great f*ck

A few years ago i started chatting online.
And i can honestly say that that was not realy my cup of tea.
Yeah i met a few interesting people, but that happend like 5 times!
I started chatting 2 kill some time, when i got bored.
Not 2 find a man, or a date.

I remember it was in the day time, someone clicked on my name and the chatscreen appeard: en vallen al die mannen je al lastig..?
Whitch means: and are all the men bothering you?
That caught my attention and it made me smile. I was curious to find out who that guy was on the otherside.
He came a across as a very funny and sexy guy.
We had a nice talk and we exchanged emailadresses.
I instantaneously added him to my list.

After a few days of email contact things started 2 heat up, we agreed 2 see eachother on cam.
I was nervous, u know what i mean.. someone can be so nice and cute online that your imagination takes it to a whole new level and your sexy cute chatbuddy is now a calvin klein model.
And not to forget, his imagination must have worked as well, so that made me a bit nervous.

I heard the sound of someone getting online on my MSN.
It was him.. the moment of truth..
The cams went on... and there he was..FUCKING HOT! no really he was a piece of eye-candy.
I could see on the look on his face, that he didnt dislike what he saw, so that was a relief.
for the next hour we laughed, he made m giggle and blush.. i liked that. and on top of it all he had an amazing smile.
We exchanged phone numbers, and started texting.
It came up in conversation that he wanted 2 meet me in reallife..
But like i already said in my other story, i am prudish when it comes to the guys, so i wasnt hysterical when he said that.
Anyway a few months later i had the courage to meet him.
We set a date, i was with a friend having a few drinks and we agreed to meet for a few minutes just to get all the tension behind us.

That night i got a text, he was on his way over. my hart started pounding and i was so nervous!
I left my friend behind and said that i would be back in 10 minutes, i walked across the street, and waited to see him..
he called me to find out where is was standing, i looked to the left and there he was.
I got sick with nerves.. he walkes up to me.. The cam didnt lie.. he's hot!
He's got a fit body, muscular, pretty face, a smile that made me blush.
We talked, nerves disappeared and made room for immediate sexiness..
I saw his look stray off to my cleavage.. normal i would mind, but now i didnt, i heard him talk, but my mind was wandering off.. in my mind i saw him fucking me doggystyle, his hand through my hair, pulling my head back.
But that moment was over very fast cause i saw my girlfriend walking over.
A bit awkward we said our goodbyes.

The next few weeks the sexual tension was noticeable, the text-messages got even more dirty, and i wanted nothing more then feeling him deep inside me.
So we agreed 2 another meeting.
we would see eachother in a week, and we both knew what that was gonna be about..

Friday night, he would pick me up in his car and we would drive 2 somewhere deserted.
I did all the preparations, took a bath, shaved etc.
It was about 10 pm when i got a ring, it was him, he would be at my house in 30 min.
I was starting to get nervous, and i couldnt sit still.
about 25 min later i got a text: Im here, come outside.
I took a deep breath and got outside, there he was, i got in the car and we drove off.

In the middle of the road he stopt, i looked at him questioning.
He took of his seatbelt, felt his hand in my neck and he pulled over 2 kiss me intense.
his tongue played with mine and my lips couldnt get enough of him.
I felt the pressure of his hand in my neck, which made me weak knowing that he would take control, i loved that.
All of a sudden he stopt, put his seatbelt back on, and drove off.
I was so hot, i was blushing, and so horny.

He drove into a deserted car park.
It was dark outside.
we talked for a few minutes, smoked a cigarette.
I couldnt fake it anymore, my whole body required his full attention.
I leaned over to kiss him, my hand reached for his chest, and soon wandering off..
my lips touched his, and soon we were on fire.
he pushed me back in my seat, he came over to my side and took place between my legs, i felt his weight pressing against my body, i made me so hot
hands were everywhere and we couldnt get enough of eachother, i felt his hand on my breast.. stroking it gently, i felt my nipples getting hard.
He started kissing and licking my neck, i felt him bite my earlobe once i a while.. that made me yearn for more..
this position was getting a bit uncomfortable for him so he suggests to move to the backseat.

