A helping hand for Lotte - part 2 (a questing fing

Part 2

Lotte stood facing the wall, as she had been ordered by the old black man, the Nigerian, Kiffi, a friend of Billy’s.

“Stand against the wall for ten minutes,” he had said. “Prove you are a good and obedient girl. Hands on your silly blonde head. Good girl.”

A few minutes prior, Kiffi had given her an intense orgasm by pushing his hand into her mouth. He’d had to give her a slap to engage her cooperation, but she had then complied properly and been a good girl with her mouth, as Billy had told her to be.

The previous week, Billy had told Lotte that he might send some of his friends around to see her. That previous week, Billy, a middle-aged Afro-Caribbean man, had called to repair the faulty radiator and had given her the first sexual experience of her entire eighteen years. She remembered the a****l-like noises she had made when Billy had shoved his willy down her throat, and she felt ashamed. She thought about her parents and how they would feel regarding these new developments in her life.

Now, her shoulders were painful, as she waited for Kiffi to give her her next instruction. He was watching a porn video on her computer. She could hear the noises of sex. She thought of how her father would be totally grief-stricken if he could see her now.

Suddenly, Kiffi was behind her, telling her to turn around and drop her arms. She did so, shyly and blushing, hoping he would not notice the body odour that was coming from her sweaty armpits. She felt so ashamed.

She looked up at the tall, sixty-year old Nigerian. Then she looked down, noticing that he had flopped his willy out. This was her fist glimpse of it. It was semi-erect, deeply black, very thick, and had an unusually large knob-end. She estimated that it would harden to about the same length as Billy’s, 12 inches, but Kiffi’s was rather thicker.

Kiffi laughed, his huge belly jiggling slightly; and he started to fiddle with that willy.

“That’s right, girl – look at what you love and respect. Look at that black dick of mine. Love it and respect it. And tell me – tell me you love and respect it.”

“Yes,” said Lotte, softly. “I do.”

“Tell me properly or you’ll get a smack!” he shouted at her. “You need to learn, girl. You need to learn.”

“I love and respect your black dick,” said Lotte.

“Get down and kiss it then. But don’t you dare suck it until I tell you.”

She dropped quickly to her knees and started to give Kiffi’s willy gentle kisses, holding it carefully, desperate to please. She thought, though, of her father. If he could see her now!

Also, what would her mother say. Her mother had always encouraged her to stay virginal until marriage; and indeed Lotte’s hymen was still intact. That previous week, Billy had used her mouth and throat but not her vagina; or anus. However, would her mother still consider Lotte a moral virgin, in view of recent activities.

Of course not. Her mother would be totally distraught, if she knew about that huge black willy that had gone down Lotte’s throat. Lotte now remembered that huge spurt of spunk that she had swallowed when that willy had been fully down her throat, the whole process giving her two orgasms. She had not realised that men could squirt out so much.

Also, thinking about her second sexual experience, as provided by Kiffi’s huge hand, she had not realised her mouth could open so very wide.

“Good girl,” Kiffi was now saying, breaking into her reverie. “Now talk to it. Tell it how you love and respect it.”

Lotte blushed and whimpered, looking up. Kiffi had raised his hand, indicating she would be smacked if she did not obey.

Holding Kiffi’s willy, which was now fully erect, and indeed a full 12 inches, and indeed thicker than Billy’s, she kissed the knob-end. “I love you and respect you,” she told that huge, black, glistening knob-end. “I am a good girl, and I love and respect you.” She kissed it again; and Kiffi grabbed her hair, hauling her to her feet and pushing her roughly against the wall.

“Little girlie, I want to play with you some more, before you suck it,” he said. “Come right up to me. Good girl.”

Her scalp stinging, she staggered forward and happened to glance across the room at her computer, which was still playing the porn movie Kiffi had been watching while she had proved her obedience.

