A Nice Place

It always seemed kind of funny to me how there were guys on places like Craig's List, and I mean rich guys, and married guys at that, who were looking for a younger guy!

"Richard" was one such contact I'd made through Craig's List. We had chatted back and forth for quite a while before we made any sort of plan to meet up. Our first meeting was at a Panera's, and we sat out side at one of the Bestro-sytle tables under a large umbrella.

I'd posted a photograph of me on my ad, and he'd shared one with me so that we'd know each other when we got there. I saw him setting at the table sipping a cup of coffee as I got out of my car. It was definitely him. I walked up to the table and he smiled as he recognized me as well! I got a cup of coffee and then came back and sat down to talk with him.

He seemed a little nervous, but that was normal the first time you met another guy like he was doing. Even though I'd met up with maybe a dozen different guys over the last year and a half, I never quite lost that thrill of the first meet-up.

"Wow," he said, looking at me through his dark sunglasses, "here we are at last!"

"Yes we are!"

I glanced around to see if anyone was setting close to us. There wasn't at the moment.

"So what do you think?" I asked in order to push the conversation down the road a ways.

He grinned. "I like!" He was talking, of course, about me! I felt a tingling sensation in my groin area as he said that!

"That's good to hear!" I said, and took a sip of coffee.

We sat talking quietly for a few minuets. He said that he hadn't been "doing this sort of thing" for very long, by which he meant cruising Craig's List for other guys.

"My wife and I haven't been---sexual---for quite a few years." He looked around to see if anyone might have overheard that last comment. They didn't seem to have.

"I see." Was all I said in response.

I took another sip of coffee.

"I think I'm gay." He said.

I didn't reply.

"Or, maybe I'm bisexual? I'm not really sure which. But my wife haven't slept together in probably 20 years."

That was a very long time.

"So, what are you and I here for?"

I could see him looking at me through his sunglasses. He was chewing slightly on his lower lip as he sat there studying my face.

He let out a long sigh, and said: "Would you consider letting me---touch you?"

"How do you mean?"

"I'd love to be able to touch your cock, your balls, and, if you wouldn't object to it---I'd really love to jack you off. IF, that is, you wouldn't mind. If you don't want that, that's fine. I understand why you might not want that. But, that's what I'd LIKE to do IF you wouldn't mind it."

I took another sip of my coffee, and I felt my excitement rising inside me. My cock stirred at the thought of what he had just said! Putting the paper cup down on the table, I smiled and said: "Sounds good to me!"


"Of course! Why not?"

"I didn't think you'd really want something like that. In fact, I wasn't entirely sure you'd even show up! That's happen to me several times, so I was trying not to hope for too much."

I smiled again. "It's your lucky day!"


"So, where do we go?"

"Let's go back to my place. My wife is gone for the weekend."

How MANY times had I heard that exact same line? A dozen? Probably more.

So, I followed him in my car and he led me into a very fancy, and very expensive, and up-scale neighborhood called "Pine Ridge", even though I saw only oak trees and very few pines. He pulled into a long and winding driveway that led to the garage. He parked inside, and I parked to one side.

It was a quiet, and very secluded piece of property. As he had hinted earlier, no one could see us from where we were.

He led me inside. The interior was very posh, indeed; and filled with obviously expensive antique furnishings. The place almost reeked of serious money!

We went to what he referred to as "the den." There was a large leather covered sofa, and matching chairs, side tables, a huge, glass-topped coffee table, a real Persian rug, and one wall was filled with law books. I walked over to them.

"I practiced law before retiring a few years ago." He said by way of explaining the reason for all the books.


"Oh yes."


I knew that Richard was eager to do what we had come there to do, but I was trying to drag it out a little. I had never been in such a nice place as that before. I'd heard of the neighborhood, of course. I'd lived in the city where it was for most of my life. Pine Ridge was supposed to be a haven for the very rich in that city, but I'd never set foot there until then. Thanks to Richard, and to Craig's List, of course, there I was!

I felt Richard walk up behind me, and I felt his arms go around my waist, and his hands go straight for my groin.

"Oh my!" I said with a slight chuckle. "Some one is horny!"

"Turn around." I heard him say in my ear; and I did.

He put his left hand between my thighs, and as he did that, he started unzipping my fly! I found his sudden aggressiveness exciting, and he and I just stared into one another's eyes!

"God I want you!" He said, as he began tugging my jeans down, which, as he did, my cock sprang out nearly fully erect!

He stopped and stared down at it a second, and without touching it yet, he said: "Beautiful."

"Thanks very much!" I said looking right in the eye.

"I want it." He said.

"No one's stopping you."

He had me come over to the leather covered sofa, and I stood in front of him as he sat down facing me.

He glanced up at me as I stood there, with my dick poking out, and slightly upwards, into the air between us.

"What a nice cock you have."

"It's all I got!"

"It's beautiful. Really. It is!"

"I believe you," I said grinning.

He took my balls in one hand, while with the other, he began slowly stroking my rock-hard cock shaft! It felt great, and my erection became even more erect than before! After a few moments of that, it began throbbing, and pulsing. Richard obviously noticed this, and he smiled appreciatively!

