Wanna come over to my place

wanna come over to my place? You can dress like a little school girl with really expensive tights on that you have been wearing all day and some killer high heels. ill pull you close and starte kissing you and running our hands all over each other’s bodies Ill lift your little skirt up with my big hard cock and start rubbing it over your nylon covered pussy Ill pick you up in my arms and push you against the wall and start to press my swollen bell end into your pussy but it wont go in cause of your silly tights. I keep trying as we keep kissing and I can feel use heat and wetness from your pussy. It is at that point you jump down from me and run into the bathroom leaving me standing there with a massive erection and nothing to do with it. I hear you Cumming back and find a pile of clothes outside the bathroom that are urs. So I find the wet tights and panties and just as are were about to walk through the door I wrap the panties round my cock and start to sniff the tights to smell your sweet pussy. when u come in u are wearing a towel and your super sexy high heels and when you see what I am doing you rush over 2me dropping the towel and jumping into my arms like before this time my cock is able to sink right into your pussy till it has taken all 7inches of my swollen shaft, you wrap your legs right round me and hold me in your cunt while I move us to the wall which I slowly screw you against till I feel you cum and feel it all dribble down my shaft at this point I shot my load deep inside your pussy making you cum again I let us slide down the wall with me my big 7inch cock still throbbing inside you till were sitting on the floor kissing and cuddling. My cock softens and I rub the mixture of our juices into your exposed ass and spread pussy until my cock is hard and ready for round two. How does that sound
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2 years ago
2 years ago
Sounds sooo good. Can I have that?