My First Job (2nd Day)

Well I wasn't impressed at being blackmailed, but awoke and realised I best be obedient, so I donned my black seamed stockings and sussy belt,black court heels
and put on my pink overall, feeling vulnerable with the Spring breezes blowing around my foo foo.
Also I had turned up my hemline so now the damn thing just covered my stocking tops, my nipples were visable thru the fabric too, I click clacked my way to the bus stop in my raincoat.

Once at work the boss man was eager for me to report to his office.
"Take off the raincoat, lets see if you are obedient" he said.
He looked me up and down and told me to bend forwards over the desk, I felt myself blush knowing that my bare smooth pussy was now fully on display.

He ran his chubby index finger over my pussy lips."excellent Nicola"
The he snaked his hands around my waist, moving up to my boobs,unpopping the press studs till my boobs were hanging free from the confines of the nylon.
"I like a girl who does what she is told" he added.
"Am I free to go and see to the vending machines now sir" I asked innocently.
"No Nicola I have a special job for you first" he grinned with a glint in his eye.
"kneel down behind my desk" I obeyed. He unzipped his flies and took out his semi erect penis, it was very thick and veiny, much bigger than any I had seen before!

"Today is Fellatio Friday" He remarked.
In a flash, he gripped my head and pushed his cock into my mouth, I tried to stop him, by clamping my mouth shut, but he pinched my nipples so hard,I opened my mouth for just a split second, to say Ow!
That was enough for him to begin to face fuck me,I felt the hot salty flesh, swell in my mouth, with each stroke he pushed me deeper onto his now fully erect cock, I was getting short of breath and began to gag and choke.
"you have to learn my girl you need to go all the way down" Soon I was sucking like a porn star,to be honest I started to really enjoy it.
My little mouth had got him throbbing,he then stopped holding my head and pressed my boobs together."Oh yes lets tit fuck you now" he shouted.
With that he plunged his rock hard cock between my boobs."lick my head you slut"
Think he was very excited now.
After a few strokes, I felt him tense, splodge- his hot sticky cum exploded over my lips and boobs hanging in droplets from my chin.
My pink shimmer lipstick was all but gone.
The funny thing is I thought my job was going to be so boring, I was beginning to enjoy it! Thanks Uncle!

86% (9/2)
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Great, would love to have you bent over my desk! The things i would do to you! X