Natasha's Holiday

A couple of weeks ago, a young lady asked me to write a story about her, I thought that some of you may like to read it as well. I have changed her name to save her blushes.

I hope you like it.


Natasha's Holiday

Chapter 1

The dappled light played across Natasha’s face as she sat in the first class carriage of the Great Western Train speeding to the West Country. She was fortunate today as she had the whole carriage to herself for once. Many is the time she had been on the same train surrounded with people on their mobiles, laptops or just shouting across to their neighbour. Natasha was going down to spend the summer with her uncle C, as she had been doing for years. He was not her real uncle only a fifth cousin or something of her mother’s but she had always called him Uncle.

When she was little the whole f****y used to go and stay with him, in his large Edwardian House with a large walled garden, on Exmoor. He lived alone with his housekeeper come driver come everything else, Mrs Duncan, if she had any other names Natasha had never heard them in all the years she had visited.

Mrs. Duncan was tall and slim and very fit, she moved like a panther and had long dark hair that any Goth would have been proud of, but what was most startling was her piercing green eyes. Nick, as Natasha was known as in those days used to describe her to his mates as having legs up to her armpits and an arse you could crack nuts with. She lived in the granny flat, or as Uncle would call it, the annex. The f****y often talked about them and wondered why they had never married they had been together long enough. Was it a loving relationship or just purely domestic or business, anyway they were obviously good friends. It was probably because uncle had been a close friend of her late husband, that it hadn’t gone any further, he was like that. There was a framed photograph of Uncle and “Duncan” on the piano, both in commando uniform in some desert.

As she sat dreaming on the train she well remembered the time that had changed her life. Her father had sent her to stay there on her own. Nick as he was then, had been given the usual guff from his dad about being polite and not being rude and how he should behave himself. His dad had written to uncle C that he was not to take any rudeness or cheek form him, and he had their full permission to be in locum parentis.

Dad had written to Uncle C about Nick’s little problem as he liked to call it, as Uncle C was looked upon as the families tame shrink, (he was a social psychologist or something like that) they thought that he may be able to do something to help him.

Uncle called Nick into his study, “I understand that you are having a little difficulty in deciding who or what you are” he said. Nick went crimson, how dare his old man discuss this with other people, just because he had been caught masturbating with some women’s clothes on, it was his problem and he would sort it out. “Please be so good as to go with Mrs. Duncan and she will give you something else to wear while you are here” uncle said. Nick had only ever worn his old t-shirts and jeans and the usual sexless outfits of youngsters his age. “For the next nine months while you are staying here you will dress as a young lady and behave like one at all times”, said Uncle. “You will then be able to make an informed decision at the end of your stay”.

When they got to his room, Mrs. Duncan had bought all sorts of very feminine things and laid them out for him.
“I’m not putting those on” Nick snarled.
“I’m sorry young man” replied Mrs. Duncan “But your treatment is in your uncle’s hands, not yours”
“Treatment” screamed Nick, “There’s nothing wrong with me, what treatment do I need”?
“Now don’t fight it” soothed Mrs Duncan, “Your Uncle knows what he is doing, he’s considered an expert in these matters”. Nick felt the tears sting his eyes, “I won’t do it”. “I want to go home” he wailed.
“Please be so good as to take your clothes off”, Mrs. Duncan ordered. Nick was a little surprised at her tone, “I can’t - not while you’re in here” he sobbed. “If you won’t take them off, then I will have to do it for you”, Mrs. Duncan said rather matter of factly. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t” whimpered Nick, trying to make himself as small as possible. “You will young man, so it is no use fighting, you know won’t win” said Mr. Duncan. “I can’t” said Nick softly, and before he could say anymore he was whipped off his feet and was dangling upside down in Mrs Duncan’s arms. He struggled and fought as best he could, but to no avail. Nick had never met a girl as strong as this. She really did keep herself in shape. He felt his clothes being dragged off him and it wasn’t long before he found himself back on his feet without a stitch on.

