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The Plumber's Story

I was thinking of the story Rory told me down he pub, of this BBW. goddess who teetered around the house in very high heels, so when I got referred to do some carpentry for her,I was very excited.
The day was fine and I arrived in my van, a chilly wind blew as I got my tools out the back of the van.
The bell went bing bong, the feint click clack of heels got louder as a figure of a big busted woman appeared through the opaque glass of the glazed door panels.
The door swung open, a strong waft of perfume hit my big nose.
"Hi I am Tony the plumber you are the la-dy with the blocked sink" I questioned, believing I was in a dream, The vision in a white thin blouse no bra nipples straining against the taut fabric, huge melons, oh yes!
Casting my eyes down,the black tight A-line skirt, with its revealing split and sussie bumps,leading down to sheer black stockings and fuck her heels.
8 seconds and already a semi lob on. Wonderful!
"Oh do come in,so glad you could come so promptly" her Feminine Scottish lilting accent with its posh intonations was also a turn on.
She twisted round to walk down the hallway passage,mmm what a perfect big round ass, which swung from side to side with every step.
Reaching the kitchen she beckoned me over to the blocked sink.
Fuck me look at those red nails, I thought.Now me dick was moving in my cargo pants!Closer the boobs were even bigger, I could imagine ripping open her blouse and sucking those nips!
"Excuse me the sink is there" she said pointing, caught mesmerised by her boobs oops!
I bent down to open my toolbox, as she walked over to the electric kettle"join me for a coffee" As I straightened up the view was magical, she had reached up to a wall cupboard her hemline rising to show stocking top and a glimpse of milky white thigh."please one sugar"
As she made the drinks I quickly got under the sink, bucket u bend off,quick swill out, screw back on, job done.
I clambered out,stood up to test the tap and waste, so so yummy, as I turned, my jaw dropped, she was sitting there at the pine table smoking with a cigarette holder,two of her blouse buttons had come open, making it gape open.
"come sit down and drink your coffee Tony"She purred.
As I pulled out the chair, a clunk was heard coming from the floor, I bent down to pick it up in the dark shadows underneath the table, as I brought it into the light, I realised it was a 7 inch black latex dildo, with a sucker base.
"Oh sorry I was fucking the fridge just before you arrived" She explained not a hint of embarrassment, those red shiny lips were stirring my cock again.
"I am bigger and thicker" I remarked. "prove it show me" she was hot for cock Thank you Rory!
I unzipped and let trousers fall also my boxers followed soon after. me cock stood to attention! A few strokes I was there full boner! wanking in front of this smoking goddess, she moved closer "The only way to really see is the way it feels in my hand" She purred, my cock twitched.
Reaching out the manicured fingers wrapped themselves round my cock,moving up and down the length."you have a lovely cock so suckable" She added as she lit another ciggy and inhaled.
My hands reached out gripping the blouse, one tug and the gossamer fabric popped all its coupled buttons, her fine orbs on full display.
I stood up gripping the back of her head I pushed my throbbing cock between her wet moist lips "mmmm" "Suck me baby Suck!
boy she could suck! deeper and deeper with every suck, had to be the best blowjob I ever had, too add to my pleasure was the visual feast of her skirt now ridden up her smooth bare pussy on display as she reached out and picked up the dildo as she continued to blow me she used her free hand to insert the dildo into her moist hot pussy.
"Do you want to fuck me Tony" she looked up with her blue eyes the offer was taken up.
I bent her over the table and plunged my thick cock up her wet quim, a pounding she got, slap slap slap. Oh yes she cried out " Please fuck my ass"
So of course I obeyed, pushing my 8 incher right up her pooper, pushing the dildo back in her sopping wet pussy, within thirty seconds she started to squirt
her juices over my pelvis as I continued to gape her ass, pulling out I watched her anus pulsate "you are a dream fuck Miss Diamond"
"mm your big cock is excellent, let me take your cum over my face please"
She turned around and got on her knees, I jerked so close to cumming, she licked my helmet, turning round to light another ciggy, she blew the smoke over my cock, the heat of her smokey breathe was enough to make me cum, I glazed her face, she sat back down continued to smoke as cum dripped from her chin.
"How much do I owe you for the work" she asked. "On the house" I replied.
"But I may be back for some remedial work" I added.
Zipping up my cargo pants and picking up my tool box. "Do you know a good Carpenter" she asked.
A Tradesmen tart love it! That Nicola Diamond is one hell of a nympho!

Posted by DiamondLife 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Again you do it, great.
2 years ago
Nice one!
2 years ago
Cant wait to here the rest