Well in my previous job I was the hatchet bitch, I thought originally when I took on the role thought that I would be more of a guidance coach in giving Managers and hoteliers advice to improve their profits.
As time rolled on I realised my reports were being used to axe jobs! Julian the slime ball Financial Auditor was the hatchet man!
Well the story starts in Chorlton cum-hardy a suburb of Manchester, quite trendy,
well I had wielded my cleaver and several guys in the catering staff were being made redundant. I thought on my last visit to the Hotel I would invite them out for a drink,
no hard feelings, they were all really amicable about it or so I thought...
We headed off in Enrico's Subaru Roaring round the streets in that throbbing b**st was getting me horny, with Five of us in the carthere wasn't a lot of air, "Is this pub far"
I enquired. "Yeah nearly there just got a detour to see a man"Enrico told me sternly.
Mmmm. the surroundings outside had changed to a lot of derelict industrial units, where were we I had no idea, was kind of getting a feeling that things were gonna go not according to plan!
We stopped at what looked like an old car park to a factory Weeds growing rubbish dumped, this was not really the place to be...Come on rather be on the Boulevard in Sunny St.Tropez.Do I look like Caro Emerald? Someone said I am a dead ringer for her... canny see it myself.
All out of the car and moi missing the potholes in the shot tarmac in my Lahboutain heels, we entered an empty shell, my heels echoed on the stone floor."Can I wait in the car" I asked with a hint of fear in my lilting voice.The others were no speaking
Joe,Louis and Pepe just ushered me up a staircase to a red door that had most of the paint peeling off Bang Bang Enrico kicked the door, after an eternity the door opened
black Rasta peered out in a haze of smoke"Come in lets get the party in the crib started" He smiled as he spoke, six foot of pure hunk bit skinny, but I was in lust.

"Thought we were going to a pub" I quipped. "Nah best place around for gunja and rum" said Enrico.
Reaching the second set of stairs led onto a reasonable flat nice big lounge leather sofas Elephant coffee table (wooden not real Elephant!
I sat down and the host sat next to me and passed me his funny cigarette "Take a hit hun" His brown eyes looking at me directly. I obeyed, after some general banter, Des
got up and wandered out to the kitchen On his return he was carrying a collection of what looked like leather belts.
I was wondering what the two steel hooks in the ceiling were for, maybe a throwback to the factory days... I was to find out quite soon.
Stoned horny and a little hot on Rum, the speed at which the collection of straps took
to arrange was amazing hey ho a sex swing seat!!!
"Ever tried one" Louis spoke "Go on try it Pepe added.Ushered to my feet refusal was not an option. They were all very eager to get me seated in the contraption,
Would it crash o the floor with my huge weight.....
Is this a gang bang in the making
Am I craving big black cock?
Have to wait till tomorrow for Part 2

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more of a cliffhanger than Dallas