This was by no means the first occasion where another guy had either sucked my cock, or jacked me off as Richard seemed to want to do, but, it was without a doubt the nicest location I'd ever been in while such a thing had transpired! You couldn't have asked for a better ambiance, that was for sure.

As I stood there while he stroked my erection, and kept a firm hold on my testicles, I could look around the room. There were pictures of f****y every where. There was one, slightly larger, framed photo of a fairly attractive older woman that I guessed was Richard's wife. The way the photo had been taken, it gave me that strange impression (entirely an illusion, of course) that she was actually watching us at that moment! Something about that was more than a little kinky, and this created an even stronger turn-on for me!

"Do you like what I'm doing?" Came Richard's voice suddenly, and I turned my attention from the photo of his wife, and back to him. My cock head was a bright pink, and pre-cum had begun to ooze out fairly profusely. His fingers were wet with it.

"MMMMM!" I said, smiling. "It feels FANTASTIC! Thanks!"

"I'm glad," he said. "I want it to feel good for you."

"It does!"

He smiled up into my face for a long silent moment. He seemed satisfied that I was telling the truth, if my hard, throbbing, and oozing erection hadn't been enough proof already!

In all, it probably only went on like this for 20 minuets; though at the time, it seemed longer! Richard said that he wanted me to come for him, and I had no possible objection to do that, and I said so!

"MMMM, good," he said, faintly smiling as he watched his hand stroking my cock shaft up and down. "I really LOVE it when a guy comes for me. There's nothing quite as fantastic as that."

I totally agreed with, of course! Especially by then, as I could feel the on-set of orgasm building quickly! I even told him I was about to blow.

"Great," he said. "When the times arrives, just go on ahead and come. Don't hold back. That's what I live for these days!" Or, so he said, and laughed slightly.

"Oh, god," started saying as I felt my orgasm building with sudden urgency.

"Oh yes!" He said. "Come for me. Please?"

"It's yours, Richard!"

I saw a smile pass over his face as I said that, and there was something in both what I said, and in the way it had made him react, that excited me tremendously!

Then, after a few more strokes of his hand over my cock shaft, I exploded a massive load of hot, fresh sperm! Spurt, after spurt, after spurt, after powerful spurt, I kept pumping and pumping, as my sperm seemed unable to run out; and as Richard's hand, slippery with my cum, kept on stroking me!

The orgasm was so intense, that my legs quivered and felt as if they would buckle on me! My breath came in ragged gasps; and I kept saying things like: "oh GOD! YEESSSS!!" over and over and over.

When Richard let go my cock shaft, there was my sperm everywhere! It was on my cock, on his hand and arms, and all over the smooth wood floor beneath me!

All I could think of to say was: "Oh, fuck... That was IN-credible. Thank you SO much!"

He was staring at his sperm-covered hand and arms, as well as down to where it was splattered over the floor. He glanced up, and into my face with a huge grin of satisfaction over his face; and I liked that very much!

"That," he said after a second or so, "was WITHOUT A DOUBT the BIGGEST cum shot I think I have EVER seen in all my life! Amazing!"

His compliment pleased me very much.

"Thank you, Richard."

"No. Thank YOU! That was simply incredible. I loved it."

He let me use his shower facility, and I accepted. When I came out, he had wiped up every sign of my cum. Everything was exactly the way it had been before we had arrived.

His wife's framed photograph stared out at he and I. I still found it's presence slightly disturbing, on the one hand, and yet, there as also something undeniably erotic, and even more than a little "kinky", and voyeuristic, about it being there!

"Is this your wife?" I asked pointing at it.

"Oh yes. That is Margaret."

I looked at it for a few more seconds. She had been quite beautiful at one time you could tell.

"Margaret wouldn't like you being here."

"Probably not!" I replied, with the lingering thrill of orgasm still in the air.

"I mean, she knows I see other men from time to time. But still...she's a wife; and wives don't like sharing their husbands with anyone else, a woman, let alone another man!"

He turned and smiled.

"Thanks for letting me do---what we did."

"Thank YOU, Richard! That was really, really great!"

"Good. Maybe we could do it again sometime. How would you feel about that?"

"Any time you like!"

He chuckled at that. "I thought you'd probably say that!"

So, later on, as I drove out of the Pine Ridge neighborhood, my balls still kind of ached from the f***e of my ejaculations. Not that I was complaining, because I certainly wasn't!

When I got home, I checked my e-mail, and I saw that I had three other older men inquiring about my personal company---guys a lot like Richard, in other words! I couldn't do the one that wanted to meet up that afternoon! My balls had been drained nearly dry by Richard! I'd need at least 24 hours to manufacture another load, and load the size that Richard had got---I'd need a couple of days!

'What a predicament to be in!' I thought to myself. When it rains, it pours (or when it "cums" it should really pour)!

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6 months ago
Me too, not often will you find a setting like that.
7 months ago
like this one on many levels
8 months ago
good story dude...
8 months ago
good story