A young girl gets a big surprise

Young Lotte invited the middle-aged black chap into her home. She was expecting him, as her cental heating was in need of repair and she had made an appointment for that morning. A young 18-year-old blonde, she had only just moved away from home, and into her own place. After only two weeks, though, the central heating had proved faulty. It was only September, but Lotte was thinking ahead to the chill of winter!

The repairman, a stocky black man in his late fifties, smiled at her, and she led him into the sitting-room and pointed at the faulty radiator. He put down his toolbag in front of the radiator and turned to smile at Lotte, who blushed, as she was rather a shy young girl.

"I'm desperate to go to the toilet first," said the man.

Lotte blushed even deeper, as she pointed at the hallway. "First door on the left," she said.

A few minutes later, he returned, but Lotte noticed that he seemed to have forgotten to put away his willy. It was hanging out of his jeans, and it flopped from side to side as he walked towards her.

She gasped and pointed at it, not having any idea of how to broach the subject of his absentmindedness.

He looked down; then he laughed. "I am so sorry, my love," he said. "Sometimes, I do that. I completely forget. I think about what needs doing for the repair, go through the details in my mind, and I forget what's what."

"That's okay," said Lotte.

Absent-mindedly, the man reached down and started to fiddle with his willy, which, though only soft, was at least six inches long.

Lotte could not help looking. She had never had sex before. She had always been very shy and had never accepted any date invitations from the young men she had encountered at her office.

"Go on," said the black man. "Give it a quick suck. I can see you want to."

Lotte gasped and took a step back, though she longed to step forward all the way and get down on her knees.

The man, stocky, middle-aged and having an aura of strong physicality, stepped towards her, giving his deep black willy a casual rub. He smiled at her, and Lotte smiled back.

Sinking to her knees and gasped again, heavily and deeply. She felt her vagina flood with wetness. Her knickers had suddenly become soaked.

The man rubbed his semi-erect willy against her lips and she moaned. "Open up, love," he said, gently. "We need to get this in your mouth."

Lotte did as she was told and felt the heaven of that lovely black willy slide right into her mouth and grow harder and harder.

"That's it, my love. You suck it. Suck that lovely black dick. Lovely lovely black dick in your mouth."

Skill that she never knew she possessed came to Lotte and she was soon sucking, licking and kissing like a seasoned whore, moaning and gasping, loudly and coarsely, like an a****l. The man's willy was now fully erect and was in the region of 12 inches.

He was now pulling her head onto it, trying to get as far down her throat as far as possible. "My wife can't get it all the way down," he was saying, as Lotte gagged and dribbled. "But I want you to be a good girl and swallow every bit of it, all the way down your throat.

Lotte was gagging and gagging, and a big pool of dribble stained the carpet just in front of her knees; and she wanted to take a rest from the willy; but the man would not let her. "Be a good girl," he said. "Take it all."

Magically, it seemed, her throat opened up and took every portion of that huge black willy, every aspect of its length, texture, taste and width. She orgasmed, intensely, her vagina squelching, her anus quivering. The man's spunk was a small river that went right down her young throat. This gave her a second orgasm.

"Oh, that was lovely," she said, still kneeling on the carpet, watching the man, a combination kindly uncle and sexual dominator, repair the radiator.

"Whenever I need it sucked, I'll be round to see you, from now on," he said. "And I want you to be a good girl. All right?"

Lotte nodded.

"I might send some of my friends round, as well," he said. "So, you be a good girl for them too. Be a good girl with your mouth. Understand?"

"Yes," said Lotte. "From now on, I'm going to be a good girl with my mouth."
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Love the story!
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3 years ago
did the central heating get fixed in the end?