Mrs. Duncan stood back and inspected him, Poor Nick felt himself getting a boner, there was nowhere to hide and nothing he could do about it!

“I think we are going to have lose some of that hair”, mused Mrs. Duncan. “No way” argued Nick, “I like my hair longer. “Not that hair” laughed Mrs. Duncan, “Your body hair” she quipped with a big grin. “I won’t let you” said Nick getting ready for a fight.

Just then Uncle walked through the door, “Not dressed yet” he said, “I think we are going to have to lose some of that hair” he said to Mrs. Duncan. “I’ve just told him that” she replied. “Come on Nick, don’t make it difficult for yourself” uncle soothed, “It’s OK, hundreds of women do it every day”. “But I’m not a woman” shouted Nick. “That’s not the impression that you have been giving your f****y, at least that is what your dad feels” said Uncle. “This way we will know one way or the other, won’t we”.
“I won’t cried Nick.

Once more Nick found himself spinning in the air, this time he landed spread-eagled on the bed. He tried hard to f***e himself up but someone had strapped him down. “When the fuck did that happen” he thought. He was helpless.

“You start on the chest and work your way down” said Uncle “And I will start at the feet and work my way up, and we should meet in the middle by the flag pole”, laughed Mrs. Duncan. Nick was mortified, but he could hardly move a muscle.
By this time Nick was sobbing uncontrollably, “There are laws against this” he said between gritted teeth, “I am going to report you, you see!”
Uncle just smiled and said nothing; they just worked on removing his hair with those sticky strips. It was a burning pain, but Nick found himself enjoying it. Why was his body and mind betraying him like this, it was not fair.

Uncle and Mrs. Duncan stepped back. “What shape the pubic hair”? asked Uncle. “Or should we take it all off, crack sack the lot”? “How about leaving a tasteful heart shape”, volunteered Mrs. Duncan. This was becoming all too surreal for Nick. At least I won’t have to hold his John Thomas out of the way”, she laughed “You can see he is obviously enjoying it”! Nick lay there defeated. “You chose” said Uncle to Mrs. Duncan. She bent close with some clippers and a razor and set to work. Nick lay there feeling her hair dragging back and forth over his cock. “She’s doing this on purpose” he thought to himself, as he got more excited and his cock got harder. “Please don’t let me come, Lord please don’ let me come in her hair he prayed. She stood up and stepped back to admire her work “What do you think”, she asked uncle. “As always, you know best”, he smiled “And a very neat job, if I may say so”. “Finish up here and I will see you two girls downstairs for dinner in, let’s say, about an hour”. With that he was gone.

Nick was shaken out of his stupor; it was Mrs. Duncan talking to him. “What?” Nick stuttered. “Do you want me to help you with that”? said Mrs. Duncan gesturing towards his hard on. Before he could say anything her hand, still slippery from the cream she had been massaging into the parts they had just exfoliated, slid down his manhood. Nobody had ever touched his cock let alone wank him. Nick couldn’t help himself, he could feel himself cumming, involuntarily his buttocks lifted up as the first drops started to shoot out, he thought he felt a small sting in his bum cheeks, but this ejaculation was the strongest he had ever felt. It just kept coming and coming. He lay back exhausted and confused. He didn’t like what Uncle and Mrs. “D” were doing, yet at the same time he was enjoying it and wanting more.

“Well Nick, are you going to lie there all evening and miss dinner, or are you going to shake your stumps and get dressed and come down with me”, asked Mrs. Duncan.
“Where are my clothes” Nick mumbled.
“I have already shown you, young lady” was Mrs. Duncan’s reply. “Now put them on, or do we have to fight over it again, don’t make me f***e you”.

Nick looked at the clothes laid out before him, Mini’s, Evening dresses, and a selection of tops and bottoms.
“You will now answer to the name of Natasha” Mrs. Duncan told Nick, “I will help you with your makeup for the next couple of days, and give you a few lessons on how to walk and sit, then you are on your own”. “Now try some of these on” she comanded.

