A Cuckolds Lust

I drove past the hotel slowly. I had no idea just exactly where my wife and her date were at that moment, but my eyes scanned the lighted windows, wondering if this, or that one was where they were! I'd made the room reservations several days before.

When my wife had left to meet her "date" that night, I had to have been as excited as she was! In addition to paying for the room at the hotel ($200!), but I'd also gone out and bought her the most expensive, and skimpiest, not to mention the sexiest pair of panties I could find at the only Victoria's Secret store I knew of! It was fun making the reservations, and buying her those panties.

The woman at the Victoria's Secret assumed that I was buying my wife the panties for some sort of wedding anniversary gift (and I let her think that). They were for a special occasion, alright, but my role in that (after renting the room, and getting her the panties) was basically over with at that point! I toyed with the idea of telling the young, and attractive woman, selling me the panties the real reason I was buying them, but in the end I just kept all that to myself! As I walked out of the store and to my car, carrying the skimpy panties, I felt once again that strange tingling sensation in my cock and balls. Another man was going to fuck my wife on Friday night, and here I was helping to facilitate that!

I'm not sure just how many times I circled the block where the Hyatt stood. Dozens easily! I even parked my car and walked around the block. The weather was warm, and slightly humid. I passed people by as if I was the only one on the street. My mind was in such an incredible turmoil, that I hardly noticed their existence! It was hard to put into words what I felt. It was a mix of emotions. There was a certain element of worry (but not exactly what I'd call fear). Mainly, the turmoil inside me was more erotic.

As I walked around the block, stopping to stare up at different windows, and wondering which room up there my wife and the other guy were in at the moment, I had more than half a hard-on. If anyone had taken the trouble to notice, they might have seen the tell-tale bulge behind my zipper.

After a while, I went back to where I'd parked the car and drove home. I doubted I'd see my wife until either very late that evening, or, more than likely, she wouldn't be home until early the next morning sometime! Why not, I thought, as I pushed open the front door of our house and went inside. The room had been expensive! I didn't resent spending the money. In fact, I wanted the room to be one of the best I could get for her! The same with why I'd spent so much on those fancy panties! This was my wife after all! Nothing was too good for her.

What a good cuckold I was!

The house was still. I was feeling so excited that I could hardly set down for more than a moment before springing up and prowling around the house like a caged lion! Eventually, I got my lap-top out and watched some porn (cuckold porn, and 'interracial' cuckold porn to be precise).

That merely served to excite my own libido even more; and though I had told myself earlier that I would wait for my wife to return home before relieving my self (which was the way I had always done before!), I was already too horny to really hope to achieve such self-denial! It had been two weeks knowing that my wife was going to fuck this other guy (now for the fifth time), and the anticipation was murder on my agonized libido!

So, as I watched a video of some nicely muscled young black guy sporting an enormous cock that really did look a bit like it belonged on a real bull, I felt my self-control fading!

Watching as this black guy on the screen was driving that huge black cock of his deep into some frumpy looking older white woman's juicy pussy, I began rubbing the bulge my cock was making underneath my zipper.

With each upward thrust of that black cock, I found myself automatically saying out loud: "Oh YEAHH! Fuck that pussy---fuck her HARD!"

I was, of course, projecting onto what I knew was likely going on between my wife and the younger black man at the Hyatt!

After a while, I stood up and slid out of my slacks and underwear, and sat back down on the sofa, and while still watching other cuckold videos, I started stroking my cock. This was by no means nothing new for me, I should explain! I hadn't fucked my own wife in months. Not since we first chose to experiment with cuckolding had I had my cock any where close to her pussy, and certainly not inside it! In fact, what I was doing right then while watching interracial porn and jacking off, WAS my so-called "sex life" now days!

I wasn't complaining however! No. Far from it, in fact! I had never before felt anything like what I was feeling as I sat there alone, stroking my hard-on, while watching porn, all the while my wife was off fucking a much younger man than me! It was a high I found difficult to explain with just words.

I sat and "edged" myself to the point of orgasm so many times in a row, that after midnight, I had driven myself nuts like that enough. I just couldn't take that another moment!

"Ah---FUCK!" I said out loud, as I let go of my throbbing cock once more. It twitched and jerked spasmodically. I needed to come. The urge had become so intense! All that porn; all that edging; and all the time knowing that my wife was fucking another guy in a fairly expensive hotel room I had paid for out of my own pocket!

I decided to get up and walk around the house for a few moments. There was a huge battle going on inside of me. Part of me wanted to just go ahead and come and get that pent up sexual tension out of my system! But then, another part of me kept saying "Hold on!"

As I walked out to the kitchen to get a drink of water, my cock never ceased to be erect! I felt it swaying from side-to-side, but I didn't touch it! AS I came back into the living room, the entire upper third of my cock shaft (and the glans) was a dark pink, almost purple color. I remained standing, and I started another IR cuckold video clip. Then I gave my cockhead the most subtle of strokes; letting my finger tips barely caress the extremely sensitive flaring rim---and the pleasure it produced felt so great!