A very young girl, surprisingly young, was splayed out on her back, and a huge black man was putting his huge willy into her anus. It seemed impossible that such a huge member could enter such a small and young entrance. However, it happened. That young anus was fully distended and totally invaded. The girl’s cries of pain seemed very real.

As were Lotte’s cries of pain that she suddenly hear herself emit as she bounced against that wall. Kiffi had given her a mighty slap across the face. She could feel his anger sweep over all her senses, her vagina responding by giving a minor gush, and her anus going into a surprisingly deep spasm, as if it were envying the anus of that young girl on the computer screen.

“Bad girl!” Kiffi was shouting at her. “Bad cow. You look at me. You do not look away! You do not ever look away from me when I am playing with you! Do you understand you silly bad cow?!”

“Yes, yes, I am so sorry, so very sorry,” Lotte stuttered, looking up at him.

“Next time, you will feel my fist. You be careful, girl. Very careful.”

“I am so sorry. I’ll be a good girl. I didn’t mean to be bad.”

“Well, you were bad. A bad cow.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Moo for me, like a good cow. Prove you are sorry.”

Lotte was frozen, unsure that she had understood.”

“Moo for me or you will feel my fist, my girl.”

Lotte then did her best, emitting a series of mooing sounds, like a cow, until Kiffi was satisfied.

He laughed and told her to stop, reaching out for her small but plump breasts, and starting to squeeze them. To begin with, his squeezing was exploratory but then became a punishment, he squeezing so hard and roughly that Lotte was made to whimper and moan, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Beneath her sweater and bra, her poor breasts accepted their punishment, some squeezes being so extreme as to twist that particular breast completely out of shape. Lotte feared that Kiffi might actually burst one of her breasts, so rough was his treatment of them know. “Please,” she said. “Not quite so hard.”

He gave her a minor slap, painful, but nothing compared to the mighty slap of before. “I am just milking my cow,” he said. “I have to squeeze hard to get the milk out of your udders.”

She smiled at him, hoping to placate him. He resumed the squeezing, as rough and hard as before.

“One day, I will milk your udders for real,” he said. “One day, when I am ready, I will make you pregnant. Then, when I squeeze your udders, milk will really squirt out. I can make some money out of that, too. Lots of men will pay good money to watch a young girlie having her udders milked.”

Lotte’s vagina squelched and distended, giving her an orgasm. She grunted deeply, like an a****l, and was instantly ashamed. A powerful smell came from her vagina, mixing with the sweat smell coming from her armpits. Kiffi looked down at her and smiled.

She looked down at Kiffi’s willy, which seemed even bigger than before. It had been fully hard before; but now it was fully-hard plus.

“A new game, now,” said Kiffi, releasing her breasts.

Gently, he stroked her cheek with his fore-finger, then trailing it to her mouth. In obedient expectation, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and then wider, determined to be a good girl.

Kiffi, though, used his other hand, pushing up her chin, to close her mouth, moving his exploring finger to one of her nostrils; that finger was then pushing into that nostril.

Lotte, determined to be a good girl, stood still, using all her will-power to negate that first urge to step back from the intimate and rude invasion. She had been well-trained by the smacks she had received.

Kiffi’s finger pushed all the way into her nostril, swivelling around, searching. Her anus gaped. Her vagina squelched.

After a few seconds of manoeuvre, Kiffi’s finger found what it was looking for, hooked it and pulled out.

“Look!” he said, his voice full of excitement. On his finger was a very large, moist ball of Lotte’s nasal mucus. He flaunted it right in front of her face, and she blushed deep and deeper.

“You dirty girl,” he crowed. “I have one of your bogies, here. Your nose is full of bogies. You dirty girl!”

“I’m sorry,” said Lotte. “I’m sorry for being dirty.”

He pushed the finger towards her lips. “Swallow your bogie,” he said, pushing his finger into her mouth.

As his finger entered, there was a faint taste of the bogie, and she swallowed, and then she made a tremendous a****l grunting noise, the loudest noise she had very made, as a razor-sharp orgasm cut into her soul.

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