Nick inspected everything, “How on earth am I supposed to wear them” he thought to himself. He picked up a rather nice red mini and a lacy whit top, but what affected Natasha the most was the silk undies and stockings. She tried a few other things on; she had never seen herself dressed as a girl, at least not with her own stuff. The silk underwear convinced her and she found herself taking to them like a duck to water. “My you have been hiding you light” said Mrs. Duncan. She made Natasha jump. “Sorry my dear” she said, “but you look so beautiful in that little red dress, I thought you would”. Don’t be sorry, you have very lovely legs and a cute bum” she laughed giving it a tap.

At dinner, uncle was full of compliments. “Did you give her a shot” asked uncle matter of factly. “What shot thought” Natasha. “O yes” grinned Mrs. Duncan, “But I am afraid she was a little occupied at the time” she laughed.
“What shot” asked Natasha. “Why your hormones” replied uncle, “We don’t want to be having to shave in that lovely outfit, now do we”?

What finally convinced Natasha was when Uncle C told her to go to the supermarket for a few things they needed. “I can’t go out like this” Natasha said to her uncle, people will stare at me dressed up like a girl”. “I hope they will” replied uncle “You are a very beautiful girl”. “Now take the bag and go, and don’t be long, we need the stuff for lunch”

Natasha reluctantly set off; keeping to the shadows where she could, she did the shopping in record time hoping to get out without too many people seeing her, but wouldn’t you know it, there was a queue!!

As she stood there looking at the magazines and sweets, she felt a hand lightly move under her dress, when it touched her arse, it made her jump, so much so the checkout girl noticed. Natasha looked round and there was a man pressing up behind her with a noticeable hard on. “What the” Natasha exclaimed, it had taken her quite by surprise. By this time the store security had arrived, because the girl had pressed the alarm. As the man was taken away, the manager came full of apologies, with the usual “If there is anything we can do etc. At least they waved the bill.

Natasha hurried back to tell Uncle and Mrs. Duncan what had happened. “We told you, you were attractive, now will you believe us” Mrs. Duncan admonished her, “You will have to learn to be on the lookout for that kind of thing.

It wasn’t long before Natasha realised that she had uncle C wrapped around her little finger. She could do anything with him, and over the years despite the occasional teasing he had never even raised his voice to her. Secretly she thought she may be a little in love with him.

This year things were a bit different. Though she had settled into the routine at Uncles, and was behaving like a dutiful niece, she was still not too happy with what was going on, she was still confused about her life, she found herself feeling horny in all the wrong places and was masturbating at every spare moment. She was sure they knew about this but were not saying anything. On top of all of that she had a bit of a sore throat. Probably from all that screaming and shouting at the concert the other night. Who was it that had told her that to gargle with whisky was good for it? In uncle C's cupboard was a large bottle of single malt, whatever that was, it stood waiting for her. She was sure that he would not mind if she had some. That first glass tasted awful, but it did have something to recommend it so she drank some more, "yes" she thought, "I could go some on this". It was not long before she was feeling very mellow and quite happy. What could she do to make uncle C's life a bit better; after all he had been very kind and understanding to her. He loves Bar - B - Que's she thought; I will do one for him.

She found some steak in the fridge and some chicken legs there were even some pork slices and chops. She took them all and not forgetting this wonderful bottle of nectar that she had half d***k, out to the barby and lit the fire. Things were very good, the meat smelled delicious, now what did he usually do at this point? "I know he usually based the meat with??? What"? Natasha poured some of the scotch over the food. There was a flash as the liquid ignited and she fell sideways and knocked the bottle into the barby. Flames leaped up, and the hanging flower baskets caught fire things were getting out of hand. Natasha wished that she had not d***k so much of the liquid. Just then Uncle C came round the corner and summed everything up in a moment. He picked up Natasha and carried her back just before the bottle exploded showering everything in glass. He managed to put the fire out and tidy up everything. Then he turned to Natasha and picked her up and carried her gently upstairs.