I got in first and lie down on my back.
He sat inbetween my legs on his knees, and helped me get out of my pants.. and knickers..
my legs were spread, and again i felt his wait down on my pussy..
We started kissing and i felt his hand gently stroking my lips..i was wet..
His lips kissed my ear, neck, and my breasts, he pulled my bra down and licked my nipple, he sucked my nipple rough and passionate, i started breathing heavy, and felt my body shiver.
He spread my lips, and i felt 2 fingers getting inside of me, first gentle.. but it didnt take long for him to notice that i like it rough.. his fingers got lost and he was fucking me hard en deep.
He took is shirt and pants of.. i could see his cock trough his boxers, he was so hard.. the sight of his cock trapped is his boxer was turning me on even more, i never wanted to suck cock that much in my life, i couldnt wait to taste his thick warm cum.
I pushed him off of me i wanted to taste his hard tick warm cock.
I kissed his lips, neck, and went down for his nipples licked them gently, went down further..
I openend my mouth and let my tongue take it away, the tip of my tongue licked the tip of his hard cock, hmm the tast of his cock made me yearn for more.
I closed my lips around his hard thick cock and sucked him with passion, his hands went trough my hair and he pushed me further down on his hard cock.
He pulled me up by my hair, and kissed me, he turned around and now he was on top of me.
I felt his hard cock pressing against my pussy, his lips where working on my neck, i whisperd: fuck me..
inch by inch his hard thick warm cock penetrated me, it felt soo good.. i moaned..yearning for more.
My hands were on his back, wandering off to his great ass, and with every push i pressed him further inside of me.
He fucked me so good, soon he stept up the pace, his cock felt so good..
I saw him sweat, and licked it up.. i wanted to taste every drip of his body fluid on my tongue.
my hart started pounding, and i wanted to hold my breath so i could concentrate more on every push of his hard cock inside of me.
I told him to fuck me harder and deeper, i was so hot!
His hands entangled around my neck, and while he stept up the pace he started chocking me 4 a minute, he made me so wet!
After time of some sirious good fucking, he pulled out, and let me suck on that hard thick cock once again.
His breathing got heavy, and he was going to cum soon..
I sucked and sucked i heard him moan and there it was, a load of warm, tick cum in my mouth.
He tasted lovely and i swallowd the lot..

After some more playing we got dressed, smoked a cigarette, and he brought me home.
We kissed goodbye and he drove off.
About 10 minutes later i was in bed.. thinking about what just happend.. not knowing that we would have a lot more fun in the future..

xxx Diosa..
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4 years ago
great story - especially the last part - really turned me on - thanks baby
4 years ago
wat een heerlijk verhaal, kanp om dat ook in het Engels te doen....
4 years ago
Gweldig ... spontane erectie ... wou dat ik ze samen met jou kon wegwerken :)
4 years ago
A nice story again. :)
4 years ago
lucky dude!
4 years ago
Heel geil verder....

4 years ago
Leuk verhaal!
4 years ago
That was one sexy story! Mi diosa
4 years ago
yeah baby...
you make randy all man who read your story. maybe you must write the main part of story with more details which you talk about fucking. cuz i think this part is weak side of story.
but if you improve this, it will be perfect story.
i wait your next story impatiently
4 years ago
Hey schatje!

Heerlijk verhaal.. lekker geil beschreven met spannende details! Mmmmmmm.. thanx!
4 years ago
you re the perfect story teller! it is obvious you took a lot of pleasure with the guy! you ll be unreachable after giving so much excitation to the xh male crew! i feel bad for u, i m a funny and sexy guy too ;P
4 years ago
Nice Story.... domination... cool!
4 years ago
Leuk verhaal hoor ;)!
4 years ago
Very romantic story with the long build up, before you decided to give yourself. Curious that you did not write that you came as well, or were you too tired when your were back in your bed?
4 years ago
heerlijk verhaal, you go girl
4 years ago
skon geschreven was ik maar degene die reed in de auto hihihih kusssssssssss
4 years ago
leuk verhaal :)
4 years ago
wonderful story keep it up :)
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
Nice story. ^^
4 years ago
da's n heel verhaal,en prettig om te lezen thanks for sharing ;-)
4 years ago
well , it might not be literature .. but hell yeah my flatscreen is smokin' :) ... nice1 sexy
4 years ago
hmmmm lekker hoor !!!!!
ik kon dr weles bijgeweest zijn
zo heb ik me ingeleefd!
4 years ago
Diosa, thats a great story, well writen with plenty of detalis,
u sure got my cocks atention, u need to write the folow up soon, lets have his cum on ur face or tits in the next one so you can rib it in and like some off ur fingers.
fuck, think il have a wnnk now,
4 years ago
Hmmm I imagine you, shy girl, becomes smokin hot !!.. Made me horny