The OTHER Side Of The Glory Hole

What a fantastic invention Craig's List has been for me! When I was in my 20's I used to go to Glory Holes once in a while, though by the time the 90's had rolled around, there were none to be found!

The (so-called) Moral Majority was busy trying to "save" people like me from themselves! In the public area such as adult bookstores, where the glory holes I first started going to were nearly almost always found, they succeeded in getting rid of them. But, THEN---the Inter-net came along, and on-line sites such as Craig's List started popping up, and suddenly, a whole new out-let was provided for guys like me and I got my second chance at glory hole sex (and, after a while, I set up my own glory hole and advertised through on-line sights)! Fuck the Moral Majority.

9:00AM, Tuesday---

Last night (Monday)I got an e-mail from a guy who's visited my glory hole on several occasions. His name is Jock. I'd guess he's probably around 35-40 years of age. Dark hair with just the beginnings of grey starting to show up. He's a handsome guy. He's married, too; like quite a few of my visitors are, in fact!

Interestingly enough, but I once saw Jock and his wife one time at a restaurant. He didn't happen to notice me. My b*****r, who was visiting me from Atlanta, was setting facing away from them as I noticed them walking in. I confess, my heart skipped a beat as I realized who he was! His wife was attractive enough(if you like pussy), with dark hair, tall, a nice figure, nicely dressed. I took her for being maybe a legal secretary, or something along those lines. But Jock was what caught my eye the most! I kept staring at him over my b*****rs shoulder as they were shown to their table on the other side of the room from us.

"Who are you looking at?" My b*****r said and turned to look. He saw Jocks wife, and grinned as he turned back around. "I'd fuck that for sure!" he said, and winked. My b*****r knows I'm gay, and so he was teasing me. I was used to that after over 30 years!

"Yeah," I said, still looking over at Jock, "I'm sure you would!"

It always surprised me that a married guy, with a decent enough looking wife, like Jock had, would manage to find their way to me and my glory hole, but Jock was by no means out of the ordinary when it came to that. Still, it was puzzling.

So, I asked Jock once, after I was finished sucking him off, why he came to me, when he had a wife, and a pretty one at that! And what he said was this: "I love my wife, but---women, they just don't seem to want to give head like another guy does; and you, you're incredible at that!"

I loved the compliment very much, and made a mental note that the next time Jock came to the glory hole, that I would give him an extra special blow job as a reward!

Jock and his wife had three c***dren, and sometimes, I got a kick of the thought that I might have cheated his wife out number 4 at the glory hole! It was certainly a possibility! I asked Jock if he and his wife were going to try and have more c***dren, but he said: "Not planning to! 3 are enough, I think." I liked that answer because that meant more sperm for ME!

I looked at the time on my lap-top, and checked to see if had any new e-mails that needed attention (there wasn't), and realized that Jock (if he came) would be there within the hour!

There was something else about Jock that I liked, and that was not only was he a real handsome sort of "manly", cowboy, construction-worker type of guy, BUT---he had a GREAT cock! It was one of the dicks that you see in porno movies! It was nearly eight inches long when fully hard, and about an inch and three quarters around at the shaft, and probably 2 inches around at the head. He had been expertly circumcised, and, for me, that was the cherry on top of the whole thing. But, then again, Jock also seemed to bring with him a MONSTER load of cum. And that was especially nice for me since I am a shameless cum-whore!

Jock didn't come by very often, but when he did, oh-my-fucking-god did we ever make up for that! He was due to be here at 9:10, and sure enough, right on the dot, there he was! I was already for him, and I had my favorite folding chair set up so that I could be comfortable while sucking that wonderful dick of his like it needed to be!

It had been over two months since Jock had stood at the glory hole, and from his behavior, I could just tell he was horny as hell! It was his lucky day for getting that taken care of. He had me! His wife, as pretty as she was, was out of the equation. It was just Jock, and I!

There wasn't much chatter this time, and within seconds Jock had his cock and balls out and hanging through the round hole. I immediately started handling it and stroking it and kissing it---and in no time at all that beautiful cock of his was jutting up like a flag pole on the Forth of July!

"Oh GOD, Jock!" I said, feeling as excited as he was, "I really MISSED you! It's been TOO LONG!" Then, I began sucking that magnificent cock of his as I knew he'd come to see me for!

For the next half hour, or so, I sat there basically worshiping that incredible dick of his! I could have made the whole thing last longer, but I was so glad to see Jock that I let the situation get out of hand fast---and I was soon slurping down of Jocks huge loads of hot, fresh sperm. Straight out of the balls! My mouth was his vagina that day, and I greedily took every drop I could possibly get! His wife wouldn't get any of it! This time, it was ALL MINE, and ONLY mine! I always tended to develop a proprietary attitude to any of my visitors that showed up with anything like regularity. It was perhaps silly of me to feel that way, but I did just the same!

When I finally let go of Jocks big dick, and sat back looking at it, I could taste his cum in my mouth. There was nothing like it anywhere. I'd been born for this, and I was good at extracting it. I felt a strange sense of pride in this! I was "natural a born" cock sucker. I always would be, too!

"Ah, man--THANKS!" I heard Jocks voice through the divider saying. "I really needed that!"

"Any time, my friend. ANY time at all. Just give me some notice, and I'll be ready for you."

Jock said he had to go, and he left. I felt sad at that. But I understood what the score was. I was under no illusions. This was what my life would always be like. I'd accepted that a long time ago. Still....

It was 10:20. I had another visitor coming by, but not until 2:45 that afternoon. I had five hours to go till the next load was delivered! I was already eager for it. (I told you I was a cum-slut, didn't I!?)

100% (19/0)
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2 months ago
3 months ago
HELL YEA BABY,love the way you think,sweetie
7 months ago
Where's the "Jock" in my life!!!
8 months ago
"Fuck the Moral Majority." Hell yeah.
8 months ago
made me horny
8 months ago
mmmmmm so hot I need a glory hole that's is so nice