Part III is almost done!
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It is so good to be back to writing, and I hope to have Part III of 'A Mother's Helping Hands' posted by week's end, and I also have three new stories that are nearing completion.

Speaking of which, thanks to all who have requested particular story lines, I appreciate your confidence in my writing, but please understand I may not write about your specific request. Most of my stories are of a similar genre, which is the older woman/young man coming of age theme. I write these stories because it is a subject about which I am passionate. It's not that I have any objection to other story lines, but it is hard to write good erotica about subjects which you don't find personally arousing... and as many of you know, most of my stories come from the fantasies, and in some cases, the actual experiences on women I have known in my life.

Thank you again for your support, and I hope what I will be posting will live up to your standards... your enjoyment is the greatest compliment I can receive.

Je Suis Charlie


Also, just to avoid any confusion... I am a guy. My profile pic is of the greatest porn actress of all time, Ms. Veronica Hart.

A note about my stories:

Every Blog Post I make is an original story, authored by me, and protected by copyright laws. It has come to my attention that some have been re-posted on literotica.com without my permission. To the person posting them, consider this a warning, and remove them immediately. And to my friends and fans for whom I write, and to who's enjoyment of and feedback on my writing I appreciate so much, please inform me if you see any of my stories on any other site, as well as a link if possible. Thank you so much! I also have more on the way.

And remember, while I realize that the genre of my writing is not for everyone, it does conform with all legal statutes regarding what is acceptable content in the eyes of the law, as they contain no photos or drawings, and are presented as fantasies for the enjoyment of adults only.

These stories are protected by law, their content complies with all laws and statutes regulating adult content in the United States (I have a great lawyer), and they are also protected by the Byrne Convention. Any reproduction or reposting them on any other websites or in other media without my expressed written consent is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Thank you again for the outpouring of positive feedback about my page... I am humbled and grateful.
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22 hours ago
Hi there, thank for adding me. I'm looking forward to reading your stories :)
1 day ago
dynig to read part 3 and on into infinity. Wow totally hot.
3 days ago
Glad to see you back and all is well. As a lot have mentioned can't wait for part 3. Be well my friend.
5 days ago
Can't wait for Part III of 'A Mothers Helping Hands'.....dripping at the thought xx
6 days ago
thanks for the friendship. Love your stories
9 days ago
Looking forward to it honey xxx
9 days ago
great look forward to your posting
9 days ago
can't wait
10 days ago
10 days ago
Welcome back I can HARDly wait for part 3 :)
11 days ago
Welcome back, looking forward to your writings ;-)
12 days ago
Part 3 Should Be Wonderful! ;)
12 days ago
Looking Forward to Part III. Welcome back!
14 days ago
Thank you for the friendship.
16 days ago
You are such a great writer so it is good to have you back, may god bless you.
16 days ago
meh! veronica hart is ok i guess....{runs and hides}
17 days ago
Thanks for the add You have some amazing stories. The one about the kid with the broken hands! And the mother catches the friend sucking his cock. Then he goes home and fucks his mom and sister.. Write more as I can not get that out of my head
18 days ago
life is funny how it works, as they say: the wind from one door closing opens another one, thing will work out for us all just have to find that door.
18 days ago
If we give up, they win. Je Suis Charlie!

I look forward to your writings.

Mommy ;-)
19 days ago
Ditto on Ms. Ryleighm72 comment.
19 days ago
While it is tragic that it took such a horrific event for you to come out of your funk, I am glad that you are back to doing something that I, as a fellow writer, know you love to do; which is writing for your fans. Looking forward to the next installment to Mother or any other new material you give your loyal fans!!

19 days ago
looking forward to more parts to you great stories.
19 days ago
Go get'em Dizz!
20 days ago
Looking forward to new stories,,,, that is good you are feeling a lot better now love your stories
20 days ago
Looking forward to new stories
20 days ago
20 days ago
I am back to writing... with a vengeance. Je Suis Charlie!
23 days ago
so exciting for me to know that you wank as i am nude on your screen now !
23 days ago
Thanks for your message :)

I am really happy to know that you like to watch me nude !

Kisses :)
25 days ago
PLEASE finish part III to your story!!! I've had a blue balls for 7 months!!
25 days ago
thank you for the add you have a good profile
25 days ago
thank you for invite, nice profile