A Load for Charles

I felt that same curious sense of anticipation welling up inside me that I had always felt driving over to see Charles. I had the not-too-shabby makings of hard-on behind my zipper the closer I got to his apartment, too!

My wife (I am married) knew about Charles, and that he and I occasionally "got together", which was code-talk for sex. Of course, I was aware that my wife was "seeing" another guy as well! (A young black guy around 33 years old, by the name of Duane.) The fact that I was gay, or "bisexual" as she preferred to regard me, had led us to adopt a parallel sex-life about three years earlier, when we were 59. Now we were 62.

Any way----

I hadn't seen Charles in nearly a month, and I was terribly horny. Except for masturbation, I had sex with no one but Charles. That was the way I preferred it, in fact. My wife was under no such restrictions! I also preferred it that way as well! I found it more than a little---exciting---to have my wife fucking her brains out with Duane, while I went sometimes for weeks (the longest stretch of entirely self-imposed "chastity" had been nearly two MONTHS, but that hadn't been observed for quite some time, partly because I had such a hard time holding back that long)!

So, by the time I was getting out of my car, I was in a very horny frame of mind! ! was 62, and Charles was nearly 85! Charles had diabetes, and the medicine he had to take for it had rendered it impossible for him to achieve an erection; and so that meant that our sex was limited! So, in spite of the limits he was under, I had no such problem having, or maintaining, an erection! This became the very foundation of our visits, as I will show here!

"It's so good to see you again!" Charles said to me as we walked into his spacious living room.

"I'm glad to see you, too!" I replied, and I meant it.

"I tossed and turned some last night thinking about today!" Charles said with a slight laugh.

I was pleased to hear that.

"I am SO horny!" I said.

"Well, that's what I like hearing!"

"I haven't jacked-off once since the last time we were together."


"Oh yes. Absolutely!" It was entirely true, too.

"Then you must have brought me quite a load!"

"Oh yes!"

"Fantastic! You know how much I love a big load of cum."

"Yes I do!"

"I can hardly wait!" He said, and emphasizing the word 'hardly' as he did.

I began undressing there in front of Charles, as he always preferred. Seeing my cock already getting nearly erect, he said: "What a beautiful cock. I always love seeing it bobbing around in front of me!" He smiled as he spoke.

For a few moments, I stood a short distance away and stroked my cock. He watched me in silence, and then said: "Bring that over here. You're just teasing this poor old fag. Shame on you for that"

He wasn't really chastising me for it. It was just his way of teasing ME!

I stepped up close in front of him, and as I did, I let go of my cock shaft, and he immediately took hold of it himself!

"Yes," he said admiringly, and then looking up into my face he said: "I want every last drop you have. Every drop."

"It's yours, Charles. You know that!"

He grinned. "That's exactly what I want to hear!"

"Well," I said feeling him grasping my balls in one hand, while with the other, he held the base of my cock shaft, which stood fully erect, "what about your wife?"

He knew the situation going on in my marital life, but he was playing with me a little, teasing me.

"She's being well cared for in that department, and you know that."

He laughed. "Lucky ME, then, that she is!"

"She prefers straight guys."

"And that leaves YOU out then for sure!"

"I believe that it does!"

"Good. Because I just can't seem to get enough of what you have brought me to day!"

"Like I said: It's all yours!"

"Then I'll gladly take it!"

"That's why I'm hear!"

he just smiled at that.

When I at last did come (and Charles always loved teasing me, and making me practically beg for release), I nearly came un-glued with the incredible intensity of my orgasm! That, of course, was all part of why I generally didn't come between visits; which though a struggle to do, nevertheless it always yielded such a wonderful dividend in pleasure! It was a two-edged sword in a way--but, I'd become totally committed to it just the same. And Charles always rewarded me for it! So that was reason enough.

As I got ready to leave, Charles patted my crotch smiling.

"Take very, very good care of this for me. Okay? Bring it back again, and FULL, of course!"

"I certainly will!"

"Say 'hello' to that cuckoldress-wife of yours for me. Tell her 'thanks!' "

"I will!"

My balls ached from the f***efulness of my orgasm as I got into my car. Those long chastity spells were hard to achieve. The release was always great, but, getting there was the struggle! The struggle, though, was part of the reward too!

Home, my wife kissed me on the way out. She was meeting her young bull for lunch.

"Charles says 'hello.' "

"How sweet. Tell him 'hello' for me as well."

I watched her drive off down the street, and then I took a shower. My balls still ached a little, but it wasn't uncomfortable. They "hurt good", as the saying goes!

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