My Ever Developing MILF Fantasy

This is my first post, let me know what you think?

The stranger in the bar:

It's set on a warm Autumn afternoon, I'm sat at a table having a drink alone, as your partner and you walk in wearing a short dress. my eyes drawn to you, as you're walking to your table exposing just the slightest glimpse of your stocking tops, showing just a little more as you sit down.. As you're chatting you notice me glancing at your stocking top trying not stare and you catch my eye, and as I blush you give me a wry smile and wink and carry on chatting..

As I'm looking around the room I notice that every time I look back you'd shifted slightly, allowing me to see more and more of your underwear until I've got a perfect view under the table of your spread stocking clad legs and moistening panties.. as you give me a cheeky glance to see me running my hand slowly running over my cock through my trousers, knowing you've turned me on so much I'm rubbing my hard cock in public makes your clit throb as you feel your lips moisten and you can't resist discretely running your finger over your clit trying to pay attention to your partner and not me until it all becomes too much and you make your excuses to use the bathroom, not thinking, horny and desperate to cum you slyly signal me to follow you to the bathroom.. as your stood pretending to look for the bathroom you see me stand and walk your direction. with your heart pumping in your ears you slowly start walking toward the disabled toilet sensing me behind you.

Stepping inside you turn to me put your finger to my lips and go "Shhhhhhhhh" running your hand down to my bulging trousers, rubbing your hand over my hard cock feeling it throb when we passionately kiss and as my hands run up over your stocking tops,until I'm teasing your pussy through your soaked panties. Pushing me to the wall you take out my cock and start wanking it as you drop to your knees, greedily taking my cock into your mouth, drooling all over it as you suck faster and harder, teasing and fucking your soaked pussy with your fingers.. feeling my cock tighten knowing I'm about to cum you stand up, lift your dress and bend over the sink feeling me grab your panties pulling them down as I go to my knees kissing, biting and licking your cheeks, running my tongue over the cleft of your cheek towards your pussy, as I grab your cheeks spreading your pussy letting my tongue run over your clit and deep into your wet pussy, teasing you until I'm slowly fucking you with two fingers rubbing your clit as they twist deep into you. biting your lip trying not to scream, but then you let out a groan of pleasure as my hot wet tongue runs over your tight arse hole and begins to tease it until my wet tongue is teasing and fucking your tight wet arse as my fingers fuck your pussy, until you start to cum so hard your legs turn to jelly and you collapse into the sink...

as you look for your panties you see me walking out the door. After straightening your self out and give up looking for your panties you walk back to your partner trying to look composed as your clit throbs and legs gently shake. As you sit down you see I'm sat in the same place, but this time you can see your moist panties wrapped around my hard cock as I slowly wank into them until I cum hard in to them... Eventually your partner goes to the bathroom and I get up to leave and walk past you as I do I slip your cum soaked panties in your hand along with my number, smile say thank you and leave...

Do you call??
89% (17/2)
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6 months ago
very nice xxx
6 months ago
I think you should write more
10 months ago
would you call though ? xxx
10 months ago
great story so erotic and horny i loved it and had to read it twice wanking till i sprayed cumm everywhere what a horny sexy lady x
10 months ago there's an idea :) xxx
1 year ago
I would definitely call!! xx
1 year ago
that would be in the top 10 things to do before i die xxxx
1 year ago
Interesting perspective?
From a male point of view?
Still! Great erotic story... :)
1 year ago
Very nice x
1 year ago
Why do you write as if you are a man?
1 year ago
Hope she calls you