I sighed out loud. It was now nearly 1:20 in the early hours of the morning. I doubted that my wife would home before dawn. She didn't have to be. The room was paid for. She and her young black bull might as well use every minuet they had there!

I stopped stroking my cock once again as I felt the on-set of orgasm. "Oh babe!" I said out loud. I knew she was having a great time; and that fact made me excited for her. I wanted her to enjoy fucking that guy! Otherwise, why would I have spent so much money on the room, or on the panties?!

I sat down on the couch in front of my lap-top and continued watching as yet another big dicked black guy fucked the shit out of some older white (married?) woman. I gave my own(smaller) cock several good strokes, and then stopped once again. I kept doing this: three or four strokes, then stop. Three or four strokes, and then stop. Over and over. You would have thought I was driving myself nuts doing that, and in a sense you would be correct about that! I was very definitely driving my libido nuts---and yet, I LOVED doing that to myself!! It was all part (for me, at least) of being a cuckold husband!

There came that special moment where I suddenly knew that I could no longer tease my need to come any further. The end of the line had been reached as far as that went!

So, moving the lap-top to one side of the coffee table, with my left hand, I began suddenly stroking my erection with an almost uncontrollable, frenzied urgency!

I wasn't going to deny my needs any longer, and I felt my pulse surging!

"Uh, babe!" I said, thinking of my lovely wife at that moment. "I just can't hold back any longer! Okay? I love you. I REALLY do, you know? But I just can't stand to refrain another moment! I've GOT to come now!"

Then, as I felt the orgasm passing the point of no-return, I sat up on the very edge of the couch, and leaning over the edge of the clear glass table top, I pointed the head of my cock towards the open space where the lap-top had just been setting, and several strokes later---I exploded a truly MASSIVE load of sperm all across it in spurt after spurt after spurt! With each spurt, I couldn't help but groan out loudly with the incredible pleasure of the long-awaited release!

I was surprised by the volume of sperm; though I shouldn't have been really! Whenever I was "chaste" for several weeks in a row (which I had been up till then) I always had a big load of cum! It made perfect sense that this was so. But, still---even as my orgasm began to fade slightly, the sight of ALL that sperm laying there on the smooth glass surface was astounding. And, not ONE, SINGLE drop would find it's way into my wife's pussy---though at that same moment, it was entirely likely that this other mans cum was (freely!)finding IT'S way into her!

"Oh--FUUUCK yeah!" I said, feeling my heart rate just now starting to back off a bit.

Then I suddenly did something I'd never before tried to do! I knelt down on the living room floor, and I began lapping up my own sperm with my tongue! I just went kind of wild with that all of a sudden! I kept licking up my sperm until there just the tiniest amount left smeared over the glass! I liked the taste of it.

The taste of my own sperm in my mouth would remain there for a while. I got a wash cloth, and some paper towels after a moment, and cleaned up what little there was that was left. As I did, I could taste my sperm. My breath had a faint aroma of it, too.

By the time I got everything cleaned up, and my lap-top powered down and put a way, it was close to 3:45 in the morning. I knew then that my wife wasn't coming home until much later (earlier!) than that; and so, feeling suddenly very tired (emotionally, as well as physically), I crawled into bed and fell asl**p almost instantly! I remembered nothing until I woke up and saw that it was nearly 9:00 in the morning. I laid there for a moment listening. At first I heard nothing but the birds outside, and car passing by on the street outside. Then I heard the sound of someone running water in the kitchen down below our bed room. It had to be my wife, of course!

I got up, put on a bath robe, and trundled down the stairway, and on into the kitchen, where I could smell coffee being brewed! When I step into the kitchen, my wife wasn't there. She had stepped out onto our screened-in back porch. She was wearing a bath robe. Her back was to me as I walked out side. She turned, and I could see the tiredness on her face, but she also gave me a smile!

"Hey there," I said, walking towards her.

"Hey there," she replied, and we held each other for a long quiet moment like that. I wanted to ask her how the evening had gone, but I decided to let her bring that up. She said she'd been home for only half an hour. She hadn't even taken a shower yet, and as I held her close, I could smell a man's aftershave. I pulled her tight to me, and she squeezed me back in return.

After a moment I said to her: "I love you SO much."

Squeezing me, she said "I know that, and I love you too!"

I let go of her and stepped back. Even though tired, she looked sexy as hell in the early light.

Then she suddenly said: "Thank you!" and I knew what she meant by that.

I smiled and said: "Glad you had a good time!"

She hesitated for a second, but then said: "I did."

"I can tell!"

She smiled again, and as she did, my cock started getting erect again!

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7 months ago
keep them coming,good story
7 months ago
good story,keep them coming