ago
YES!!!!! Thank YOU!!!
4 days ago
looking forward to the finale! :3
4 days ago
yipeee! cant wait to read it. thanks!
4 days ago
Part IV will be up this weekend... please check out my profile for more! I am also nearing completion on a couple of new stories... I hope you all like them as well!
9 days ago
Hi wondering what happened to tale of two moms part 4 did you ever write it. Great stories
10 days ago
Wheres part iv?
12 days ago
Asked for invite due to the great stories thanks
13 days ago
I believe that if they'd give awards to the best porn story writers, you would get a Pulitzer. Great stories, and magnificent writing style.
13 days ago
Amazing, wonderful writing.
13 days ago
...Mother's...Part III - I love it, as I sit here craving the taste of cum from young boys, many of them... Delicious.
13 days ago
Great videos and some EXCEPTIONAL writing. Keep it up!
14 days ago
Hey thanks for the update on 'HELPING HANDS PART 3'
Fantastic, keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing. You have certainly added to my 'SPANK BANK'.
14 days ago
Well worth the wait, well done my friend, your talent is amazing
14 days ago
YEAH !!! Part 3
14 days ago
I enjoy part three as well as the other two. Will there be a number four? Kay
14 days ago
should have read this before commenting on part III, you gave the impression in your message that you might leave it there. and i thought nobody could outdo the aunt abby story, boy was i wrong, wonder who this genius is?
14 days ago
Part III.....terrific , xx
14 days ago
thank you so much for continuing to share your writting
wich I enjoy very much.
I have read part III and now more than ever look forward to part IV.
Hugs Céline
15 days ago
17 days ago
Thank you Dizzy. I know we all appreciate your talent tremendously and if some folks are too impatient it is simply because your stories are so fantastically erotic!
18 days ago
cant wait to jerk to your work
thank you on behalf of all us loyal addicts
19 days ago
And I have three new stories in the works, thanks to some wonderful ladies here on xhamster who have provided some tremendous inspiration.
19 days ago
Evidently the file was too big on my end, so I resubmitted it in two parts, so there is now a Part III, and Part IV, which is the finale. Should be available Saturday or Sunday.
19 days ago
This is good to see! I cant wait as well and Time to reread your stories :3
hope all is well with you and your family too :)
20 days ago
Right on, just let us know when you resubmit...
20 days ago
My apologies to everyone... evidently there is an issue with the formatting of the story, so it kicked back to me. I may have to resubmit it in two parts. I do appreciate the eagerness everyone has in reading the story...thanks!
21 days ago
Well where's Part III ??? I need to cum hard