Your fantasies

I booked a hotel near you, and when i arrive i call you up and tell you that i am there. i invite you over, and you agree to meet me.
When you arrive at the hotel you find a message to just come up to my room. At the door of my room you see a blindfold hanging at the knob.
at first you are scared a little and you understand the meaning of it.
but out of currioussity you putt the blindfold over your eyes and you enter the room.
you can hear me closing the door behind you and how i come standing behind you. i close you in my arms, and tell you..dont worry sweety..i will make you enjoy every minute of me sweety. and i gently kiss the side of your neck.

i take you by the hands and guide you gently into my room. there i start to undress you very slowly and kiss every bit of skin that i reveale while undressing you.
i can hear and see that you enjoy this and i smile.
gently i guide you to the bed and let you lay down on your back. and i come and sit beside you on the bed.
you can feel my warm skin touching yours and you know i am naked too.

i can see the tension on your face and i bring my lips to yours, and kiss you gently on your lips, telling you..relax sweety..and enjoy....
you can hear me doing something at the site of the bed and your tensing up again.
than suddenly out of nowhere you can feel warm oil dribbling over your breasts..discribing small circles. at first you are shocked a little by the feeling, and because you cant see
what is happening. and i smile at you.

i take my other hand and start to massage the oil over your breasts, letting your slippery nipples slide between my fingers as i do.
i look at your face and enjoy your looks.
with my other hand i take the oil again and start dribbling some oil over your belly. while my other hand is still massaging your breasts.
i putt the oil to the site and start to massage your belly at the same time i massage your breasts.
gently my hand is massaging the oil over your lower belly, slowly going up just to the undersite of your breasts.
i can see you are getting excited feeling my hands and the warm oil, and i can feel your nipples hardning between my fingers.
i bring my mouth to your nipple and breath gently over your niplle. you can feel the warm breath on your nipple and you shiver for a moment of the unexpected feeling.
gently i play with my tongue arround your nipple while still massaging your breasts and belly.

than you can feel my tongue licking your skin gently from your nipple down to your belly. you feel my tongue sliding over your underbelly and than slowly up again to your other
than suddenly i close my lips arround your nipple and suck it gently for a moment. i watch your face while i do and see you are enjoying all this very much.

than you can feel and hear me standing up. you can feel my hands at your legs, spreading you gently. and you feel how i sit between your legs.
suddenly you feel warm oil dribbling over the outside of your pussy lips, and while puriing the oil you can feel my finger touching the inside of your outerlips for a breaf moment.
i see you shiver and see that you are enjoying this very much.
very gently i massage the oil over the outside of your pussy and watch your face as i do.
than i spread your legs wider, so your pussy is opening up a bit.
and i take the oil again. you can feel the oil dribbling over your clit suddenly and you shiver again with this new unexpected feeling.
je can feel oil running from your clit between your cheecks.
very gently i massage the oil between the lips of your pussy, and take care that my fingers play arround your clit, bearly touching your clit.
and than back massaging the lips of your pussy.
than i bring my mouth close to your pussy and you can feel my warm breath against the lips of your pussy. i watch your face and enjoy the tens look of your face.
slowly i bring my hands to your pussy and gently spread your pussy wider open with my hands, so your clit comes out a bit.
gently i close my lips arround your clit and i start to suck your clit into my mouth very gently, playing with the tip of my tongue over the tip of your clit.
you feel my finger sliding inside you slowly as i suck gently on your clit.
slowly i am moving my finger..sliding in and out of your pussy, with the same rhytme as i suck on your clit.
than you feel how i take my finger out of your pussy and how my tongue is licking the inside of your pussy...slowly from the spot between your ass and pussy..up to your clit again.
than you feel how my tongue slides deep inside your pussy.

hmm i taste your sweet juices and lick them deep out of you.
i lick every drup of your juices deep out of you into my mouth..tasting every drup of you.
i look at you and tell you..hmmm taste so good...
and i start to lick you more passionate.
i can feel how you get more and more exited....wanting to cum....and i press the lips of my mouth against the lips of your pussy, so i can taste very drup in my mouth when you cum.
i start to lick you deeper and wilder now...and make you cum on my mouth.
hmmmm i lick every drup deep out of you and enjoy the taste of your juices...

than i lift myself up...take off the blindfold and you see me for the first time.
i look very intensly in your eyes..and smile...i kiss you passionate on your mouth. and i start to kiss my way down over your body...
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Great story!!!
2 years ago
NO! i meant to give it 4 stars but my computer went crazy on me!