Creative answer to Step-Mom Q.

I was on another website where someone asked for advice on how they should go about getting his Step-Mom to fuck him. I thought, "What the hell!" and gave him the following suggestion. What do all of you think?

Here are some steps to take to see if you can get your step mom her in bed and who knows maybe the kitchen, living and dining rooms too! All you need is some lube, a prepared question, and some guts!
First, when no one is home, search your step-mom and dad's room. When you find a sex toy, doesn't matter which (hopefully it's a dildo or vibrator) leave it out. It is important to do it in such a way that it looks like she or your dad left it there by mistake and also that she doesn't suspect you've been in there looking through their stuff.
When she goes to their room allow her only about 10 seconds so that she doesn't have time to see the toy and put it away. Walk in to the room and GLANCE around. Let your eyes settle on the toy for a moment. Make sure that you focus on it long enough so that she sees that you've spotted it, but don't stare at it so long that she gets embarrassed. If you want to add a little flare, take a barely audible quick breath and look stunned (big eyes). If you drop your jaw, then you’ve looked too long and overacted.
Refocus, look directly at her, and ask her the question. Yes, the one you’re supposed to have prepared. It must be easy enough for her to answer, not a yes or no, but one that won’t take too much explanation. Remember NOT to give her a sly, “I see what you’ve got there” smile as you ask. That’s the kind of cockiness that usually only works in the movies. The object here is not to embarrass her!
Instead, show her you recognize her sexually as if for the first time. As she answers, look her up and down. Do it in a way that's obvious, but don’t take 5 minutes either. Let her answer you and give your own one or two word response. If you can, simply nod. Rush out (Walk quickly; don’t be a dumb ass and run!) to either your room or bathroom whichever is closer. Keep in mind that if you share a room with siblings you should use the bathroom; there’s no sense in them walking in on you and ruining things. On that note, you should try to do this when there aren't a lot of other people running around the house anyway. They can be there as long as you’re confident they’ll stay wherever they are. The important thing is you don't want them to be anywhere they can hear or that they would likely wander by you.
Once you get into your room CLOSE the door completely (don't leave it open a crack, that's too obvious just yet). Use a lot of lubricant on your cock (which will absolutely be rock hard by now) and jack it off as loudly as possible. Moan, not too loudly, but loud enough so that she'll hear you when she walks by. Say her name, talk about how hot her body is and how much you want her. Say all of the naughty things you want to do with her. When you get close to cumming, talk as if you were fucking right there and repeat her name consistently. Don't try talking anal sex just yet! Baby-steps! She might not be into that and your goal is to get to fucking her on a regular basis. The key is to make sure she hears you, but not in a way that she guesses that’s what you’re doing!
See where it goes from there. She may come in right then and there. She may talk to you about it later. Who knows? If she doesn't say anything, pick a time to jack off in your room on a regular basis when you know she's within earshot. Check her out regularly, but especially right before your routine wank. If you get no response AFTER doing this a few more times with your door closed tight, the next time leave your door open just a crack. By this I mean shut it all the way, just don't turn the handle to totally close it. Do that a few times. If you still don't notice anything happening only then do you go a step further. Next time leave the door open enough so that you can barely look out. Since you've been doing this at a regular time, you might be surprised to see her peeking in to watch you!
Go through all of these things ahead of time. Look in the mirror and do the glancing around the room act. Rehearse your, “up, down, back up” glance. Practice asking the question. You might even throw in a few "uh's" or "um's" so she knows you saw it. Not only that, she’ll be less likely to suspect your plan. It's also necessary for you to know exactly how loud you sound with your door shut. Have someone stand outside and ask them if they can hear you with the door shut. A good excuse to tell them is that you just want to see if someone like your parents can hear you talking on your cell phone with the door shut. Again have a good supply of lube beforehand. You want her to be able to hear the smacking sounds so she has no doubt that you’re wanking to her. Let us all know how it turns out!
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3 years ago
wow! that's better than my advice... say "hey nice shoes wanna fuck" mine would proubly get him slapped, But mabey he's into that!!! lol. nah your wins! l8r