She was more than a little d***k and very shocked at what had happened. Not only that she was filthy from the charcoal and the smoke. She wondered what that smell could be. It was her. When she had fallen in the flowerbed she had fallen into the manure that had been spread all over. Her new clothes were torn somehow in all of the excitement. What a mess!

Uncle C carefully undressed her and helped her into a nice warm bath. He could not leave her in this state, so he bathed her as he used to when she was little. Natasha was not sure how to react as this had not happened to her for years, and she felt very small again. Uncle C washed her hair with the shower then soaped her all over just as he used to and rinsed her off. She remembered they used to play firemen and he would put the shower on the thin jet and chase her around the bath with it. This time he was gentle and caring. He took her out and wrapped her in a soft warm towel and put her to bed with a black coffee. How many of those had he made me drink, she thought as she dropped off to sl**p.

A voice came through the warmth of sl**p, "Wake up Natasha", who was this Natasha she thought. "Wake up Natasha"! That's me she realised as she opened her eyes. Nobody else usually called her that. It had always been my little Angel since uncle C had coined it when she was 2 years old, she was his little Angel. She liked to think of herself as a little Angel. Uncle C stood there not looking very pleased. "I think that it is time that you got up." “Four and a half hours is long enough for anyone to sober up". "Get dressed and come down to my study, we need to talk"! And with that he swept out of the room. He had never spoken to her like that in all the years that she had known him. The memories of the drink and the barby came flooding back in her mind.

A few minutes later she was stood in front of uncle C, she could see without having to be told that he was not best pleased.
"Have I ever treated you badly"? He asked her.
He had always been more than kind to her, no matter what she had done. "No of course not uncle", she said, going to sit down in the other chair.
"I think it would be best if you remain standing" he glared at her.
She was feeling decidedly uncomfortable now, what was going on?
"When you came" he was saying, "I told you that we had no rules here except that you respect other peoples property and feelings". "You were not to do anything that would cause hurt or upset to anyone else". "Now have I ever done anything to cause you to be upset"?
"No uncle"
"Have I ever taken any of your things and spoiled them"
"No uncle"
"Have I ever gone through your personal things and used them for myself"
"No uncle". Natasha was beginning to feel like a schoolgirl being told off in front of the Principal. But uncle did have a point, she had made free with his home and property.
"Have I ever ........."
"But uncle", she interrupted him; "I was trying to give you a surprise"!
"You certainly did that,” he said very quietly, with a hint of menace in his voice.
"The scotch was over £90 a bottle, the meat was all we had for the week, and I now have had to go all the way down to the village for some more, and those steaks do not come cheap". "The plants in the hanging basket are a write off, and that outside wall now needs completely re painting". "That is not taking into account the fright that you gave me young lady". "When that bottle exploded you could have been killed or seriously injured". "Not counting the flower beds and the mess that was left all over the place". "Also you left the freezer door open in your d***ken state. What have you got to say for yourself"?
"I'm sorry uncle" Natasha could feel the tears prick the back of her eyes.
"Sorry is not good enough my girl", her uncle said, "You have been very naughty, and I won't tolerate it!"
Naughty, thought Natasha, who the hell does he think that he is talking to? "All I can say is I am sorry uncle"
"If some one went through your things and destroyed them, if they took what you had been saving for a special occasion and threw it away, and if they took a knife to some of your favourite clothes and cut them up, what would be your reaction?" he demanded.
"I don't know,” she said
"You behaved irresponsibly, didn't you " he said,
"Yes uncle"
"You were thoughtless about my feelings in all this weren't you" There was a pause, "Well I am waiting for your answer young lady,” he said.
"Yes uncle" Natasha was beginning to feel decidedly uncomfortable at this point. What was he getting at she thought?
"People who treat others in such a caviller fashion should be punished shouldn't they",
"Yes uncle" What was she saying, what did he mean by punished.
"I am glad that we agree on one thing,” he was saying.
He used the word naughty Natasha thought, it was slowly dawning on her what may be about to happen.
"All this time I have allowed you to have the run of my house". "Have you never learned self discipline,”?
"No uncle, I mean, Yes uncle"
"I do not think; I know you haven't young lady, I have let you run wild and do anything that you wanted, and this is how you repay me."
She could see the sadness in his eyes, "I am really sorry uncle"
"What should I do with you", he asked,
"You should find a suitable punishment to fit the deed", she said. "What am I saying she thought, he will have me tidying the bl**dy garden for weeks, not to count the other chores he may find for me to do."
"I am glad that you and I are in agreement again,” he said, coming around the desk. He sat in the spare chair. "Bend over my lap Natasha," he commanded. "What is going on" thought Natasha, "he can't be serious". She could see by his face that he was. Knowing the old duffer like she did she thought that he would not smack her to hard, just enough to embarrass her, and at least it would be quicker than the chores. She bent over his lap.

