My First Job (1st Day)

Well my Eighteenth birthday had come and gone, although at catering college, I was a rebel with my big 1980s hairstyle and over the top make up, Ma and Pa were fed up with me being a party girl, so when my Uncle told them there was a vacancy for a catering assistant in the engineering factory where he worked, I was pushed rather than chose my first career move
It was my first day a rather short chubby balding man, told me what my new role entailed. You will be responsible for filling the vending machines and helping at tea breaks with the drinks and snacks.
Not exactly rocket science, still got a candy pink striped nylon overall,to wear
slightly see through, well it was tight, you see I was a big girl at that age, although smaller waist and hips back then.
The popper studs would not do up or stay done up once reaching my chest,anyway
with a bit of careful non stretching I got through my first morning,Four inch heels were probably not the best thing to work in, but did make my booty look delish bending over to fill the machines with junk snacks, my fishnet stockings were popular with the male workf***e too.
Wolf whistles and lewd comments were the order of my first day.
I seemed to draw an audience whenever I was re-stocking,all eyes on my heaving cleavage and milky white thighs. I found it hot in the factory and probably black bra and panties wasn't the best choice underneath my uniform. The thin fabric showed my undies off,I have always had trouble keeping zig and zag (my pet name for my boobs) in my bra at the best of times,escape artists!
So when I was asked to retrieve a box of Kit Kats from a high up shelf it was
never gonna be easy for Z and Z to behave!
My manager was behind me, pop pop pop went the press studs, combined with the reaching upward movement my boobs escaped from my bra, it all happened so quick,
I turned around to put the box on my steel trolley, unaware I was on display.
"What a lovely pair you have" Argh how embarrassing!
I didn't rush to put my funbags away, instead allowing the boss to savor the moment.
There seemed to be something moving in the groin of his trousers, o.m.g. I had given him an erection!!!
"that's a bit tight that overall" he remarked.
"Think it could be a bit shorter in length" he added. bending down to mess with my hemline and undoing the remaning poppers.
As I looked down I looked like I had a third boob his bald head gleaming in the strip lights, his hands cupping my boobs as he now stood up-"they are quite heavy"
Stop that! I retorted.With that he gripped a nipple in each hand,"Do you want your Uncle to lose his Job?"he said.
"No of course not"I replied. "Then you will do everything I want you to do"
"Yes Sir" I replied submissively.
"Tomorrow you will not wear black undies, you will wear no bra or panties, but keep the stockings and heels" He said demandingly. I nodded in obedience.
"See you tomorrow then Nicola" he quipped, finally letting go of my erect nipples.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
Can't wait for the next edition
2 years ago
mmm sexy cant wait
2 years ago
Fantastic... Need to hear the rest! X