Amy & Robs First Encounter

This is my first story please comment if you enjoy it.

This is NOT a true story! This is just fiction!

Amy & Robs First Encounter.

I went to bed early one night to go watch a film it was around 7:30pm when I got into bed, I turned on the TV and switched over the channel till I got to the one I wanted. The film was Ace Ventura I think. After the film I heard my s****r coming in from her date banging the door closed running up stairs into her room crying wanting to see if she was alright I got out of bed put on some underware and went into her room.

"You ok Amy?" I said to her with concern.

"No I'm Not" She cried "That wanker Mike blew me off after dinner to go see his Ex!"

My s****r was one of the popular girls who was always going on dates so I knew it wouldnt be long till she got over this date with Mike.

"You will be fine" I said to her wrapping my arm around her "You will forget all about him tomorrow"

With a smile now on her face Amy gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek "Thank you Rob" She said.

As I walked back into my own room I heard Amy say my name so I turned round and went back into her room.

"Rob would you mind if I came and stayed in your room tonight?" Amy said to me.

Me and Amy have always been close and when we were younger she would sl**p in my room on a regular basis.

"Yeah course you can Amy get yourself ready for bed and just come through" I said to her.

As I get back into bed Amy came through wearing a tight T-shirt and tiny hot pants. Amy was a beautiful girl with an amazing figure long tanned legs that met a small round tight ass, a pair of small but perky tits and she had long blonde hair that went down to her upper back.

"Wow Amy!" I said as she came into my room.

"Sorry Rob but it gets rather hot in here when we are both in bed so I thought if I wore something little I wouldnt get so hot" She said with a little smirk on her face.

"Its fine Amy but you look amazing why Mike blew you off I will never know" I said smiling back at her. She got into bed and cuddled up with me as we layed in bed watching TV.

It wasnt long untill we fell asl**p still cuddled up with each other.

I woke up around 3am with my s****r looking up at me.

"Amy what are you doing?" I said as I looked down at her.

"Sorry Rob I couldnt help myself I havent slept in the same bed as a man in a long time and being in your arms all night got me all hot" She said to me blushing with a smirk on her face.

Rather confused with what was going on I pulled the covers back to see something that shocked me but also excited me, My little s****r Amy had her hot pants round her knees with one hand between her legs. Even though me and my s****r were close I had never seen her or even knew she did masterbate, Yeah she had cought me rubbing one out now and then but I never in my life thought I would witness my s****r playing with herself.

"Amy what the hell are you doing!?!" I said to her as I looked down shocked

She looked at me with a smile on her face and said "Whats wrong Rob do you not like what you see?"

I have to admit it was rather hot looking at my s****r in this way but I couldnt tell her this.

"No Amy its wrong your my s****r!" I said to her not taking my eyes off her crotch.

"Well this tells me diffrent!" She said moving her hand and grabing my cock.

I looked down to see Amys hand on top of my boxers just over my cock and at this time with the sight of what she was doing I was so hard things rushing through my mind about how wrong this was but it felt soo good.

"Amy this is wrong please you cant do this" I said to her still in shock with what was going on.

"Its just abit of fun Rob stop going out of your mind and relax Mom and Dad are on holiday and wont be home till next week so we are the only two in the house we wont get cought plus your cock looks like its enjoying it so why dont you" Amy said to me as she put her hand inside my boxers and grabbed my hard cock.

I looked into my s****rs eyes and could see the lush in hers. She started to pull my boxers down I helped her out lifting my legs up so she could take off my boxers fully she looked at my hard member with shock.

"Wow Rob your alot bigger than I can remember" She said to me shocked but also excited.

She hadnt seen my like this in around 3 years after she cought me masterbating in the shower when I was 15 and she was 12. I had came home from school after playing football and got in the shower and being at that age nobody home I started to rub one out not hearing my s****r come home I got more and more into it and just as I was about to blow my load Amy came walking into the bathroom and saw me she giggled and ran out I was in total shock. This had happened a few times before but what was going on now in my bed was something I had never exspected to happen.

As Amy grabed my hard cock I moaned out it was the most exciting thing I have ever felt she started to rub me up and down with one hand as her other from what I could see was rubbing herself.

"I know you would enjoy it if you just relaxed" Amy said to me with a whisper.

"Aww Amy this feels amazing its so wrong but it feels right" I said to her

"Well you will enjoy this even better" She said to me as she got up and moved her self over my cock she looked at me in my eyes smiled at me and licked her lips.

"Aww Amy this is taking things abit too far" I said to her but she didnt listen to me and lowered her head down and took my hard cock into her mouth it was extasy even at the age of 18 Amy was the first girl to ever take my cock in theyre mouth.

"OW MY GOD AMY!!" I shouted out as she began to suck on my cock taking it deep into her mouth I couldnt believe my sweet 15 year old s****r was sucking on my cock it felt amazing but there was still the feel of guilt I had in the back of my mind she is my s****r but it feels so amazing.