He lifted her short skirt up her back, What the hell, Natasha thought, he has bathed me, though she still felt a feeling of confusion. SMACK - his hand came down on her bottom. "Ouch" said Natasha, "Better put on a good show for him.”Thwack down came the hand again. "My that one did sting a bit that time. Smack "here" thought Natasha "this is serious". Smack she began to wriggle a little. Smack "Now what should she do, Part of her mind said that this was going to hurt, and part of her mind said that this was nice!
Thwack the hand started to come a little faster 1, 2, 3, Natasha's bottom was getting more than a little warm, and Smack Crack Whack went the hand again. Natasha thought what they must look like' as she wriggled and squirmed on his lap. She had a fit of the giggles at the thought of it. With that her uncle stood her up.
"So you think it is funny,” he said
"No sir" said Natasha rubbing her bottom.
Then why are you laughing, my hand not hard enough?
"No sir", she could feel the shape of it still imprinted on her as if it was still resting on the cheeks. She felt a sudden warmth of desire between her legs she had an erection where she squirmed and had rubbed herself on his lap.
He stood up, "Then you had better bend over this chair then. Natasha did as she was told.
What was he doing, He had lifted up her skirt and tucked it in the waistband, and now he was pulling down her new silk panties. Now this was embarrassing, but it was also exciting. She was going to have his hand no matter how brief on her bare bottom!
Swish smack "Ooouww shit!" That wasn't his hand, smack, it was his slipper, smack, and the sound echoed around the study, smack, her buttocks were beginning to more than glow they were tingling. Smack it came down quite hard then, Smack, where did she get the idea that he would only embarrass her and this would not hurt. Smack, he was going from one cheek to the other, smack, she could not keep her legs still now as she writhed from side to side, smack, the warmth between her legs was growing with the warmth on her bum. Smack, she was sure that Uncle would see how excited she was becoming as she danced around holding on and trying to keep her legs together without any success. Smack, surely he could see the dampness, smack, and smell her lust.
"I am not sure that you are taking this in the right way" he said,
Her buttocks were aflame with the punishment. They glowed quite red, and Natasha was sure that she was not going to be able to sit down for a week.

Uncle turned her around and started to take off all her clothes. "What are you going to do?” she asked him. He leaned forward and took a table tennis bat out of the desk draw. "Not that" Natasha wailed, thinking that her bum had had more than enough already. "Bend over the desk commanded her uncle. She did so obediently.
It was then she heard the voice of Mrs. Duncan, “Please sir, give her another chance”. Remember when we were younger, some of the pranks that we got up to, especially when we came home on leave”. Natasha couldn’t believe it, Mrs. Duncan was his old army buddy Duncan, and she was just like Natasha! No wonder she was so understanding.

