A helping hand for Lotte - part 3 (earning and lea

Part - 3

Lotte, again, stood facing the wall. This time she had to stay there for half-an-hour; though she did not have to keep her hands on her hand.

“You stand there now for half-an-hour, my girl,” Kiffi had said. “You be a good cow. Show me how good you can be.”

While she stood there, proving her obedience, Kiffi sat on the sofa, watching TV, and eating a sandwich and drinking tea that Lotte had prepared for him.

After she had recovered from her soul-searching orgasm, upon Kiffi making her eat one of her own bogies, which he had harvested from her nose, Kiffi had pushed her to her knees.

He had rubbed his huge black willy against her face, against her lips and nostrils; and she had kissed it, though not daring to suck it, having not yet been given permission.

“You have to earn sucking it, girl,” Kiffi had said. “Right now though you just rub it. Make it do a squirt on your face.”

Lotte had grappled with the phenomenally large penis, rubbing it up and down and aiming it at her face. The old black man had looked down at her, giving her the occasional slap around her head, to remind her to be good.

Lotte had rubbed and rubbed – and then a jet of spunk splattered into her face, Kiffi giving a high-pitched moan and grabbing her blonde hair.

“Good cow,” he had said. “Good cow.”

Then, upon his instructions, she had made him refreshments, afterwards going to her place by the wall, determined to prove she was a good girl.

“When I am ready,” Kiffi was now saying, “when my dick is ready again, you can earn the privilege of sucking it. You hear me, my girl? You hear me? Turn around and see me.”

Lotte turned around, to see Kiffi sprawled on the sofa, his big belly and thick legs massed onto the barely adequate sofa, his shirt showing the faint outline of man-boobs, and the light from the lamp on a nearby table showing the wrinkles of his sixty-year-old face.

“See me, girl,” he reiterated. “I own you now. I paid Billy good money for you.”


“Yes, girl. Billy is a married man; and he already got one white bimbo girl on the side. He don’t have too much time to make use of you. So he sold you on to me. He might come around for a suck now and then; but I am your owner. You are my good cow. So, moo for me. Go on – moo for me.”

Lotte blushed and felt immobilised by shame; but she saw the look of anger on the Nigerian’s fleshy, hard-eyed face, she did her best to produce some moo-ing sounds, to please him.

Indeed, he was pleased. He smiled at her, nodding in an avuncular manner. “Good girl. I know when you are trying. When you are trying your best. And I like that. I like it when you try.” He started to rub his willy through his grubby polyester trousers.

“It’s been a half-an-hour. You have done your time. Come her, sit on the floor by me.”

Lotte obeyed, sinking down on the floor, by the sofa. Kiffi stroked her long blonde hair, as he watched a movie on the TV. Sometimes, he gave her hair a hard yank, making her cry out in pain and surprise, and making Kiffi laugh.

“Just playing with you, girl,” he would say. “Just playing.”

After the movie had finished, Kiffi stood up. “I’m ready now. My dick is ready.”

Lotte felt her anus tingle, and she looked up at him, vowing to herself to be cooperative and fully obedient, to please him to the utmost.

“You have to earn sucking it,” said Kiffi, unzipping his trousers and then flopping out his willy, which was soft but still an impressive size.

He fiddled with his willy for a while, smiling at her, while she was fixed in fascination at the black member that was being so casually flopped around

Next, he undid the top button of his trousers and dropped them, pulling down his enormous boxer-shorts, then pushing down both garments to his ankles and turning away from Lotte.

“You make love to my bumhole, girl. To earn sucking my dick. You do a good job kissing and licking my bumhole and you earn the privilege of sucking my dick. It’s the only way. It’s one of my rules.”

Lotte felt as if she were drowning in a swirling pool of vaginal sensation. She crawled over to the old black man.

“That’s it, my girl. You try your best.” He bent over, to give her better access, sticking out his massive black buttocks, which were wrinkled and slab-like. “You do it, girl. You do it now. Good girl.”

Lotte knelt behind him, first kissing his buttocks, then licking them, then daring to pull those buttocks apart, to focus her eyes on his anus, which was a deeper black than the surrounding skin and puckered, slightly gaping.

“Go on, give it a little tickle with your finger,” he encouraged.

Greatly daring, Lotte used her fore-finger to gently stroke his anus, pushing her finger in very gently and very slightly.

“Good girl,” he said, breathing loudly, and beginning to fiddle with his willy. Lotte heard the fiddling noises and it made her anus tingle, that tingling then resounding all along her rectum.

“Kiss it girl. Tell it you love it and then kiss it.”

“I love you,” Lotte told his anus, and, holding his buttocks far apart, she gave that old anus a gentle and lingering kiss, causing Kiffi’s loud breathing to become louder and gruffer.

“Keep kissing it, girl.”

Lotte responded in full obedience, showering his anus with kisses, and feeling her own anus gape, as wide is if she were passing a motion.

“Tell it you love it and then give it a good licking,” ordered Kiffi.

Lotte hesitated, just for a moment, thinking of what her parents would feel, if they could see her engaged in these actions. Only a few weeks ago, at her eighteenth birthday, her mother had told her how proud she was that her ‘little Lotte’ was still a virgin.

Later her father had told her that he and her mother had arranged for her to take possession of her ‘own little flat’, so that she could start to become more independent. However, this independence had, in such a short time, led to a full discovery of her true character.

“Lick, girl!” shouted Kiffi, crashing into her memories. “Lick or I will punch you this time. No more smacks. Punches from now on!”

Lotte hurriedly applied her mouth to his anus, proceeding to lick with dedication, stopping only occasionally to say to that anus: “I love you.”

As she licked, tasting the full flavour of Kiffi, she could feel a gathering in her vagina, and a gathering in her stomach and heart. These gatherings grew in size and intensity as she licked and licked, growing to meet each other, as her tongue, unbidden, gently pushed its way into the old man’s anus, then going fully in and pushing even deeper, causing the gatherings in her to merge into a single vortex of emotional sensation that took her completely.

She gave an immense grunting cry and her whole body was racked with orgasm, which echoed throughout every piece of her soul, staining it with dark pleasure.

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