Cuckold Therapist (Part 2)

My wife and I had decided after the first visit with Dr. Grey, the cuckold ther****t, that we both wanted to take the next, and most fateful, step of all. For me, I wanted my wife to feel free to fuck other men whenever she wished. The fact that I had freely admitted to her, as well as the ther****t, that I was more than likely either gay, or at the very least, bisexual, had helped me take this last and crucial step!

So, two weeks after that first appointment, we had made special plans to meet with Dr. Grey (who's first name was Duane) for my first time to witness my wife fucking another man, namely HIM. The ther****t had gone on at great length on our first consultation that the best way for me to begin the process of being cuckolded was for me to see my wife fucking another guy with my own eyes! "Otherwise," he had added, "if it was just in your thoughts, in your imagination alone, you could deny that it was actually happening, and by doing that, the transition to being an actual cuckold would be greatly slowed."

We sat in the waiting room for a few moments, not saying much, while waiting for the ther****t to see us. I leafed through some magazines on the coffee table, but I can't remember a thing about what it was I read! My mind was in such a state of excited anticipation, that it was impossible for me to think about anything as trivial as a magazine article! I had much bigger, and FAR more important considerations to deal with at that moment!

When the receptionist said that we could go in, I remember standing up with my heart pounding in my chest! I remember I gave my wife's hand a squeeze as we went into his consultation room, and closed the door behind us.

Dr. Grey, or "Duane" as he seemed to prefer us to call him at this point, greeted my wife and I with a big smile. He even put his arms around my wife, and gave her an enthusiastic kiss! She returned it in the same spirit!

Then he shook my hand warmly, saying: "And how is the budding cuckold?"

"Nervous I suppose, but also excited!"

"All quite natural."

After a few pleasantries, the ther****t and my wife began "making out" on the couch not far away from where I was setting. Even though this moment had been discussed extensively, between my wife and I, as well as between the three of us, still, when it came right down to it, there was an almost dream-like quality to the setting! In one way, it had the feeling of a porn movie, but on the other hand, the fact that it was by no means a video, made it exhileratng to say the least!

I'm at a loss to describe the next half an hour or so. That I sat and watched as my wife of nearly 30 years fucked this much younger black man in front of me is a fact, and yet, to leave it at that would be to miss the even greater fact that as I watched them fuck, I was incredibly EXCITED by that!

Perhaps the most incredible thing of all was as I watched my wife (now completely undressed, as was the ther****t) straddling his lap on the couch as she began lowering herself to where his large cock head began nuzzling up against her moist pussy lips! Yet, that was just the beginning; for within seconds, I was able to clearly see his cock working it's way deeper, and deeper, into her vaginal passageway! I felt my pulse racing as I saw her taking the ther****t cock all the way inside, to where only his large, heavy-looking balls could be seen!

I know I made some sort of sighing noise as this happened, but they didn't respond. They were now much too engrossed in one another to pay me any further attention!

For a few moments, my wife remained motionless, and let the doctors long black cock just soak inside her warm, moist pussy. But then, she suddenly began raising up, and then down that thick cock shaft. I could watch his slippery-looking cock shaft sparkling in the light as it slid part way out, and then back inside her again! The sight was absolutely mesmerizing to me.

After just a few moments of this, I clearly heard my wife say: "Oh, FUCK me. Fuck me HARD!"

I sat and watched as that huge black cock did exactly that! I remained absolutely still, watching his hands grasping my wife's doughy ass cheeks, as he roughly thrusted his hips, driving his cock deep inside her while she, at the same time, shoved her hips downwards, and meeting his cockhead as it drove into her! Unlike what most husbands would probably feel in that situation, I was feeling incredibly excited! The entire setting was beautiful in it's lustful intensity!

"Oh YESSSS!" My wife was saying every few seconds, "Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!" She said that over and over again, in spite of the fact that I was right there with her, only a few feet away; and hearing her saying that filled me with such a fire I could hardly think straight!