Uncle C had calmed down and was a little concerned that he had overdone the punishment, but she had made him so cross with her attitude. He had never done anything like this before, and here was this young woman as she was now jigging around in front of him. He got some cream and sat down on the sofa. Natasha knelt at his feet and put her head in his lap, as she used to when she was a little girl and he would play with her hair and give her an Indian head massage. She always liked as she called them her intimate moments with her uncle. He slowly and gently rubbed the cream into her tender rear end.

I am truly sorry and I promise to be a good girl uncle, Natasha said. "You know I do love you so much" Uncle C seemed to be in a day dream as his hand made those circular motions over her buttocks. It was now Natasha's turn. She slowly eased her legs apart and her uncles' hand slipped between them finding her little button hole and erection. Suddenly he sat up confused. "I am sorry my dear I didn't mean to do that " he said all flustered. "Now uncle that was very naughty" she said. "Remember what you said about taking advantage of other people". He did not know what to say or do; he was losing the advantage that he had had. "I did mean what I said, when I told you that I loved you and I would be a good girl in the future", she said as she slowly eased his zip down and pulled his trousers off. It would not have taken a blind person no more than a couple of seconds to see how excited she had made her uncle. His manhood stood proud in front of her. She put her head once moor in his lap and started to give him delicate kisses up and down the shaft. Taking him in her mouth she could taste the desire that he had for her. She ran her mouth up and down while she gently sucked this darling man. She heard him grown. My little sweet, this is not right, he said, "We should not be doing this". "Why, you started it" Natasha cheekily responded. "It is not fair, here I am with no clothes on and you sit here half dressed. Natasha helped her uncle out of his clothes and now it was his turn to look embarrassed.

They lay together exploring each other’s bodies, He caressed her hair and sucked her breasts. He ran his hands up and down her back from the nape of her neck to the still hot cheeks of her bottom. He nibbled her ears and her throat, and eased himself down, very slowly down her body. Kissing and nibbling as he went. His lips felt like butterfly wings delicately fluttering over her skin. He kissed her between her thighs, running his tongue up the inside. Her legs had been trembling before, now they almost danced. He kissed her bottom better and moved between her legs to that secret place that only lovers know, and licked her muskiness. She was in seventh heaven

He took her cock deep into his mouth, swirling the tongue around and around the head and down the shaft, all the time giving her balls a little scratch with one hand while exploring her virgin hole with the other.. No one had ever looked at her and kissed her this closely. She was embarrassed and asked him to stop. She was aware of him between her legs, eating her like a ripe fruit. "You are the most beautiful woman in the world,” he told her, "Your little pussy is just the way I like them" He dipped is tongue in and pushed his finger in with it. His hand caressed her cock and he nibbled and sucked it hard, as his finger moved in and out of her. She could take no more. They had to make love before she burst. "Make love to me" she begged let us make music together.

He placed a pillow under her still stinging buttocks to ease the pain, and kissed his way up her body. She felt his manhood at the entrance to her love tube. He rubbed it all over the entrance. Natasha was as high as anyone could be as he slowly eased his way into her. She felt him ease himself slowly deep inside her, as he moved slowly back and forth bit by bit. He would pull himself nearly out so that only the tip was there and then thrust himself right in till he seemed to be touching her heart. They moved in time together his hand gently masturbating her and rubbing her balls. She could feel the stirring deep inside that was building up to the climax. She tightened the muscles inside her and held him as the moved in and out getting a little faster as the tension grew. She could feel his balls patting her buttocks as they swung in time with their lovemaking. He was kissing her breasts and ears; his hands were roving all over her body, as the movements got more intense and wilder. His breathing was coming stronger; her legs belonged to someone else. She could not keep them still as she wrapped them around his back and pulled him deeper into herself. Uncle C made her jump as he wrapped his fingers around her wet and slippery pole, and slowly eased it back and forth in time with the action already taking place. Natasha could take no more; she bucked and heaved like a break-dancer on the dance floor. Her breath was coming in short gasps and her whole body felt as if it had a mind of it’s own. The dampness of the sweat was between their bodies and the smell of sex drove them on. All of a sudden she felt this wave of pleasure start to build up, and all the muscles in her body exploded as her orgasm came over her in waves and she whimpered like a kitten, she felt him tense at the same time and felt the heat of his ejaculation pouring up into her. The bl**d rushed around as she felt her face and breast tingle and her cock muscles dance like a flamenco dancer in full swing, her cuming was the strongest she had ever felt. How long she had been holding her breath she did not know.

