Beautiful Nightmare(ORGASMUS AND BEYOND)

After my re-occurring dream I want to tell all about my Beautiful Nightmare!
It starts quite innocently enough all alone in a bar with a cellar an eerie blue glow appears under the gap of the door, your beloved barmaid in her tight leather skirt and flouncy blouse with her black lace corset and stockings underneath teeters over on her five inch fuck me pumps.
Curiosity killed the cat...
The blue light begins to pulsate. "What the Fuck is going on" I thought as I grasped the porcelain door knob and opened the door, a dryness in my throat was it fear or excitement my heart beat faster as I descended the wooden steps, where was that glow coming from it is beguiling, I want to move into the beam of light... the feeling of well being is overwhelming... a strange high pitched hissing noise is audible, the light is intensifying from blue to white the cellar trap doors fly open, I am levitating upwards out into the night sky."oh no I am being a*****ed by aliens!
The white light leaves me blind it seemed like seconds before I awoke on a silver steel slab, funny little blue translucent orbs floated around near my head.
Something was talking to me a voice in my head...
"We are the orbs of Wang our planet is in grave danger, only a big breasted human Nymphomaniac can save us, that is why you are the chosen one..."

The voices went on...
Emperor Longdong and his evil army of penis Warriors are holding our beloved leader
Diamonte Lil hostage.
I tried to move my arms and legs seems there is a f***e-field restraining me."Where am I,please let me go" I speak out loud.
"You are on our starship part of the fornication fleet, we currently are in a time vector travelling at 100 times the speed of light, we will arrive in 2 Earth hours at our Planet Orgasmus.
"We need to process you, its like a make over" the angelic alien voice replied.
With that I levitated upwards and over to a frosted door it dissipated as I travelled through a long tunnel to another circular room with a kind of large metallic stand, where once again a f***e field was put in place.
More orbs floated around me the white floor slid open and three hand robotic machines appeared, helpless to move they went to work on me, long false eyelashes applied and make up oh so much make up, another robot slashed my clothing until left in only my black stockings and heels, a black shiny stretchy dress was sprayed onto me, very short but very sexy.
Perfume jewellery, it seemed anything I thought of was supplied"fancy a smoke" I thought. Suddenly a packet of Sobranie cocktail cigarettes materialised along with a diamond encrusted Cigarette holder, black opera length gloves finished off my Orbs of Wang make over.
The high pitched noise had subsided, had we landed??
Suddenly it all went into darkness as a strange grinding noise ushered a trap door opened light flooded through a metallic ramp appeared, time to go I reckon...
I could move I click clacked my way across the hard floor down the ramp to be greeted by an alien landscape orange sky purple landscape with mountains "wow like Tenerife on acid"
A road lay out before me weirdly made up of marble slabs, just like the shopping mall at home, I walked for about a minute, glancing back at the starship, I noticed the ramp ascend the door shut the whirring noise grew louder... I blinked and it was gone.
Ms Diamond is all on her own now or so I thought...
A vehicle of some description would be nice.... "Shit nothing" The mind control was not working now,A leopard print shoulder bag is all I possess...
Looking into the bag ciggies ,lighter,holder, make up, perfume and a box not unlike a remote for the t.v. with strange symbols on it. "Great no
booze food or vibrator" I carried on walking until I came to a sign, Dildo forest this way with an arrow pointing straight ahead! Well least it was in English or was it a trap...
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