The ther****t knew exactly how to fuck a woman! That was clearly obvious. He kept looking up into my wife's face as he guided that big black cock of his as deeply into my wife's pussy as possible. As he stared up into her face, there was a faint smile playing around the corners of his mouth.

"You like my cock in you?" He asked my wife.

"Oh yesssss," she said. "I LOVE it!"

He smiled more obviously at that point!

"Do I fuck better than your husband?"

"MMMMMMM! Yes---oh YESSS!"

He had obviously said this for my benefit, and yet, instead of it making me angry, or resentful, my heart beat picked up. I knew he was better at fucking than I had ever been; and it had been the primary reason that my wife and I sought out his services! As I sat watching the two of them, I had a hard-on in my slacks! At first I tried to ignore it, but as I watched that enormous black cock of his repeatedly sliding in and out of my wife, I finally began lightly toying with the bulge with a few light strokes of my finger tips.

"Uh god...!" I suddenly heard a voice saying that was not my wife's, or the ther****t's, but mine!

I saw the ther****t glance over at me as I said that, and for just a second, our eyes met. His eyes seemed to sparkle with pleasure at hearing me say that, and instead of no longer touching my crotch, I continued to. He smiled even broader as we looked into each other eyes. He seemed very pleased with the way this first cuckold session was going; and, so was I, for that matter! The $2000.00 "therapy" bill was already paying dividends!

Eventually, my wife came several times as she and the ther****t fucked on his couch, and then he came as well!

As he did, my wife drove her hips down as far as she could go, in the attempt to take as much of his black cock into her pussy as she possibly could---and setting there, I could actually see his balls clenching and throbbing, and I knew that he was pumping my wife full of his semen! That had always been described in our prior therapy sessions as the "ultimate" step on the road towards being a cuckold! So, there it was, this other man was flooding my wife's vagina with HIS sperm, all while I sat near by watching in relative silence (or, rather, submission)!

"AHHH! fuck YESSSSS!!" The ther****t was now saying in his moment of release.

My wife was breathing hard. She stayed with his cock deep inside of her for a long time, but then, when she finally did raise up, letting his nearly fully erect cock slowly (and I thought reluctantly) slip out of her pussy, a large glob of white sperm began oozing out from between her bright pink pussy lips, and as I saw that, my heart leaped in my throat, because I was now a true cuckold husband! Nothing made it more real than seeing some other guys sperm flowing out your wife's pussy.

Eventually, the ther****t and my wife began getting dressed again. As I watched my wife, the fact that his sperm was still inside her filled me with such an urgent lust for her. I had never felt such a rush of lust before! I liked it.

"Well," he said in an obviously ebullient mood. "I think that went very well! How about you?" He was speaking to me.

"All I can think to say is: Wow!"

"That's a start, at least!" He said laughing.

"How do you think it went today?" He said turning to my wife with a knowing smile.

She just smiled. "Absolutely fan-tastic!"

"Good!" He said, acting understandably pleased with himself! "So? Will there be further sessions?"

"Oh," I said, "I would think so!"

My wife kissed me at that. Then, turning to the ther****t, she kissed him, as well!

"We will definitely be back for more!"

"Excellent! On your way out, make sure you get your appointment settle with the receptionist."

My wife gave the ther****t another kiss, and I stood by the door watching them as she did. My pulse was still pounding in my chest from the recent excitement. I could just barely detect the faint aroma of pussy in the room. My wife's of course!

We made an appointment for the next Friday (we couldn't get one any earlier), and then, as we walked out to the where the car was parked, I took my wife's hand in mine. She squeezed, and I did the same. I couldn't get the thought out my mind that se was still carrying around inside her that other guys sperm. Her pussy was still quite full of it. It felt strange to think that, and yet, it was not an unpleasant thought! I could imagine her panties getting soaked in his sperm as we walked to the car! Maybe, I thought as I drove, maybe I could do the "clean up" after she and I got home? I certainly wanted to! What real cuckold wouldn't want to?! I couldn't imagine not wanting to do that! That was what separated the wannabe cuckolds from the real ones!
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