Amy lifted her head up and looked at me licking her lips and said "Well Rob you have had a little something off my why dont you return the favour?"

I was shocked she had said this but after what had just happened I couldnt say no.

As Amy moved her way up the bed she leaned forward and met me we looked deep into each others eyes, I dont know why I done this but I moved closer and met my s****r with a kiss.

"Wow sorry Amy I didnt mean to ermm.." I said but got interupted by Amy kissing me much more deeply our tongues mets in a deeply passionate kiss, As we kissed my hand moved between my s****rs legs and met her pussy I rubbed her slit and was amazed at how wet she was.

We broke from our kiss and Amy rested her head on my shoulder moaning in my ear as I rubbed her wet pussy.

Amy had a shaved pussy with a little strip of hair just above her little love button.

Amy took off her T-shirt and slid off her hot pants and layed on the bed I got up on my knees and looked at her she looked so amazing I leaned forward and kissed her kneck and moved my way down her body kissing down to her breasts, Her tits wernt the biggest but wernt exsactly small they were around a C cup and she had perfect perky pink nipples witch where erect at this point. I started to suck on them while still playing her pussy, Amy grabbed the back of my head and moaned out loud as I slid one of my fingers deep inside her pussy her warm wet juices covered my finger as I slid my finger in and out of her sweet pussy.

I moved down lower kissing down her flat firm belly as I got lower the sent of her pussy got stronger it was the sweetest smell I have ever smelt in my life as I got to her pussy I looked up at Amy the feeling out guilt I had felt before had gone and was repleaced with lush for my little s****r.

I began to lick around Amys pussy sliding a finger in and out of her pussy, My tongue finaly met her little clit and when it did I felt Amy shiver and heared her moan out, I started sucking and licking my little s****rs pussy while I finger fucking her, Amys moans began to get louder and more erotic I slid another finger inside her, She was so tight and the extra finger barely fit I began finger fucking her harder and faster licking and sucking her more and more untill her body started shaking and she started screaming with pleasuer.

"OW MY GOD IM CUMING IM CUMING!!" Amy screamed out as her pussy began quivering and covering my fingers with her hot juices, As Amy was cuming I finger fucked her and fast as I could untill something I did not exspect to happen to happen.

I pulled my fingers out of Amys pussy as she squirted all over me, Her hot love jucies covered me I was amazed I had never seen any one squirt before and it was amazing. I moved back up to Amy and kissed her.

"Hmmm that was amazing and you taste great" Amy said to me.

"Yeah that was pretty impresive Amy I have never seen anything like that before in my life!" I replied to her still in shock.

"Well its only ever happened once before" Amy said rather embarresed "But tonight dosent have to end if you dont want it to".

Amy got up layed me on my back and got on top of me, She leaned over to me and kissed me while holding the side of my face.

"You ready Rob?" Amy whispered in my ear.

"Hell yeah I am" I said to Amy.

Amy grabbed my cock and slowly slid it inside herself, The feeling was amazing her tight pussy around my cock and it made it even more exciting cause it was my little s****rs pussy.

"Ow my god Amy this is amazing!" I moaned out the feeling got so intence as Amy began to grid her hips on my hard cock getting faster and faster.

Amy dropped over me as I began thrusting my hard cock in and out of her tight wet pussy fast and hard I could feel that I was ready to cum and I could feel Amy was about to aswell so I pump my cock harder into my s****rs pussy as she moaned out loud.

"AWWWWWWW ROB IM GOING TO CUM" Amy screamed out as I fucked her fast and hard I could feel her pussy getting tight again as it had done before I knew it wouldnt be long untill she came agin.

"IM CUMING!" Screamed Amy and I felt her hot wet juices flood my cock as I fucked her as hard as I possibly could.

"Amy Im going to cum" I shouted.

"Cum inside me Rob I want to feel you cun deep inside my pussy" Amy screamed out as she was reaching the tip of her orgasum.

Just as Amy reached the tip of her orgasum I came inside my s****rs pussy, I havent came this much in my life but it felt so amazing! I held Amy close as both out orgasums subsided it was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt.

"Wow Rob that was so amazing I new it was going to be good to fuck you but never this good!" Amy said to me and she was move off of me.

"I agree Amy I never in my life thought that would happen but Im glad it did that was amazing" I replied to her trying to catch my breath.

Fucking my s****r was not somthing I had ever thought of doing but it was amazing her slender body riding my cock was the best feeling I have every felt.

"Well Rob you have litterly fucked me out and I think its bed time now" Amy said to me.

"Yes I agree Amy I think we should get some sl**p now and see what tomorrow brings" I replied.

Trust me this was just the begining of an amazing week me and my s****r had as our perent where away on holiday.


Please comment if you enjoyed this story. If you like it I will write another story of Rob And Amy.
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3 years ago
really hot great descriptions
3 years ago
Great story! Keep Writing
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
That was incredible! I can't wait to read more about Rob and Amy!
3 years ago
3 years ago
excellent i was hard from her hugging you