They lay together still joined kissing dipping their tongues into each others mouths for some time. Their hands explored new places and they were together perfectly as if the had been made to be with each other.

"You know,” said Natasha, I think that the spanking you gave me was long overdue". "Perhaps I would have been a much better person if I had been shown more f***efully when I was younger what was right and wrong". "I am sorry for being naughty Uncle C and I promise to be a good girl in the future". "And if I am not then...........................................!!!???"

Natasha was woken sharply from her revelry as the train pulled into the station. Thank God she was on her own, she felt quite flustered, and an erection didn’t look good under her dress. She composed herself and stepped down from the train. There was Mrs Duncan waiting there with the car for her. It is surprising she thought, that when she was younger how much older those two looked, and now they all seemed to be friends of the same generation. She had much to thank them for; they both in their own way had helped her sort out her life at a time when all was confusion. Natasha smiled as she kissed Mrs. Duncan; I wonder what this holiday will bring?

Chapter 2
Natasha’s Wager

It had been a glorious spring day. The kind you get every now and then that stays in the memory. Mrs. Duncan, Natasha and Uncle had spent the day together, just doing nothing in particular, but enjoying each other’s company. The dinner of rack of lamb, in a roan berries and rosemary sauce garnished with red currants, was perfect. The wine a “Nuits-St.-George” was decanted an hour and a half before the meal at room temperature had been just right, and the conversation had turned to putting the world back on course. The news as usual had been about minor wars around the world and people on trial for torture and atrocities on innocent civilians.

“I do not understand why they do it”, Uncle said, “It is not necessary to be violent to get others do as you want”. “They say, that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.”
“They are at war, Uncle”, Natasha said, “whether you like it or not soldiers do things in the heat of the moment, things they would not do if they were in their right mind.”
“That’s the problem” replied Uncle, “Surely we should have moved on from the barbaric to a more civilised people. We should be past torturing others.”
“But how else are they going to get their enemies to submit to their will”, asked Natasha.
“I am sure I don’t know”, replied Uncle, “But I do know that they do not have to resort to v******e and barbaric cruelty”. “There has to be other ways to arrive at your intended result”. “A great man once said that the best way to get rid of your enemies is to make friends of them”.
“Oh now you are moving into a dream world”, Natasha laughed.
“I bet I could make someone into my slave without having to resort to pain at all” exclaimed Uncle.
“I do love you uncle, but you live in cloud cuckoo land if you believe that” responded Natasha
“I am not sure if it would be classed as torture but I know that I could make you do anything I wanted, without the use of electrodes and whips”.
“I would like to see you try!” said Natasha. “How can you make anyone submissive without fear?” asked Natasha. “I will take your bet, and if you do not win, then you will be my slave for a week”. “A deal?”
“A deal” said Uncle.
Mrs. Duncan smiled wryly, “Don’t you ever learn girl, remember who you are taking on”. “I have known him for a lot longer than you, and know he never makes a bet unless he is sure he is going to win.”
“I promise you I won’t give in easily,” said Natasha, “I am looking forward to having you as my slave!”
“First” said Uncle, “You will have to do as you are told as if you were a captured enemy”. “Some small resistance if you feel you must, will be OK”
Natasha stuck out her hand, “Done!” she exclaimed.
“Oh dear” sighed Mrs. Duncan.

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