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The Pizza-boy Deliver's his story

I love going to Oldfield Park, when the order comes in for Miss Diamond, I can't wait to get there, my trusty steed, a crap minivan out motors just about everything, clutching the hot Pizza and having given my dong a good massage at least up to a semi-hard I am ready ding dong, the click clack of heels get louder, the door opens, Utopia!!!! Before me stands the goddess, in a black see-thru negligee tiny black lace panties and extreme heels, in her hand a More, which comes up to her red glossed lips, inhaling mmmm="You came quickly" she comments.
"I just got out the shower". I am dumbstruck- "Wa wa wanted to get it to you hot" I stuttered my eyes riveted on her huge boobs, oh nipples visable, yippee, my semi is moving all by itself in my kegs! My fantasy is to rip open her wrap and suck those awesome tits.
She goes to get the money from her purse the bag is in the hall, she bends down into the bag, whoo! look at that booty! My cock straining in my kegs now it has to be freed, in a flash zip down, release the b**st ...
She turns and stares down the hall.
"What do you think your doing" she shouts.
"Free Starter" I reply, suddenly feeling foolish.
She walked back down the hall, stopping looks down at my throbbing manhood
"Quite a big boy" she licks her red lips as she inhales again on the cigarette.
I begin to wank. "I could get you arrested for indecent exposure" she comments with a smirk on her face.
She reaches out pulls me by my shirt into the hallway off the front step with her right hand she slams the front door.
"We shall mutually masturbate" She commands. Her hand goes down to her crutch, the thin gusset pulled to one side revealing a smooth pussy.
My stroking speeds up, shiny hot helmet, pinch me am I dreaming!!!!!
Her eyes shut as she frigs her smooth twat, the flimsy wrap falls open as
I reach out and cup her massive melons.
"sexual assault now" she remarks.
"I will show you what sexual assault is bitch" I shout. I push her down grab the back of her head and f***e my throbbing cock into her mouth!
She sucks oh does she suck...."Fuck the Pizza it's big sausage I want"She purrs breathlessly as she goes back on my pleasure pork!
I can always spot a cock lover!

Posted by DiamondLife 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I need to be this guy. Im in oldfield as well...lets make it happen, message me x
2 years ago
Lucky pizza boy
2 years ago
I should change my job.......